Disclaimer: I don't own Miss Sagion. Clearly this is an AU story for several reasons. It's based off the version where Ellen was selfless.

Ellen chewed on a fingernail while she thought deeply. She knew what she had to do. She knew it was the only way. Chris never stopped loving Kim. Ellen could never stop loving Chris. Tam was what mattered the most. A child needed two parents not just one. But she couldn't stay and watch this happen. There was no room for her anymore. Staying would only leave to pain and heartache. She knew that Chris was the best of the best. She knew that certain things were right and other things were wrong. In most cases what she was about to do would never have crossed her mind. But this wasn't most cases. This was the case of an innocent little girl who didn't deserve to suffer because her mother and her father were parted before she was even born. If Ellen had to suffer then she could accept that. However she could plead her case and she would plead her case. Chewing on the tip of a pen, Ellen composed a letter. There is no easy way to say this Chris but I have to go away. You will always love Kim and I could accept that but I will not allow a small child to suffer because of something that was beyond any control.

I no longer fit into the world. It is now my time to stop floating and land. Staying and being apart from the one I love will break my soul. You yourself have made a huge sacrifice for love. Please let that thought guide you while you consider my situation. I am really doing nothing different then you did. Please remember Chris that I will always love you from wherever I am, hopefully the right place. Even if I'm in the wrong place I know what I did was right. I love you forever and my going away will not change that. But what matters most is your daughter. I can't stand in the way and let the darkness win. I guess this is goodbye until and if we see each other again.

With that she took the elevator to the top of the building. She closed her eyes and said a quick prayer. Then she jumped.

She found herself falling fast but she didn't even feel herself hit the ground. All of a sudden she opened her eyes and found herself bathed in the warm sunlight of heaven's love.

"That was a hard thing you did Ellen," said a gentle voice, "and normally it's not something that would be okay but you didn't do it for yourself… you did it for the sake of someone else. While I don't approve of your choice I approve very heartily of the reason you did what you did. Welcome to heaven Ellen"