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Ellie walked in to the MIB agency headquarters it was a usual day. With all the black and white suits walking around, papers being carried, and the twins talking in there foreign language while typing in data on the main computer.

Ellie looked around for Zed, he had told her that he had a new assignment for Agent X and herself. Not seeing Zed Ellie headed up to his office, hoping to find him there. After arriving upstairs and stepping out of the elevator Ellie bumped into Dr. Zeeltor who greeted her with a smile.

"Oh hello there Ellie. Where might you be going to day?" Dr. Zeeltor asked smiling.

"I'm just going to Zed's office to pick up my next assignment. What about you? How have you been?" Ellie replied looking at Dr. Zeeltor and noticing that he was under a gigantic stack of papers.

"I have been what you humans call just peachy!" Dr. Zeeltor was catching papers and smiling hugely as he said this.

"That's a lot of paper work Dr. Zeeltor. What is it for?" Ellie started helping Dr. Zeeltor pick up the papers form the floor so he would stop bending down and spilling even more, already half the pile was scattered all around them.

"Well you see every three years there is a aligning of the stars that makes some alien species go crazy. All this paper work is of what type of species those aliens are , I have to sort them out as soon as possible so then we can ship those aliens off earth and back to there home planets before they can cause harm to any humans." Dr. Zeeltor replied while stepping onto the elevator before any other papers could fall to the ground. "I'm quite sorry Ellie I would love to talk some more but these blasted papers keep flying everywhere. I will be sure to make time for us to talk a little bit later." Dr. Zeeltor said as the elevator doors started to close.

Ellie shrugged as the elevator doors closed hiding Dr. Zeeltor. There would be time to talk to him later. She started heading towards Zeds office again. Once she entered Zed looked up immediately and motioned for her to sit down.

"Ellie I'm glad you came, your assignment will be a tricky one. You see there is an alien loose in central park. It seems the alien is a male and has been attacking all forms of females. We have had a couple cases of human females getting attacked and a couple others of extraterrestrial females getting attacked. It seems like each time that an attack occurs it gets worse. At first we were finding only scratches on the females, but our last case came in and the human was hurt so bad that we thought she wasn't going to make it." Zed said staring down at a photo in his hand.

"When do I start sir?" Ellie said already getting up to receive the documents concerning the case.

Zed held up his hand motioning Ellie to sit back down. "Ellie this is not a normal case. We know the species of the alien and are not exactly happy on sending you out there. I want to make sure that you know what you're getting your self into first. I don't want you to agree to anything unless you're certain you are ready for it." Zed said holding out the photo to Ellie.

Ellie took the photo and stared at it. "What is this Zed?"

"Ellie this was the last victim of the alien attacker. The attacks as I told you just keep getting worse so I can only assume the next female he sees he will kill with no mistake." Zed said looking away.

Ellie was still staring at the photo. It was horrible. It was a bloody mass of hair, a face disembodied limbs, and what looked like to be a face unnaturally blue from blood loss. It was female you could tell because her shirt was ripped to shreds. Her chest to the average eye looked like it had been sliced open with a sharp knife or weapon. But that was to the average eye; to an MIB agents eye it was clearly done by some razor sharp talons or claws of some sort. Now Ellie used to work in a morgue so her stomach was tougher than the most advanced alien metal out there. But once she had a good look at that picture she ran to the trashcan in the corner of Zeds office and began to throw up all of the multigrain cereal she had eaten that morning.

"This human it still alive?" Ellie asked Zed between gasps of air and while throwing the picture at him.

"Yes, she somehow made it thank God for on that one. Ellie this is why I don't want you to think that you have to do this. Since you are a female agent chances are that you will be targeted on his mission. It is believed that the reason for all of these people getting hurt is form there refusal to mate with the alien. Each of these females fought back bravely, some as I told you were even aliens themselves but none of them could fight off this guy" Zed said getting up in order to help Ellie back into her seat.

"If I don't take this case innocent women will just keep getting hurt. I have to take it I have no choice if I want to help these women out." Ellie replied sitting up straighter in her chair. Zed had helped her move away from the garbage can and back to her seat facing opposite of his own.

"Ellie there is just one more thing before you agree to this. As I said before we know what the alien species is that is how we know about the mating fact and about the gender. There just one problem…" Zed said rubbing the back of his neck and avoiding looking at Ellie.

"Zed you just showed me a mutilated girl, told me the alien was in heat, said I might die, and mentioned all the other risks about this mission. What other problem could there be?" Ellie asked in an exasperated voice.

"Zed looked Ellie firmly in the eye, "This alien is a Jee'Dangian."

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