"Don't be scared Ireland. We don't blame you and none of us are angry" Finland whispered.

"Are you sure?" Harry mouthed. Romania, a lip reader, translated for the others.

"Of course, we know you just wanted to protect them" Denmark said.

The effect was instantaneous. Harry's eyes, skin and eye bruises darkened and he smiled.

"I'm sorry" he whispered.

"Don't be pitchka" Russia whispered softly.


A few days later the nations were on an outing; that's what Captain H called field trips (give the guy a break, he's British). Wearing their full uniforms, the group of nations were visiting one of the oldest places in Britain; Stonehenge. It was closed to the public at the moment and the nations were glad of the privacy.

"The years haven't been kind have they?" England said, looking at his brothers.

"No, not like when we helped build the old thing" Wales smiled at the little pieces of his land that stood in the centre.

"Good to know that we did a good job though" Harry said, Scotland laughed and ruffled his hair.

"Right boys, to your positions, time to show the others the real magic of Stonehenge" Britannia said. The four boys walked into the circle to stand at the compass points. Britannia herself stood in the centre, a strange bronze object, rather like a pyramid, in her hands.

"Ready?" she called out.

"Ready!" her sons called back.

She raised the pyramid over her head.

The bright midday sunlight reflected off of the highly polished bronze into the faces of the four sons of Britannia and rebounded diagonally to the left, forming a diamond of golden sunlight. On the four stones behind the boys, ancient glowing symbols appeared in different colours; red, blue, green and yellow behind Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales respectively. In the ancient language of the nations, the four brothers called out to the sky.

"Water" England called out

"Fire" Ireland followed

"Earth" Scotland added

"Air" Wales completed the quartet.

"Elements of nature! The children of your blood summon you! Answer the call!" Britannia called to the heavens.

"Water of the north, power flowing in the rivers, fluid and ever changing" she called, lowering her right hand to point at England, the sunlight between them turned glittering blue.

"Fire of the east, power burning in the flames, fierce and unpredictable" she pointed at Ireland and the sunlight became flickering red.

"Earth of the south, power towering in the mountains, steadfast and strong" she pointed at Scotland and the sunlight became deep green.

"Air of the west, power drifting in the clouds, soft and gentle" she pointed to Wales and the sunlight glowed brighter yellow than ever before.

There was a crash of thunder and, to their amazement, the other nations saw the elements rushing towards them from the spoken direction. Each crashed in and surrounded the nation that stood at the corresponding compass point. Once the swirling elements had cleared, the four brothers were revealed, each wearing pure white robes under a different coloured cloak. England's cloak was a deep green, Ireland's a rich purple, Scotland's inky black and Wales' a dark royal blue.

Markings in the colour of the element they represented appeared on their skin, strange spirals and other Celtic looking symbols and silver crowns perched upon their heads, each set with a single sapphire, ruby, emerald and topaz.

The elements encircled Britannia and the bronze pyramid hung, unsuspended, in the air. After a few moments she called out "those that came must now return, winds shall blow and fire burn, earth stand strong and water flow, those we summoned now must go" as she spoke, the elements hurtled back the ways they had come and she was revealed.

Wearing pure white robes beneath a scarlet cloak with glistening gold border, her golden crown was set with four stones; sapphire, ruby, emerald and topaz united in a diamond shape.

"Mon Deiu! The Britannia druids!" France gasped, in awe of his nearest neighbours.

"The Britannia druids? But that was just a story you used to tell me when I was small" Canada said

"Non, certainly some of the things they did were fiction but they did, pardon, do exist" the Frenchman explained.

Coloured sparkles floated away from the five Brits who were revealed looking perfectly normal.

"Impressed?" Harry smiled up at Latvia. The blond boy nodded.

Just then, a nasal, high pitched laughter, similar to Batman's nemesis; the penguin, reached their ears.

Looking around, the nations saw Georgia and his cronies; the thirty African nations, walking towards them. They were hopelessly outnumbered.

"Prepare to die" the Arab sneered.

The shamrocks stepped forward, but Harry held up a hand, signalling them to stop.

"Let me deal with this" he said. As he stepped towards the enemy forces, he seemed to grow taller and more threatening somehow as he drew in a deep breath. As the others watched, the sky seemed to darken.

"You are not welcome here" Harry said, looking Georgia straight in his beady black eyes.

"What are you going to do bloodsucker?" the Arabian nation grinned.

Harry turned his emerald eyes skyward and spoke in a clear voice that rang with the intimidating authority of a God. "Guardians, lend me your power!" he raised his right hand to the sky and called out "Guardian channel, power of the God of Death, DARK DESTRUCTION!" he brought his hands to meet each other, palms facing the enemy and fingers splayed.

A great ball of dark energy shot towards the enemy nations with the force of an atomic bomb. A four foot deep crater formed around Harry's feet and lumps of earth hung immobile in the air around him. Georgia had dodged the ball of energy but the Africans were immediately vaporised.

"I'll be back" Georgia cried and disappeared.

The chunks of earth fell back to the ground as Harry straightened up. The earth around him was scorched and cracked. This and the crater were the only evidence of what had happened there and even this soon vanished as the young Brit waved a hand over the area and green sparks fell. The ground healed and fresh grass grew.

"Captain, I think we should return to the Academy now" Harry stated calmly.

"What? Oh yes you're right Ireland" the Captain said hastily.

The other nations clamoured around Harry, begging him for information.

"How did you do that? It was amazing!" Sealand exclaimed

"Maybe I'll tell you when I'm older" Harry replied, a mysterious smirk playing on his pale lips.

Whatever it was, one thing was for sure. Nobody present would ever forget what happened that day on Salisbury Plane.

Author's Note.

Sorry for the long time no update! Exams got in the way but at least this one is finished now.