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Chapter 12: Tag-Along

Fisher glanced around the busy street on Kalos in the Messer system. Once he was sure no one was really paying any attention to him, he reached a hand up to the cart of apples he was sitting next to and slowly pulled it from its place on the cart. Once he did that, he stood up, just as slowly and attempted to walk off with the apple in his pocket. However, he had only turned when the pile of apples started toppling over and made a mess and he froze and winced at the sound of tumbling behind him, catching the attention of the vender selling the apples.

"Hey!" the man called to Fisher. "You'll pay for what you took! Give it here!"

Fisher didn't give it a second thought before bolting at a full run down the street and the vender called after him, but he didn't stop. He rounded into an alley and pulled his goggles down from his forehead and over his eyes. He held his breath as he watched the vender stop in front of the alley, but the boy kept to the shadows and let out a sigh of relief when the vender turned and headed back to his cart. He slowly backed away then turned to run down the alley but rammed into to a barrier and fell butt-first onto the dirt. He growled and looked up at the figure in his way.

"You wanna watch where you're going, idiot?" he snapped then froze. He slowly pulled his goggles down and around his neck to see a familiar face in a cloak standing in front of him, another familiar figure behind them.

"M-Miss Deirdra?" he squeaked, a smile slowly forming on his face. "And…Mr. Riddick, Sir?" He shot to his feet and stood at attention. "I'm sorry! I didn't know it was the two of you! If I had known-!"

"Oh, stop it, Fish," Deirdra smiled, waving it off and placing a hand on his shoulder. "It's good to see you. Staying out of trouble I hope?"

"As best I can, Ma'am," he nodded with a grin.

"Good," Deirdra nodded back, patting his shoulder then pulling him under her arm with it to mutter into his ear, "I need your help again. Mr. Riddick and I need some more supplies. All our stuff got stolen a few days ago, so we'll need a full stock of everything, ok?"

"Sure thing, Miss Deirdra," Fisher smiled then glanced at Riddick who was looking around the alley, on guard. "Will Mr. Riddick be coming with us too?"

"Well, if he'd like," Deirdra replied and looked up at Riddick as she stood and he looked back at them when he heard his name. "We will need some extra muscle for all our groceries. What do you say, Riddick?"

He cocked an eyebrow at Deirdra then glanced down at Fisher, the boy who looked like he could be theirs. He couldn't believe how much this kid looked like the two of them. It was surreal. Riddick looked at Deirdra who only stood next to the boy, grinning and he nodded.

"Fine, I'll come along," he grumbled, not really wanting to, but finding it very difficult to say no for some reason.

Without warning, Fisher grinned widely and ran to the murderer and threw his arms around him. Riddick stepped back at the action and stared down at the boy as Deirdra gasped. She ran to him to pull him away but Riddick held up a silent hand to stop her, and she did, but stared on at them with wide eyes. Riddick looked down at the boy and patted his head, thinking that would get him off of him. Sure enough, Fisher pulled away and grinned up at his idol.

"I'm really glad to see you, Mr. Riddick, sir," he grinned, stepping away.

"Just call me Riddick, kid," Riddick muttered, and swept past him and Deirdra into the streets.

"Hey! Wait up!" Deirdra called and grabbed Fisher's hand before darting after him. "We need the guide in the lead!"

After Shopping...

"Thanks a lot, Fish," Deirdra smiled as they headed toward the ship she and Riddick had come in as it sat in the hanger. "As soon as I left this place I forgot where everything was. I'm glad you were here to help us out."

She shifted one of the bags in her arms and rubbed the top of his head as if to ruffle his invisible hair and he grinned up at her praise as Riddick led them to the ship and pressed a button to open the hatch to enter the ship.

"Let's get going," Riddick ordered to her as she stood at the bottom of the hatch door with Fisher.

"Well, you heard the man," Deirdra smiled, reluctantly giving the boy a good-bye pat on the head. "See ya 'round, kiddo."

"Wait!" Fisher called, making Deirdra stop when she was about to turn to head up the gangplank and Riddick looked up at him from inside as he was about to sit in the pilot's seat. "Can-Can I go with you guys?"

Deirdra's eyes widened and she looked at Riddick, who only stared at the boy coldly. She swallowed and turned back to Fisher, placing her hands on his shoulders.

"Kid, you don't wanna come with us," she murmured, gently.

"Yes I do!" Fisher cried. "I can't stay here anymore! I don't have anybody since my brother died!"

