Story Title: The Office

Characters: Bella and Edward

Summary: Bella and Edward are co workers and Bella is fascinated with Edward...but what happens when Edward becomes her stalker? All human

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"Multi cast instant message from Rosalie Hale" my computer screen flashed…I looked at Alice Cullen sitting next to me, who was intently reading the aforementioned instant message received by the both of us…I looked at Rosalie…sitting just one table away from me, the table between us being occupied by Jacob, who knew pretty much everything about us, it certainly meant something for her to send a message instead of just talking to me directly. Finally, I read the message "How can he play such a song in office?".

It took me a second to realise that she was talking about Edward Masen. He normally did play songs at work when the boss was not around and the work load was slack, so I didn't find it strange…although I must agree…rape me by Nirvana…yeah…not the kind of song one would normally play in such a formal, official setting. Before I could think of a fitting reply, I received another instant message from Alice.

"Yeah dude…he's super creepy…have you noticed how much he stares at me?"

I smiled to myself…yeah…Edward was creepy…that much was obvious. He not only stared, but also winked at Alice a couple of times…I had noticed it because I was walking with her.

"I second that…he's creepy but he's got an awesome sense of music" I replied…only in jest…I wanted to see how my two girlfriends would react to that.

"Go kill yourself Bella," Alice replied almost immidiately.

"Good taste in music? I disown you Bella," Rosalie's reply came next.

I just smiled to myself…I knew I was going to face hell for this statement during lunch.

We decided to have lunch at a nearby Chinese joint…we were all sick and tired of the daily sandwhiches. There were 5 of us…Rosalie, Alice, Jacob, Emmet [Rosalie's boyfriend and Alice's brother] and me. I had a tiny crush on Jacob but he never seemed to notice me because he was too pre occupied with trying to impress Alice…which was no use really…Alice was engaged to be married to Jasper Hale…Rosalie's older brother.

"Good choice in music? Good choice in music, Bella, for crying out loud?" Rosalie always did have a flair for drama.

"Hey," I defended, "he really does have a good choice in music, ok!"

"Who the hell are you guys talking about," Emmett asked through a mouthful of food.

"Edward Masen," Alice replied, "The creep who apparantly has a good sense of music according to Bella."

"Hey…Edward's no creep…he's awesome man," Jacob joined in, "he's damn intelligent…even Mr. Cullen thinks so."

"Father just thinks he's's a strictly work related judgement," Alice replied coolly.

"Peace people," I said, "why are we fighting over that weirdo?"

"Oh shut up Bella…you started it by saying he had a good choice in music," Rosalie said.

"But he does," I cried.

"Ok...let me sort it out for you girls," Emmett said, "Bella cannot like the songs that Edward plays when he plays it…but if someone else plays the song, Bella can like it. Although Bella must strongly detest this Edward dude, no matter what."

"Alright…works with me," I shrugged.

"Very good baby," Rosalie said and kissed him on the cheek. I noticed Alice pretending to throw up and stiffled a laugh.

"Seriously dude, can they cut down on the PDA," Alice asked me while we were walking back to our office building hand in hand, out of earshot of Jacob and Rosalie who were talking animatedly about the new project they would be working on together, just a few feet ahead of us. "Alice, you and Jasper were very similar at the start of your relationship, you know."

She just rolled her eyes and I laughed as we entered the elevator.

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