Author's note; A * means see below for further details, also, I am a little dyslexic so don't blame me for spelling/grammar mistakes.

So with that out of the way, here it is, by popular demand, Harry's life at The Hetalia Academy, pre-Hogwarts.

"Harry, get up" a voice called through the raven's sleepiness. "Kay, Nat" he mumbled as he sat up from his black sheets and flicked on his lamp. He looked at the clock on his bedside table; it read seven thirty in bold red numbers.

Harry Potter had slowly gotten used to his life at the Hetalia Academy but getting up at seven to get to breakfast on time still annoyed him, trust that idiot Captain H. to put him and Natalia in the room at the far end of the girls' dorm wing; now, you're probably thinking; Harry's a boy, why's he sleeping in the girls wing? Well that would be because of his other side; Harryetta, the captain couldn't trust the boys with her, so to avoid complications he had put Harry (and by direct result, Harryetta) in the girls dorm wing because he knew Harry could be trusted with the girls (being only nine, he didn't really know).

This morning the young emerald eyed child was once again shaken awake by his dorm mate; Natalia Alfroskaya, or Belarus to use her real name. "Come on Ireland, up and at 'em" she called, pulling the much younger nation out of bed, "gimme a chance Bel" he mumbled, stretching as he stood up to his impressive full height of four foot two. He trudged to the wardrobe and pulled out his uniform, a black jacket and trousers, black shirt and tie, black shoes and a black hat with a silver and green crest on the band.

After getting washed, Harry and Belarus (or Bel as Harry called her) walked down to the main hall, allot of their fellow student were still in pyjamas and dressing gowns as the school had no rule on being in full day dress for breakfast, despite this, Harry had always made a point that Belarus was to be the only other student to see him in his night ware. "Morning, Ireland" a pyjama clad nation called, a closer look revealed it to be Norway, whom Harry had always been on good terms with. "Hey Nor" Harry smiled; it was common agreement that Harry had a dazzling smile. When Harry smiled it seemed to light up the room and everyone instantly became happier. Just at that moment there was a crash outside, "CHIGGI!" a voice screamed, a brunette with a strange hair curl came rushing into the room, closely followed by another brunette who had what appeared to be a basket of tomatoes on his back, "Hi Romano, Hi Spain" Harry said as they rushed past, "ciao, Irlanda" Romano (South Italy) gasped, "hola Irlanda" Spain called as the two ran out of the room, as they went out they passed by a small blonde boy who jumped and cowered, "it's ok Latvia, it's just Romano and Antonio" Harry said comfortingly to his little country. Even though all of the other nations were older than him, Ireland often looked at the smaller nations like Latvia, Liechtenstein and Sealand as being his children, in fact, he was such a mother hen, even to the bigger countries like Austria and Greece, that the other nations often called him mamma (or the equivalent in their various languages).

Breakfast at the Academy was an unusual affair, with the students in a mix of day and night ware, the older students tended to wear their usual day uniforms while the younger nations kept to their pyjamas, changing after breakfast. This morning was the same as any other, the small round tables were laden with plates of various breakfast foods; the students informed the kitchen staff of what they would like by writing their preference on a slip of paper and posting it in the 'meal mail' slit in the kitchen door, the food was prepared and then, when it was ready, the name of the nation who had requested each meal would be called out through the collection hatch and the nation would collect their meal. Harry was at his usual table, he often sat with his siblings, they called themselves that because, even though Harry had normal civilian* parents, he was technically, as Ireland, he was a child of Britannia* therefore, England, Scotland, Wales and Sealand, along with America, Canada and Seychelles, are his brothers and sister, and since the original Ireland was the second oldest (England is the oldest) the others are his younger siblings.

Today Alfred was stuffing his face as usual, Mathew kept fading out of sight, Peter and Arthur were arguing over Peter's acknowledgement as a nation, James (Scotland) was listening to his tape of bagpipe music, Luciana (Seychelles) was trying to focus on the book she was reading over her bowl of cornflakes and William* (Wales) was trying to keep the peace between his older and younger brothers, Harry was just focusing on his own a breakfast a traditional Irish Ulster fry*.

After breakfast Harry had his first class, since it was Monday, this meant fencing with France*. Harry particularly enjoyed this class as it was his top class. This week Francis (France) was teaching them how to disarm an opponent, "the trick to this," the blonde Frenchman cooed, "is to get in close, hit the hilt of your foe's blade and twist your own to jerk it out of their hand" he demonstrated with help from Canada, "so, you know what to do, divide into pairs and practice" he said as Canada retrieved his own blade, as always, Harry was left partner less, not because he wasn't good, but because he was too good, nobody wanted to risk taking him on, so once again, Ireland was paired with his teacher, and once again he had mastered the technique in minutes and Francis' blade was sent clattering across the floor.