"Coming with us will be like signing your own death certificate, kid," Riddick suddenly called and the two looked up at him as he headed down the plank and toward them. Fisher stared up at the huge man as he stood in front of him and Deirdra held her breath as she watched, but made ready to jump in front of Fisher if Riddick got mad with him.

"I've got mercs after me," Riddick continued. "They'll always be after me, and anyone who's with me. They won't care that you're a kid, trust me. And if you come with us, you'll have to be able to fight for yourself if we get separated, 'cause we can't always be there to save your ass." He knelt down in front of the boy as Fisher only stared at him with wide eyes. "You can't be afraid to kill. That's what it boils down to. You think stealing is bad? Wait till you have your first kill. That's worse."

With that, the convict turned and headed back into the ship as Fisher only stood there, staring at the man's back and Deirdra glanced between the two, wondering what to do.

"I'm not afraid," Fisher argued and Riddick stopped, but didn't look at him as Deirdra shot a wide-eyed gaze at the boy. His head was slightly lowered to give a predatory glare at the man, his hands clenched at his sides. She was a little unnerved that he looked like a Mini-Riddick.

"I'm not afraid to kill," he continued as Riddick finally turned to him, crossing his arms over his chest. "I taught myself how to fight. I can handle a shiv."

"That so?" Riddick retorted and Deirdra felt her heart pound in her chest at his tone. He was talking to Fisher the way he talked to her before they sparred to get her riled to fight.

"Yeah, that's so," Fisher snapped, and Deirdra could hear it in the boy's voice that he was getting riled.

"Alright then," Riddick smirked, pulling a shiv from his belt and stepping toward the boy again. He tossed the shiv to Fisher and pulling his other shiv from his belt he nodded, "Show me."

"Riddick, wait," Deirdra called, hurriedly setting down the bag in her arms and ran to him, taking the hand he held the shiv in into hers and he snapped his gaze to her. "He's just a kid. Let me test him. You don't know how to hold back."

"The mercs that catch up to us won't hold back either, Girl," he retorted, yanking his hand away from her and she stared up at him in horror but he murmured, "I won't hurt him."

She swallowed and turned back to Fisher as she stepped back, reluctantly. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the boy spin the shiv in his fingers, expertly, as if he'd been doing it as long as Riddick had. He flipped the shiv to hold it and took a fighting stance, almost identical to Riddick's.

"Ready, kid?" Riddick smirked and Fisher only nodded as Deirdra wrung her hands, glancing between the two. She didn't want to have to jump in the middle of the fight, but she knew it might be necessary.

Fisher was the first to take a swipe and Riddick dodged it in time as Deirdra's eyes widened, stifling a gasp. Riddick slashed his shiv at the boy, but he ducked and somersaulted between the man's legs making Riddick frown and he was about to spin around but Fisher shot to his feet and having flipped the shiv around to hold it backwards, he the handle of the thing into Riddick's sweet spot.

"How's that?" Fisher smirked and Riddick looked at the boy over his shoulder, a brow cocked in approval.

"Impressive," he smirked and turned to Deirdra who was straight as a board and her eyes were as wide as saucers as she stared at the two. "A little more training and you'll be a full fledged killer in no time."

"So I can come with you?" Fisher grinned, stepping away from Riddick and holding his shiv to the man as he turned around. Riddick looked down at the boy as he took his shiv back. It was like looking back at himself when he was that age. The only difference was, at that age, he didn't look exactly as he did now, but he had the same spirit and fire this kid had.

"No," he finally replied and Fisher's eyes widened in shock at the man as his jaw hung open. "Do yourself a favor and don't let yourself get caught up in crime. You'll live a little longer without mercs on your back. You don't wanna end up like me."

"But where am I gonna go?" Fisher asked when Riddick turned away. "I don't even have a place to sleep at night! I don't have a home!"

"Not my problem, kid," Riddick retorted and Deirdra looked at him with wide eyes as he only walked into the ship. "Let's go, Girl."


"Now!" he roared and Deirdra jumped, swallowing and turned to Fisher who looked back at her in disappointment and disbelieve of what had happened.

"What'll I do, Miss Deirdra?" he breathed. "Where will I go?"

Deirdra looked down at him, her heart clenching in guilt and pity for the boy and she pulled him toward her by his shoulder and hugged him. She pulled him closer when she felt him shuddering and set her cheek on his head. She felt tears prick her eyes and then, she made her decision, right there and then.

"Girl! Let's go!" Riddick boomed from the pilot's seat, already strapped in.

