This is my first fic, so no flames. It's really random, kinda stupid, but TOTALLY FRICKIN HILARIOUS! Hope you like it! warning: Aelita has SEROIUS language problems!

Aelita: *Burps* I burpted.

Jeremie: Aelita, your burp smelled like pizza dough.

Aelita: WTF?

Jeremie: What, it did.

Aelita: JACKASS! *Starts punching him*

Jeremie: OW! Stop!

Aelita: I'm sorry *kisses him on the lips*

Jeremie: Holy crap… _

Aelita: *Points to a cat* What the hell is that? *runs behind Jeremie*

Jeremie: That's a cat, Aelita. *the cat starts licking Aelita*

Aelita: Holy shit, it's a cannibal!

Jeremie: Aelita, it's licking you because it likes you.

Aelita: It shows you it likes you by licking you. That's just sick. *runs away in terror*

Cat: What's her problem? _

Aelita: OMFG, it's Justin Bieber!

Jeremie: Who the crap is Justin Beaver?

Aelita: Ok, first, it's not beaver, it's Bie-BER! Second, he's only the best singer in the history of mankind!

Jeremie: well sorry I've never heard of him.

Aelita: Come with me. *Drags Jeremie into her dorm*

*5 minutes later*

Aelita: *Pulls up videos of Baby, One Time, and Kiss and Tell on YouTube*

Jeremie: OMG this guy is awesome!

Aelita: I told you.

*The next day*

Jeremie: And I was like baby, baby, baby oh-oh!

Mrs. Hertz: Jeremie, SHUT THE FRIG UP! Jb is awesome, but not in the middle of my lesson!

Jeremie: FRICK YOU! *whole class starts belting out one time*

Mrs. Hertz: I'm done. *leaves*