Title- And a Whole Lot of Running
Characters/Pairings- 10th Doctor, Donna, Jenny, no particular shippings
Summary- The Doctor realizes that someone's been doing his job for him, someone who is quickly becoming an intergalactic legend. When he catches up to his imitator, he finds the last person he ever expected…
Notes- First off, you need to disregard everything that happened from "Turn Left" onward. Just assume that Davros and the Daleks accidentally blew themselves up and it's all okay. This is MY universe, bitches! =P
Secondly, and most importantly, I'm far from an expert in all things Gallifreyan (but let's face it: is anybody?). I've done as much research as I can (thank you Wikipedia!), and I'm relatively certain that I've got my facts in order. However, if there's some glaringly obvious problem… let me know, alright?


A third tremor ripped through the core of the planet, this time creating deep fissures in the core's steel outer shell. Molten iron oozed outward slowly into the surrounding water. At such depths, at such pressures, robbed of the option of boiling, the water did the impossible- it burst into flames. The planet was synthetic, just a bubble of water held in place by the gravity field created by the factory-built metal core. Someone, however, had other ideas. The core was being ripped apart by a series of earthquakes generated by a transmitter located somewhere down here…

"It's just through there!" Kyo gurgled, swishing uncomfortably in the viciously hot water. He indicated a small service gap in the core's surface with his claw-like flipper.

The woman with him nodded, signaling with a thumbs up that she understood. Her blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail behind her head, and her blue eyes were concealed behind watertight goggles. A tank of compressed air was strapped to her back. "Thank you, Kyo," she said, voice muffled by her breathing apparatus. "Now, you need to get out of here."


"You need to go." Her eyes were steely and her tone allowed for no options. Reluctantly, the aquatic gentleman swam away from the core.

The woman, meanwhile, was trying to slip in through the service gap. Her air tank, however, seemed to have other ideas. Damn fortieth-century technology, she griped inwardly. The tank was just… too big.

Another quake rocked the planet, and more fire leaked out from the core. She could feel gravity weakening as the structure's integrity became more and more compromised. The water was still held in place, but not for much longer…

She took a deep breath, then discarded the tank, ripping the mouthpiece out. It fell away from her, settling gently against the steel beneath her feet. Without wasting another moment, she dove through the narrow space. Inside, she found a series of equally tight passages, fanning out from her like a labyrinth. She had a dozen different choices, leading to dozens of other choices. The transmitter was tiny, possibly only a few centimeters in diameter. A technology scan would be the easiest way to find it... But she didn't have the equipment. There was no time. The planet would lose all integrity, gravity going slack and leaving the underwater denizens to drift into the vacuum of space within minutes.

Damn it.

Only one option, then. She closed her eyes, focusing, listening…

There. The beeping. The transmitter.

She ran-swam through the flooded steel corridors, feeling her lungs tightening as the minutes lengthened and she began to fear that she might have taken a wrong turn. Her lungs, strong though they were and of unusually large capacity even for her species, were beginning to burn from lack of oxygen. She wasn't lightheaded yet, but she would be soon, and that was bad. She needed all her wits about her to deactivate the transmitter. She was running out of time. Ironic, really.

When she arrived at a fork in the passages, she realized she had gotten turned around, but there was a potential shortcut, just there... She squeezed through the narrowest gap yet, silently thanking good Gallifreyan genes for her slight build.

The water around her was heating up. She would have estimated it was nearing 93 degrees, by human measurements, and at any second now, it would reach boiling point. Or, under these kinds of pressures, flaming point. Her body could take huge amount of abuse, but she wasn't sure she could survive that kind of damage.

But there, at last, was the transmitter. It was just a tiny round little button suctioned onto the wall; as she had guessed, it was only an inch across at the very most.

Such a little thing, she thought, to cause so many problems.

With a quick flick of her wrist, she pried the front panel off the device and studied the delicate wiring inside. She immediately realized that she had absolutely no clue how to deactivate it. Maybe two minutes before she passed out from oxygen deprivation. This was bad. Had she finally gotten herself in over her head?

Probably not, she decided.

And then she proceeded to seize a handful of wires and rip them out at random. When all else fails, just figure that inflicting as much damage as possible will shut anything down. She just hoped that there was no safety backup…

A/N- Just a short prologue, but future chapters will be longer. Updates will be somewhat regular, because although I don't have much of this written, I've drawn up a full outline and know exactly where this story is headed, beginning, middle, and end. I've even got a few vague ideas about a sequel, if this is well-received.
I'm not going to be one of those authors who demands reviews before updating; however, I will stipulate that I will be more motivated to actually put my plan into action and write a little more regularly than I otherwise would have if I get more reviews. I'll update without them, but I think we all know that they help.