"Coming!" Deirdra called, but he didn't look back at her as she ran into the ship. She plopped down in the co-pilot's seat and wiped the tears that had escaped from her eyes earlier. "Ok, let's go!"

Riddick gave her a frown and she looked at him with a frown of her own and shrugged, "What?"

"No ass-chewing for leaving the kid behind?" he wondered. "Not even an argument about it?"

"Nope," Deirdra chirped and looked forward. "Lets' go."

Riddick frowned at her again, but turned to start up the ship. He pulled up on the steering and out of the hanger, and once they broke atmo, he placed the ship on autopilot and sat back to look at Deirdra. She only sat, twiddling her thumbs and staring down at her lap. He waited for it. He waited for her to chew him out, but she never did. He narrowed his eyes at her when she glanced up at him and frowned back at him.

"What did you do?" he asked, menacingly and her frowned only deepened.

"What are you talking about?" she wondered. "I didn't do anything!"

"So, where are we going now?"

"Hang on-"

Riddick cut himself off in shock and shot his gaze to the face leaning on the pilot's seat shoulder. Deirdra sighed in exasperation as she lifted a hand to her face, bowing her head and Riddick only stared at the grinning Fisher. The man's gaze shot back to Deirdra and when she looked back at him she could see anger boiling those beautiful pools of silver he called eyes.

"I thought I said no!" he snarled at her but she only stood to step next to Fisher and pull him back as Riddick stood and turned to them in one swift motion.

"He's coming with me, Riddick," Deirdra corrected, pulling Fisher behind her as Riddick stood directly in front of her. "He's not going with you, he's with me."

"And you're with me," Riddick reminded her. "Don't think you can loop-hole your way out of this, Girl!"

"It's too late now!" she shot back. "We're already off the planet!"

"That can be changed real fast," Riddick retorted and turned to head back to the pilot's seat and turn them back to the planet but Fisher darted out from behind Deirdra and threw his arms around Riddick, making the man stop.

"I swear, Mr. Riddick, I won't make trouble," the boy pleaded. "And if I do, you can throw me out of the ship and into space if you want."


"I've heard you're a real asshole, and I don't care, you're still the best!"

Deirdra looked up at the back of Riddick's head as he only stood there for a moment and Fisher clung to him. The man reached around and shoved Fisher back by the head to get him off him then turned to face him as Deirdra stepped forward to intervene, but Riddick only stared down at the boy.

"First time you get to be a pain in the ass, you're outta here," Riddick warned him. "No excuses, no negotiating. You'll be gone. Am I clear?"

"Clear as crystal, Mr. Riddick, sir!" Fisher grinned, standing at attention.

"This ain't a military, kid," Riddick assured him. "And just Riddick is fine."

Fisher nodded and Riddick didn't resist the impulse to ruffle his invisible hair then looked up at Deirdra who had been silent through all of that. Her hands were over her mouth and her eyes were glassy with tears.

"Don't get emotional on me now, Girl," he warned and she nodded, but her tears returned when Fisher ran to her and hugged her. She hugged him in return and gave a few joyful shudders but quickly gathered herself as Riddick sat back into the pilot's seat. She patted Fisher on the head and led him to the co-pilot's seat and sat, Fisher in her lap.

"So, where are we going now?" Deirdra wondered and Riddick glanced at the two before bringing up the navigation screens. He scanned through them as Deirdra took the liberty of bringing up the news screens to find out which planets had bulletins out on them.

"We could head back to UV," he suggested and Deirdra smirked at him.

"You really like that place, don't you?" she wondered, tapping through the screens.

"It's dark," he muttered. "I like the dark."

"Me too," Fisher grinned and Riddick only glanced at him but Deirdra hugged him with a smile of her own.

Riddick had to admit, he liked seeing that smile she gave because of Fisher. It was one of those smiles he knew only children could inspire. Maybe having this kid around wouldn't be so bad if it made the woman he loved smile like that.

"Fisher, why don't you put the stuff away while Riddick and I figure out where to go next?" Deirdra asked the boy and he nodded and jumped from her lap to hurry and do what he was told. Deirdra smiled after him as Riddick continued tapping the screens then she looked back at Riddick, stood and plopped herself into his lap. He looked up at her with a frown and she only smiled sweetly.

"You know, the kid makes it difficult for us to do what we want now," he muttered, hearing Fisher shuffling around behind them.

"All we have to do is wait till he's asleep," she murmured back with a shrug then leaned toward his face. "Or tell him to go into the other room back there." She lifted a hand and stroked a finger down his chin and neck with a sly smile. "But we'd have to be very quiet."

