When Worlds Collide

By: Sheiado

Story Summary: Takes place years in the future. A small business owner with a mysterious past befriends the Sons and becomes part of the family, falling in love along the way. How will her past affect the club? (Juice/OC).

Author's Note: This is an idea that popped into my head since season 3 has started (yay!). Anyway, please read and review. I hope you enjoy reading!

Prologue: Uh Oh

It's only been three months since my opening and, much to my own surprise and amazement, my bookstore was actually thriving and just beginning to create a name for itself.

I had always wanted my own bookstore and I've always dreamed about making a small business and maintaining a quaint, but independent, way of life for myself. And, after all of these years, I had finally gotten my wish.

I hadn't planned on living here and opening up my dream place in little Charming, California. But, I had wanted to be near Charlotte, my best friend since grade school who had moved down here three years ago. Her and her husband lived not too far away from the store in town, which was more of a convenience than anything. Of course, Charlotte was not only my best friend, but my business partner also; together, we made quite the team in maintaining shop.

Right now the store was transitioning back toward its routine slow hours after one o'clock. Everyone had to get back to work after lunch and this place had become a hit as a typical hang out for everyone during his or her break period.

I peered around my perch at the counter, frowning when I discovered the bobbing head of auburn hair I had been searching for was no longer sitting on the carpet hovered over a picture book.

"Alex?" I called out, even though I knew he couldn't hear me.

I moved away from the register and wandered around for a good five minutes, peering around the various mazes of book shelves and the kid center. Still, I came up empty-handed.

Alex... that boys was always running off, always ending up in the most unlikely of places... and had an uncanny knack for graying his mother's similar auburn hair.

... hopefully mine hasn't started yet.

Huffing and trying to quell down the momentary panic I felt from his absence, I moved back up front and gazed out through the glass pane of the store's front window.

What I saw unfolding across the street made my blood run cold... and as I walked out hurriedly through the double doors of my shop, a bubbling fury of rage ignited through my veins, an uncontrollable roar that seared silently through my body from limb to limb.

I was on the verge of blowing a gasket.