Spoilers for the end of the manga Doubt. Very slight slash/shounen-ai (Hajime x Yuu).

He can't believe it when the door opens.

It rattles and clatters and bangs open and then they come in, men in uniforms and white coats by the dozen, and even as they walk to him, talk to him, touch him grab him hoist him up he can't believe it's real.

He fights, when they try to take Mitsuki away from him

take Mitsuki away from him

he tries to scream and punch and kick even though his throat is dry and his limbs are lead, tries to fight them away because Mitsuki

Mitsuki he can't abandon her not again

— but he doesn't really realize what's happening.

Then Hajime is there, slumped over his back, cold and bony and heavy and pressing painfully on a couple of his too-many wounds and bleeding all over him, but there.

And it takes Hajime squeezing his shoulder and whispering "It's over." in his ear for him to see the light blinding him.

Light. It's flooding into the small room from the door — the door, the open door — and it's been only a few hours and yet so long, so long since he last saw the sky.

Someone pulls Hajime away, but he lets them, because now he can see they're helping him lay down onto a stretcher and there's an ambulance on the other side of the door. And so, slowly, slowly, he lets go of Mitsuki's body, lets them get her onto another stretcher, then himself.

The world is swinging slightly around him, and then — when they get him out, outside — so bright, so fresh, and despite his absolute exhaustion he can't close his eyes because when he stares straight in front of him the sky is all he can see.

In the ambulance, Hajime stretches out his arm again, reaches all the way to him and touches his forehead; as if to check his fever after the nightmare. His hand, too, is cold but firm.

"It's over, Yuu," he whispers again and his voice is rasp and raw, but soothing. "All over. It's okay now."

Hajime's hand slides down his face, over his eyes, gently rubs away tears he hadn't even noticed pooling there.

"It's okay."

And Yuu breathes.