"That's the problem," he whispered back, gritting his teeth when he felt her hand sliding down his neck and against his chest. "Sometimes I wanna screw you till you scream bloody murder."

"Well, maybe he's a really deep sleeper?" she assured him, her hand sliding down his abs then under his shirt to glide her hands over his skin, seductively.

"Dammit, Girl!" Riddick hissed, gripping her hand and pulling it away before it drove him completely mad. "Do you like pissing me off?"

"Only sometimes," she smirked, leaning her face toward his and kissing his lower lip tenderly. He growled and gripped her arms, standing her up as he stood and he shoved her just enough to make her fall back into the co-pilot's seat, laughing.

"We're going back to the UV System," Riddick growled, walking away from the cockpit and into the separate room off to the side. "Set a course, Girl!"

"Shall I go in there after I do that?" she called, mockingly as Fisher frowned between the two and Riddick only gave snarl as he slammed the door shut behind him and Deirdra chuckled.

"What was that about?" Fisher wondered and Deirdra smirked, standing to sit in the pilot's seat.

"Grown up games gone wrong," she smirked and Fisher only frowned slightly but continued putting things away as Deirdra set a course. She finished setting course and sat back in the seat for a moment then sat up and turned to Fisher and called, "Hey, Fish?"

"Yes, Miss Deirdra?" he called back, not looking at her.

"Just call me Deirdra," she replied. "Or even Dee, if you like." Fisher nodded and Deirdra continued, "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure," he replied, lifting something they'd bought and examining it.

"Are you a heavy sleeper?" she wondered and he stopped, to think.

"Well, my brother used to say I slept through a really bad earthquake on Kalos, so I guess," he shrugged and Deirdra smiled.

"Perfect," she murmured and stood to walk to the door Riddick had gone through but before she went through it she turned to Fisher and said, "Um, whatever you hear in here…"

"Grown up games, I guess, right?" Fisher smirked.

"Yeah," Deirdra chuckled. "Something like that."

"I won't bug you guys, don't worry," he replied.

"Thanks kid," she said. "You're pretty smart."

"Thanks Dee," he grinned back at her. "Mind if I eat something? I'm starving."

"Sure thing," Deirdra nodded then turned into the room and shut the door behind her then called into the dark room. "Riddick?"

She gasped when a hand wrapped around her wrist and pulled her into a chest as a pair of arms wrapped around her and a mouth planted itself onto hers. She moaned when a tongue delved into her mouth and ravaged it passionately, and she wrapped her arms around his neck to pull Riddick closer.

"If that kid comes in here-"

"He won't," Deirdra cut in when Riddick began his threat. "Trust me, he won't. And, here's some good news: He's a really heavy sleeper."

She gasped again when she was pulled forward and onto Riddick as he fell back onto the bed in the room.

"Good," he growled against her lips and kissed her deeply, making her giggle.


"Planet Four is darker," Deirdra reported, laying in Riddick's arms as he twirled a piece of her hair. "But Planet One is the darkest. It's kinda weird. The first planet is the farthest one from the sun in the system. I guess they were named backwards or something."

"Mm," Riddick hummed. "Your hair is growing really fast. I love it."

"Will you focus," Deirdra smiled, snuggling her cheek into his chest. "Which planet do you want to go to?"

"You say Planet One is the darkest?" Riddick recalled. "We'll go there."

"It's dark, Riddick," she said. "Like it's always night."

"Good," Riddick growled softly, gripping a clump of her hair and gently pulling her head up to face his. "All the more reason to go there."

"But what about Fisher?" Deirdra murmured when she felt his lips come close to hers.

"He's a brave kid," Riddick murmured back. "I'm sure he can deal with it."


"You can ask him when I'm through with you here," he growled, seductively and Deirdra giggled but it was swallowed in Riddick's mouth.

UV System, Planet 1...

The ship touched down on the snowy first planet of the UV System as Fisher sat on Deirdra's lap in the co-pilot seat.

"Wow, it's really dark," the boy grinned and Riddick couldn't help but smirk as he cut the engines.

"There should be some coats or something in one of the cabinets," Deirdra guessed. "What do you think, Riddick? Two coats or blankets each? Come back when we find shelter for the rest of it?"

"You the planner now?" Riddick retorted, standing and turning to walk to the hatch. Fisher jumped up and followed him as Deirdra hurriedly stood as well and the two pulled out two blankets each for themselves. Deirdra pulled out two for Riddick as well but he had already opened the hatch and was headed outside.

"Hey!" Deirdra called, but he ignored her and she sighed in exasperation.

