Author's Notes:

This is a new serialization for the pairing Sesshoumaru & Kagura. This is not going to be your typical story, for each chapter will revolve around the contest prompts of various Livejournal communities. Meaning that each chapter has a specific word count maximum. If the chapters seem short to you, it is because of the requirements of that particular contest. Updates will be sporadic toward each contest.

Please also note that this is also a Reincarnation fic, which will mostly revolve around an original character that is Kagura's reincarnation.

Thank you and enjoy!


The Unquiet Winds

Prologue: I Dreamed a Dream

In every dream, Natsumi remembered the scent of burning blood. The coppery scent stung at her nostrils, heightened by the unimaginable pain that always pulsated within her chest.

Somehow in her dream, she had lost her heart, and her attacker had returned it, only he had poisoned it, and Natsumi (or the lady in her dreams) was going to die anyway.

How tragic, she thought sourly, but despite dying, Natsumi remembered being happy in her dreams. Free.

The blood soaked her clothes, and when she clutched her chest, she could feel the wetness mixed with poison, seeping from her wound and caking her fingers. The blood was jet black, not red like usual, but an ominous color that told Natsumi that the woman she was playing in her dreams wasn't even human. She was a demon, and once she had done terrible things, but soon later, she had done something good and redeemed herself only to pay a fatal price.

She coughed, a poison film on her lips, and she gazed up into the blinding sunlight and noticed a figure towering over her. An angel? Maybe. His shadow shielded her from the sun, and she recognized his pleasing scent, starkly filtering through the pungent smell of blood.

When she gazed into his face she met the color of unearthly gold. She gasped and smiled, finally happy she wasn't going to die alone.

Suddenly Natsumi woke up, sitting straight up in bed, and after a flickering memory of his face, she remembered.

She remembered everything. Once, a long time ago, her name had been Kagura, and her unnatural life, her unfulfilled love, had all been doomed.

Word Count: 300

Theme: Cloth

Contest: iy_themes on Livejournal