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Zen: This is bad...As much as I don't wanna admit, I can't win against this bastard, and another fight will get me killed...What should I do?

Hazama: Hahah! Come on now Zen Crimson, is that all you got? No wonder you couldn't protect anyone, you suck!

Zen: No...I won't let you do this to her!

Hazama:Ya think so? Well watch me...

Zen: Noel! Snap out of it!

Hazama: He's all your Miss Vermillion!

Mu-12: I am Kusanagi...the destroyer of all!

Zen: Gah! No choice then!

Music: Crisis Reversed – The Clash

Rachel: Zen! Wait...

Zen: Rachel?

Ragna: Damn rabbit stop flying! I can't catch up dammit!

Zen: Grim Reaper?

Rachel: We'll take care of it from here, you go back home

Zen: I guess that would be the best solution...Even though I don't wanna admit it

Hazama: Whoa whoa whoa, not so fast, I finally trapped him, I can't let him leave now, can I?

Rachel: Zen! Get in the portal!

Hazama: Phantom! Disable every possible teleportation portal!

A witch showed up out of nowhere, her face could not be seen. She used some kidn of magic field to disable teleportation portals in that area

Rachel: Damn it! Terumi, he has nothing to do with this! Let him go!

Hazama: Afraid I can't! Ryoko! He's all yours!

Ryoko: Hehe!Understood!

Zen: You've got to be shittin' me...

Ryoko: Hey there Zennie! You heard him! Now draw your weapons!

Zen: What...What the hell is this? You're supposed to be dead!

Hazama: Now, Miss Vermillion, Things have changed, Take care of Ragna the Bloodedge, while I finish with that Shitty Vampire

Ragna: Damn you, Terumi...

Zen: This is crazy...I can't fight with all those injuries-

Ryoko: Too Slow!

Ryoko rushed behind Zen without even him noticing, she was too fast for him, attacking him with a small knive

Zen: Wh-What the fu-

Zen quickly dodged, barely getting away from Ryoko's attack

Zen: If you're alive...Then what I saw on these documents is true...Junpei is alive somewhere!

Ryoko: Ahaha! He is! And once I find him too, we can all reunite! Mister Hazama will help me!

Zen: Reunited? What are you talking about?

Ryoko: Once I find Junpei, we can all go to the after-life...We will have all eternity to spend there, together!

Zen: Are you insane? Are you listening to what crap you're saying?

Ryoko: Ahahahaha! That's it! Come to me Zennie! I'll kill you, then Junpei, then myself, then we can be happy! Haha! That's all I could ask for!

Zen: Did Terumi do this to you?

Ryoko: Enough with the chit chat!

Ryoko attacked Zen again

Zen: Fine then! Type – 8! I didn't really want this Ryoko...Infection!

Ryoko: Gweh!...Hah...Ahaha! You learned a couple of tricks since the last time I watched you!

Zen: This isn't over yet, when I beat you, I'm going to beat the crap outta Hazama!

Ryoko: Don't you DARE touch Mister Hazama!

Zen: Heh...Guess I striked her weak point...

Ryoko: Whirlwind – Yukikaze!

Zen: Distortion heat?

Ryoko moved at rapid speed, continiously attacking Zen

Zen: Fine then! Twin Div-

Ryoko: It's no use!

She threw a small knife on Zen

Zen: Wh-Whoa!

He shielded with one of his hands as he had no time to react, injuring it badly

Zen: Hah...Hah...I think I reached my limit...

Ryoko: Give up Zennie! Just let me kill you! Quick and easy...

Zen: Just because that bastard told you...

Ryoko: I said, don't speak like that of Mister Hazama again!

Zen: ...

Ryoko: Well Now...Please die!

Zen: ...Gotcha!

Zen stabbed Ryoko on the leg when she rised her dagger to kill Zen, causing her to fall down

Ryoko: Ah! That was cheap!

Zen: Ryoko...I'm sorry

Ryoko: Wh-What are you doing?

Zen: Sorry...

Zen stabbed Ryoko's legs multiple times, causing her to scream and be unable to stand

Zen: It's the only way...I don't wanna kill you. No matter how strong you are, with that many injuries in your legs, you won't be able to stand up...

Ryoko: Wait! Let me finish this!

Zen: Just stay there for now... I'll come for you later

Ryoko: Wai-Gyaah! It...It hurts...I can't stand up...Mister Hazama...Help me...

Zen ran to Hazama. To his surprise, Rachel had fallen

Zen: Hey! Green haired shit!

Hazama: Oh my! You're still alive! Just as I thought!

Zen: Rachel!

Rachel: I'm...I'm sorry Zen...Run while you can...

Rachel fainted after saying that

Zen: You...I'll never forgive you!

Music: Birth by Sleep – Terra's theme

Hazama: Now...It's just the two of us! Fight me! Fight me with your true power!

Zen: ...Grim Reaper!

Ragna was fighting Mu-12 with all his strength

Ragna: Wh-What is it? As you can see i'm a bit busy now!

Zen: Take Rachel and leave...

Ragna: What? Have you gone mad? You don't stand a chance!

Zen: Just get her and leave! Now!

Ragna: You must be jokin'!

Zen: GO!

Ragna: Godammit! You and Rabbit are almost alike!

Zen: ...

Ragna picked Rachel up and ran away

Ragna: I'll come back after I leave her in a safe place!

Gii: W-Wait for me!

Ragna left the place...

Zen: Now...

Hazama: You really think you can beat us?

Zen: I'm not that stupid...I'm bleeding everywhere, but if not beat you, then I'll buy them some time...

At that time, they heard a Howl

Zen: Wh-What's that?

Hazama: Don't tell me...

The wolf moving at big speed slowly approached Zen and returned to it's human form...

Zen: Old man...

Hazama: You old geezer! Why must you ALWAYS be in my damn way!

Valkenhayn: Terumi...I will never forgive what you did to Madam Rachel...

Hazama: What? What are you gonna do about it eh? You maaad?

Valkenhayn: Youngster...Go take care of the Murakumo

Zen: G-Got it...Thanks old man...

Valkenhayn: No time to thank me! Go!

Hazama: Hey! Get back here!

Before Hazama could run after Zen, Valkenhayn attacked him

Hazama: You...You old geezer! You just crossed the freakin' line!

Valkenhayn: This is our fight, Terumi. I shall get take revenge for Madam Rachel

Hazama: Don't mess with me you old fart!

Zen went after Mu-12

Zen: Noel!

Music: Pandora Hearts – Contractor

Mu-12: ...Target confirmed.

Zen: I won't let you like this...I swear...

Mu-12: ...Target determined to be hostile. Now activating termination protocol.

Zen: Let's finish this!

Mu-12: Engaging Battle mode.

Zen charged towards Mu ready to attack

Zen: Now let's do this! I'll finish this here!

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