Quickly grabbing the two blankets Fisher was carrying she threw them around him then pulled on her own. Once outside, Deirdra and Fisher were blasted with the cold wind which almost sent the boy to the ground, but Deirdra kept him from falling. He tripped a few times, and Deirdra looked up, unable to see Riddick ahead of them.

"Dammit," she hissed, then yelled, "I should've gotten my eyes shined anyway if I had known you were gonna ditch us here, Riddick!"

"Would you hurry it up?" Riddick growled next to her and she gasped, looking at him as he came up next to her and without warning, picked up Fisher after the boy tripped again. Riddick grabbed one of Deirdra's hands and pulled him behind her. "I found a cave up ahead. We found a good parking space."

He trudged them through the snow as Fisher clung to Riddick's neck and Deirdra placed her other hand on Riddick's so as not to lose him. She couldn't look ahead, and relied on Riddick to lead them to the cave he said he'd found so quickly. She suddenly found herself walking easily and looked around to see an empty, dark cave.

"Home sweet home…for a while, anyway," Riddick said, letting Fisher down. "I'll get the things."

"Maybe we should wait a while?" Deirdra suggested. "At least until the storm let's up a little?"

"It won't," Riddick replied. "I'll be right back."

"I'll go with you!" Fisher called, running after him but Riddick held a hand up to stop him with the heel of his hand on the boy's forehead.

"You stay here and take care of Deirdra," Riddick ordered the boy, moving his hand to press his index finger onto Fisher's forehead and shove him backward a little making the boy stumble back. "She has a tendency to get into trouble when I'm not around."

"Oh, bite me, Riddick," Deirdra muttered, coming up behind Fisher.

"Later," he promised, heading out and Deirdra sneered at him.

She and Fisher sat shivering in a corner as Riddick went in and out of the cave bringing their supplies in. Once he was sure he had everything they needed, he took some blankets and made makeshift beds, one for himself and Deirdra, the other for Fisher. The rest of the blankets he piled on top of the two in the corner.

"Th-Th-Thanks," Deirdra shivered as Fisher scooted closer to Deirdra, shivering as well. Riddick glanced at Fisher to make sure he wasn't looking and grabbed Deirdra's face to plant a heated kiss onto her mouth then let her go and stood to walk away and stood at the entrance of the cave.

"This storm might let up tomorrow," Riddick reported. "I'll go out then and see if there're any animals here we can hunt when we run out of food."

"I'll g-go with you," Fisher shivered and Riddick scoffed.

"No way, Kid," Riddick refused. "You need to look after Deirdra while I'm gone."

"I can fight!" Fisher snapped and Riddick turned to face him, leaning against the rock and crossing his arms over his chest.

"That's why I need you here," Riddick replied, making both woman and boy look at him with wide eyes. "You can protect her if anything comes calling on you guys tomorrow."

Deirdra stared at Riddick with wide eyes and he only stared at the two. She slowly gave a grin and teased, "You love me."

Riddick sneered but said nothing as he looked outside again as Fisher grinned up at Deirdra who ruffled his not-there hair.

"Are we a family?" Fisher asked and Deirdra frowned down at him as Riddick shot his gaze back to them. "I haven't had a family for a year now. Are you guys my new one?"

Deirdra opened her mouth to answer but looked up at Riddick as he started walking toward them. They both turned to him as he knelt down in front of the boy, staring at him with his glowing silver pools.

"Listen, Kid," he began. "I ain't a father. Deirdra wouldn't make a good mother, and you're not our kid. Don't go thinking we're your new mommy and daddy, 'cause we're not. Good parents wouldn't bring their kid to this frozen hell-hole just to save their asses. You may look like you could be our kid, but you're not. End of story."

With that, Riddick stood and walked back to his place next to the entrance of the cave as Fisher stared after him. The boy then looked up at Deirdra who couldn't help the small smile that adorned her lips as she looked back at him.

"If that were true, he would've just said no and been done with it," she assured him in a whisper and Fisher grinned up at her, his face lighting up as he hugged her fiercely. She held him tightly and looked up at Riddick who only stared at them and she mouthed, "I love you."

He stared at her for a moment then nodded and looked outside again. Deirdra's grin grew and she hugged Fisher a little tighter. She couldn't believe they had a family, and she didn't care how odd it was that the father was a convict/murderer, or that the mother was an ex-bodyguard, or that the son was an orphan who idolized Riddick. She didn't care that they weren't related in the slightest. She was just as glad as Fisher to have a family of her own.

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