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Annabeth POV

"Hey Thalia," I greeted my best friend as I took a seat next to her in Science class. She was wearing a tattered army jacket over an Atreyu t-shirt along with black jeans and a chain hanging from them. Most people are frightened by her from a first look, but I've been best friends with her since we were like five.

She looked up from her desk and nodded to me in recognition, "Hey. So, here's the start of another hellish school year."

I shrugged, "Maybe something exciting will happen this year."

Thalia rolled her eyes, "You always were the more optimistic one of us. Anyway, have you seen Percy?"

"Nah, but he's usually running late."

As I guessed, Percy came in just as the bell went off. He was dressed in a navy t-shirt, light jeans, and sneakers that he didn't even have the time to tie. I laughed mentally; he was such a goofball. Secretly, I loved that about him. Yes, I'm that girl who has had a crush on a guy for so many years but hasn't told him. It's not what you may think though. By the time I got the guts last year, I was too late. He was already taken.

He came and sat behind Thalia, "Hey ladies."

We both replied a quick 'hi'. Then Percy leaned forward in his chair and he and Thalia gave each other a peck on the cheek. Did I mention that he had been taken by my best friend? I guess I didn't. Anyway, it's not like Thalia knew though, I hadn't even told her. Besides, we were all friends beforehand along with a few other people. I can't blame anyone, but that doesn't make the situation suck any less.

Throughout the class, Thalia and Percy were passing notes back and forth. They had gotten about three quarters of the way through the period until Thalia got caught because Percy clumsily dropped the note and she went to catch it.

"Ms. Grace," my teacher, Ms. Demaray called her out. I saw her clench her teeth at her last name. She hated it so much because she despised being related to her mother, "Please hand over the note. I believe the rest of the class would love to hear what you have written."

Thalia walked up to the front of the class and just before Ms. Demaray took the note, she pulled it back away, "Actually, I don't think you have the right to read my personal messages."

Many students in the class sniggered. Thalia never really censored what she said to teachers, even if it was the first day of school.

Our teacher simply pointed to the door, "To the principal's office, Ms. Grace." Ms. Demaray had Thalia last year as well, so she was not at all shocked that she was already sending her to the principal's office.

Being totally used to getting sent there, she simply shrugged and walked out of the door. When there was only five minutes of class left, our teacher let us just chill and talk to our friends.

Percy spun in his seat to face me, "How were your last couple days of summer?"

"I was grounded," I pointed out, "Remember?"

He held his hands up defensively, "I remember, but you never did tell me why you were grounded."

I sighed, "My brothers left one of their toys on the middle of the floor in my room, which I of course tripped on and broke. They threw a fit over it and my parents overreacted."

"That's dumb," he stated and I nodded in agreement.

"Why didn't Thalia read what the note said?" I asked curiously, "She's not one to care what people think of her."

He laughed, "It was only asking me if I was around after school, but she hates nosy people. She probably just wanted to tick the teacher off."

"Anyway," I said, "If you both are around after school today the rest of us were going to go to the mall. You're both welcome to join us."

Even though I wasn't looking forward to wandering the mall while they had their arms around each other, I still decided it would be better to invite them. Because A) It probably covers my jealousy better and B) The rest of our friends will be there anyway.

"That sounds great," he told me, "We'll meet you guys there."

Speaking of the rest of our friends, I went out into the hallway after the bell rang to find Nico di Angelo. Before I could ask what was up, I caught him staring at Thalia who was coming out if the principal's office. I'm not alone with disliking the fact that Percy and Thalia are together. Nico liked Thalia and I was the only one who knew. After he had confessed that to me, I had told him I liked Percy. So at least we were suffering together.

"Staring at her again?" I quipped as I went up to him.

"Oh, like you weren't gawking at Percy as he came in today," he snapped. There was a silence between us where I wanted to punch him for that remark until he sighed, "Sorry, that was kind of low."

I bit my lip, "Yeah. It's okay though."

We watched as Percy went up to Thalia and gave her a hug before they parted for their next class.

"Emotions suck," Nico grumbled.

"Amen," I replied as we began making our way to Algebra Two together. "Are you going to the mall after school?"

He nodded, "I am, but I'll probably be avoiding them the entire time. As happy as I am for them, I can't help but want to just deck him and kiss her whenever I see them together."

Nico's friends with Percy, but he's not as close with him as I am with Thalia so he would definitely deck him. Also, Nico's one for grudges so I doubt he's going to get over the fact they're together anytime soon. Neither of us will. I've had a crush on the guy for five freaking years. Shouldn't that mean something? Fate? Destiny? Any of that other crap?

"I know the feeling," I assured him as we sat down in our seats.

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