Second period was gym, the only subject not taught by the students themselves, the nations changed into their gym kits, which consisted of white polo shirts, with black shorts for the boys and skirts for the girls, after which the boys were taught by Rome and Germania, and the girls by Britannia and Mother Greece* the boys lesson was baseball this week, with the students split into two teams, one captained by England, the other by France. On England's team were the usual players, America, Canada, Ireland Scotland, Wales, Sealand, Australia and Greece to name but a few, on France's team were Germany, Prussia, the Italy brothers, Switzerland, Japan, Turkey and Russia among others, the teams were evenly matched with America, Canada, Prussia and Germany all being good and Italy, Japan, Wales and Greece being terrible. Harry pitched for his team and got Prussia and Denmark, who was also playing for France's team, out on the first inning, then when it was his turn to bat, he hit it so hard that it took China nearly five minutes to find it, causing Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, who were all excused from gym due to injury (I wonder how that happened?) to cheer before being glared into silence by Russia and Portugal, who was cowering in the shade of his black parasol, to grind his teeth in anger.

Third lesson of the day was art with the Italy brothers after break, they were working on their individual projects this lesson, Harry's was a picture of a red haired girl of about eight, who had chocolate brown eyes, when the others asked who she was, as they often did, he said simply "my angel" with a dreamy look on his face, the girl was, in actual fact, his fiancée a girl he had become, I suppose the correct word is betrothed, to at the age of seven, when she and her brother had been staying in the native reservation near his home with their mother's cousin and his parents, her name was Ginny Weasley. The way he drew her was literally the way an artist would draw and angel, she had white feathered wings like those on a dove and she wore a white silk dress, in her arms she held Harry himself in an emerald green robe and silver bands set with emeralds encircled both their heads. Their left hands were entwined and upon their ring fingers glittered intricate silver rings of a Celtic design set with more emeralds.

Fourth lesson was auto shop with America for the boys and fashion design with Taiwan for the girls, this was the only class Harry took as Harryetta, he liked to get away from the boys for at least one lesson, this lesson the girls were working on their group projects in pairs, each girl modelling her partner's design, Ireland was with Belarus, the other pairs were Belgium and Vietnam, Liechtenstein and Hungary and Ukraine and Seychelles. Harryetta like Natalia's design* allot, black leather always looked great against the Irish girl's marble skin, it revealed just enough flesh and was comfortable to boot. Harryetta's own design* was good to, Belarus thought, it was a sort of princess dress, it was white silk with four lace petticoats and puffy short sleeves and a pale green silk sash that tied in a bow behind the back with a row of pearl buttons up the back.

After lunch were Harry's two favourite classes, performing arts came first, which he taught with England, Scotland, Wales, America, Canada, Seychelles and Sealand, each teacher taking a small group, England taught acting, Scotland; writing music, Wales; reading music, America; playing music, Canada and Seychelles; dance and Ireland and Sealand taught singing (Canada and Sealand taught the boys, Seychelles and Ireland taught the girls).

Then, as the final lesson of the day, medical studies*, which Harry taught alone. This lesson he was teaching a remedy for blisters, which all the nations got at one time or another, the one issue with this class, was that each the students who had trouble paying attention in classes had to sit at the front of every class, under the teacher's nose where they could keep an eye on them, unfortunately Prussia was one of these pupils and the red eyed boy often was too busy staring at Harry to listen to what he was saying which meant he had to stay behind after the lesson to be taught separately, this was an issue because it more often than not lead to an invasion of vital regions.


Author's note.

Ok so the star by 'civilian' is because a civilian in the Hetalia-verse is anyone who's not either a nation-tan or someone who knows about them (top level clearance government officials and people who work for the nation-tans).

The star by Britannia is there because in my version of the Hetalia-verse, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are separate people and Britannia is their mother, whereas, in the actual Hetalia-verse Arthur is the United Kingdom and he was once Britannia.

The star by Wales' civilian name is because I chose to call him William as a joke, Wales and Ireland, William and Harry (Prince Charles and Princess Diana's sons are William and Harry) it's a play on the British royal family.

The star by Harry's breakfast is there because I have to explain what an Ulster fry is, it's basically the Irish equivalent of a full English breakfast.

The star by France is because I need to explain why he is teaching a class, the classes at the Academy are taught by the nations themselves, each one teaching the others their specialist subject.

The stars by the references to Harryetta and Natalia's clothing designs is so that I can tell you to go to my deviantart profile to find pictures of these outfits.

Finally, the star by medical studies is there to tell you that medical studies is sort of like potions lessons at Hogwarts combined with a first aid course.