Warning: Child abuse, statutory rape, strong language, and incest.

Family Secret

By Demon-in-training

Chater1: A Son's Bitterness

His hands roamed my body leaving fiery trails in there wake. His hands are big and callous, his touch firm and rough. I'm on my knees as he pounds into me from behind. I'm sweating bullets as I struggle to stay upright. Then rather suddenly his pace changes. Before where it was fast and brutal, it's now slow and deep. He leans in close to me so I can feel his sweaty stomach against my back.

"Do you like that?", he whispers against my ear, breathe hot against my neck. He hits my sweet spot in the most perfect way and all I can do is moan in response. He chuckles, hoarse and throaty. In retaliation I clench around him producing a string of curses.

Gods! I want this to last forever.

But were already close and I just can't hold back anymore. He plunges into my prostate a few more times and I'm cumming, shooting my seed onto the mattress. A few quick thrust and he follows, coating my insides with his essence.

Completely exhausted I collapse. He falls on the bed next to me. I can hear his heavy breathing as I lie in my spunk, feeling thoroughly satisfied.

I must have dosed off because when I look around I'm alone in bed - and upon further inspection- the room. I'm really rather happy about it too.

I hate it when they sick around.

But my good mood is instantly ruined when I hear my father screaming, "Naruto? NARUTO? Who the fuck was that?" I hear him stomping up the stairs making his way towards my room. I flip myself as I hear him near.

"Naruto!" He bust in my room not even taking a moment to recognize my nakedness before he jumps head first into his rant about how he couldn't believe I was doing this to the family and asking why I couldn't simply act like a proper son. I believe he was saying something like I was a disgrace to the Namikaze name, whoring myself like that when my mother walks in. My father stops to take a breathe so I say, "I wasn't a disgrace when I was your whore." That shuts him up, taking his color with his words in toe.

"I think I'll go get make lunch for the kids.", my mother says meekly before rushing out of the room.

That sets me off. I jump off the bed ready to chase after her, yelling, "Bitch, get back here!" Before I get half way across the room my father yanks me by the arm and flings me back on my soiled bed.

"Don't talk to your mother that way.", my father say in a low dangerous voice that promises pain. I pay my father no mind, he hasn't scared me in years.

"That WOMEN is not my mother." I scream loud enough for the neighbors can hear.

"Naruto, stop this please.", he says pitifully, sounding like the sad excuse for a man he really is. "Your angry with me, not your mother."

I laugh harshly. "That's where your wrong dear father." I reach over and grab my pack of cigs from my nightstand and light up. "I hate her just as much as I hate you."

"Don't smoke in the house.", he says quietly.

I take another drag. "She abandoned me, for that I hate her."

"Your mother has never left you, she has always been here."

"Wrong again father. She's here physically but the bitch never did a got damn thing. She left me with you even though she knew what was going on. No, that bitch abandoned me at 5 and 9 years later she still hasn't come back."

"Naruto, I . . ." Then the fucker didn't finish just standing there looking at the floor.

"What daddy?" I say sarcastically. "What can you possibly say to defend a women who knowingly lets her husband rape her son?" He say nothing, just stands there watching the floor. "Huh? Nothing to say?" I laugh harshly finishing off my last cigarette.

I stare at him for a while. He looks just like me, older, more muscular. He look far too young to be 45. When I get older, more than likely, I'll look like him but I'll kill myself before I become anything like that weak, pitiful, imitation of a man before me.

"Get out your face is starting to annoy me." He doesn't do anything, just stands there looking lost in his own world. "I said get the fuck-"

"Why?", he say cutting me off.

"What?" I say completely lost.

"Why didn't you tell anybody? Why don't you tell anyone? If you hate us so much then why not say something?"

"Because my brother and sister deserve the life I never got a chance at."

He seems to accept the answer nodding but doesn't leave.

"What the hell do you want, huh?" His very presence is pissing me off. "If I give you what you want will you get out?" I ask tiredly. He doesn't answer but his silence is answer enough.

I walk over to him walk over to him, grab his dick through his pants and start stroking. "Is this what you want?" He still doesn't answer, or even look at me as I feel him harden in my hand. I continue stroking him as I unbutton his pants with my other hand. I only stop to push his pants and boxers to the floor.

I stand there for a moment and watch as his cock twitches at the sudden chill. I look into my fathers face but he has his head turned so he's looking at one of the posters on my wall instead of me. I sigh, shake my head and get on my knees on the floor with his boxers and pants. I take him fully in my mouth and start a quick, steady pace, just wanting this to be over quickly.

Soon I can tell he's close, so I deep throat him, humming as he rest in my throat. What finally put him over the edge though is when I wrap my tongue around the head and suck while giving his member a long rough stroke with my hand. He shoots his load down in my mouth and out of reflex I swallow. I manage to take most of it but some escapes my lips and dribbles down my chin.

Before I can compose myself my 'father' pushes me hard, making me fall on my back. "What the fuck?" I say putting my elbows behind me so I can see the bastard. He looks genuinely shocked and confused. Lost. But I don't believe that bullshit anymore. I pull myself to and make my way over to my bed.

"You came so get out?" I say not looking behind me . I flop onto my bed as I hear a ruffle of clothing so I know he's pulling up his pants. "Close the door on your way out." I hear a sort of grunt then soft foot falls and finally a small click indicating the door is closed. The room is engulfed in darkness. I close my eyes, tightly wrapping my soiled sheets around me.

"Fucking bastard."

Just so you know: yes Naruto did give Minato head with the door open even though anyone in his family could have seen them.

A Families' Secret