Open Wide

Set at the end of Season 4 "Pangs." Spike's tied to the chair after Thanksgiving, everyone's gone home or to bed and Buffy needs to clean up. What if she decides to feed Spike some leftovers. Fluffy Spuffy. Disclaimer: I own none of the characters of BtVS.

Everyone had gone home, Giles had retired to his loft, and Buffy decided that it was time to start cleaning up. There were tons of leftovers and she decided to search through Giles' kitchen for containers to package everything up before heading home, or possibly crashing on the couch for the night.

"Oy, what's goin' on in there?" Spike called from the dining table. She'd forgotten he was even there.

She looked through the pass-through at the back of his head and rolled her eyes. "I'm just going to put the food away and clean up."

"Well, wha' about me?" he asked indignantly.

"What about you?"

"Don't I get to eat?" he muttered.

"You already had some blood." He is so annoying, she thought.

"Not that. Don't I get pie, too?" Spike asked hopefully.

"Go ahead, help yourself," she called over her shoulder while pulling out used margerine containers from under Giles' sink.

"Then, are you going to untie me?" She'd forgotten he was bound to the chair.

"Ha! Yeah right."

"Then are you going to feed me, Pet?" he purred seductively.

This stopped her as she envisioned herself feeding him bites of the leftover pie. She stayed silent for a bit, pondering the thought. He'd only said it as a joke, but her silence encouraged him.

"Well," he asked again.

She sighed and stood up, tossing the container onto the counter. "I guess," she said resignedly and walked to the table to cut him a slice. "Pumpkin?" she asked.

He thought of a quippy come back for that one, but tossed the idea asside and nodded. He didn't want to change her mind.

Buffy cut a slice of the pie and put it on a plate. She decided it would be easier to feed him by the couch and grabbed the back of the chair dragging him commically to the living room and sat down on the end table in front of him.

Holding a forkfull in front of is mouth, she said, "Now, no jokes, and no one hears about this, OK?"

Looking her in the eye he licked his lip and said "Right, cross my heart, love." Buffy frowned, thinking twice about this. She didn't want him getting any ideas. Well, getting ideas was ok, she just didn't want him to act on any of those ideas. Oh, well, here goes...

"Open wide,"