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Alice in Wonderland, and Black and White. They create quite an explosion.

in ten sips of tea
a story is told, one where there is a girl who finds her own wonderland.


White is young—

She's young and she's dizzy and she's chasing after a boy with green hair and a runaway smile. She keeps running after him in her old faded dress eager to escape the looks of her mother and her friends, all disappointed in her lack of etiquette.

But she doesn't care, because that boy is oh so charming, that she'll just keep chasing and chasing and chasing him, even if she had to fall down and a rabbit's hole.


White is laughing—

She's laughing and she's crying and she is oh so upset because that boy that she's been chasing is somewhere far away and he won't stop running. And White can't run forever like he can, she has to stop and breathe the checkerboard air and wait for a knight to save her.

But still she laughs, because she knows that it was helpless and hopeless and worthless to even dream of catching that boy with a runaway smile.

But still she chases him.


White has been caught—

She tumbled and fell into the arms of a stranger. He has a hat, the man and he wears it with pride and joy as he sips sweet sweet sin out of his cup.

And White thinks she might be in love.


White won't stop smiling—

There is this beautiful hat on her head— made for her by him and he tells her that it's priceless and it's worthless and its worth more than all the gold in the world. And she doesn't understand that sentence, but that's okay, because the hat makes her feel like the prettiest girl in the whole world.


White learned his name today—

And she thinks that they are a match made in heaven because their names just go perfectly together. As she sleeps, she chants his name under her breath as she breathes in the roses that lay beside her.



Black, she says.


White just won't stop staring—

He's standing right in front of her and he's oh so beautiful and wondrous and she wonders if he would let her run away with him. She's spinning on that dizzy edge, and he's dancing with her and she just keeps staring and staring and staring.

Because his eyes are dark with beautiful onyx ink, and she won't mind if those eyes stained her skin.


White won't stop seeing colors—

There is red, and red and so much red. And she thinks that she's going to be sick, because the queen's there and she won't stop staring at her and smiling her red smile.

The world's spinning hats and tea cups and she wonders when it would all be over. And there's the pretty boy that she had chased and his runaway smile is gone.

And White thinks, she might just hate him.


White feels empty—

She feels empty as a tea cup and as alone as a firefly in a jar, she thinks as she stares into the crackling fire. She's lost and she's alone and there's no one. Not even a single star in wonderland.

White thinks as she starts to cry.


White feels a hand on her shoulder—

She tenses and get's ready to snarl and glare and fight the hand away, because she's all alone now, she has to learn how to fight. But then she hears soft laughter and she relaxes as she sees him, again.

She wonders if she's dead, but a quick kiss proves otherwise.


White wonders if fairytales come true—

Because her has.

the end