Hi! I'm sorry it took so long before I updated this! But schools been busy and I've been busy and a lot of stuff has happened, so. I had a little problem with getting this one going and I hope it isn't akward written or anything, because I just couldn't seem to find a good flow while I was writing it. It feels as if it's not perfect... but I don't know. I rewrote half of it already, but oh, well.




Chapter 4 - The hero fell in love with the princess

Arthur was not curious about the boy with wings, no, not at all.

He was just simply… suspicious, yeah.

That was the one and only reason he decided to pay the waggon the ringmaster had brought the boy to a visit that evening after he had finished his last performance and the last crowd of people had started pulling back towards their homes.

He sneaked over to the big, red wodden waggon in the dark and slipped up the stairs without making any unnesesary noices. He gave the door two firm knocks, making sure they were hard enough to be heard before he opened the door and stepped into the waggon.

When he stepped in, his eyes immidiently searched for the ringmaster. He found him sitting beside a bed, looking down on the boy while he lay there, appearently still unconscious. Arthur closed the door behind him with a soft klick.

"Ringmaster…" He said calmly.

After all, he wasn't here for buisiness or anything of the like, he was just… paying him a visit because he was curiou-suspicious of the blonde blue-eyed boy.

The ringmasters' head snapped up at the mention of his name and he looked over at Arthur with mild surprice.

"Oh, Arthur." He eyed him up and down, and Arthur was wearing a shirt now, mind you. "Is something the matter?" Of course he would ask that. Why else would Arthur visit him?

Arthur shook his head lightly and let his eyes travvel to the boy on the bed.

He looked rather young, Arthurs age maybe, and his hair had a stunning blonde colour and if Arthur didn't remember wrong, his eyes had a just as stunning colour, namely blue.

He noted that the boy, or man, he seemed to be somewhere between, had rather handsome features as well as a well built body.

The boy was clad in a simple black shirt with three-quarters sleeves and over it rested a sandybrown T-shirt vest with one pocket on each side of the chest and buckles on the sleeves and said pockets. The vest had a collaret in brown (that would be a fur collar, for you who might not know) and on the downer edge of the vest was a brown stripe that travvelled from one side of the open vest to the other. On his lower body, the boy wore a pair of trousers, pretty obvious. The pants were sandybrown, just like the vest, and had two big pockets on the sides of the legs along with stripes running along the pants from the hip and down. The pockets on the pants also had buckets attached to them. Around his waist were two differently shaped belts, both in dark brown leather. From the belts hang different kinds of pocket-like bags and a knife holder for so far unknown uses. On his feet the boy had two hearty boots reaching all the way up to his knees, covering half of the boys pants. The boots were a dark brown, matching the collaret on the vest, but on the front of each bootleg led a wide, sand-coloured stripe all the way to the front of the shoe. The front and the heel of the boots were also in a different colour from the dark brown, being a light wheat colour. The sole of the boots were black. There was buckets on the boots as well, two on each, one wrapped around the top of the bootleg and one wrapped around the bootwrist.

The boys' glasses lay on the cabinet beside the bed along with a pair of googles.

"Is he a +Anima?" Arthur asked the ringmaster, ignoring the question if anything was wrong and kept his eyes on the unconscious body. The ringmaster didn't seem to mind, though, and nodded enthusiasticly, excitement shining clearly in his eyes.

"Yes, he is!" He said, mentioning for Arthur to immitate him when he leaned over the boy to eximine him.

"I''ll show you…" The ringmaster said, struggling with turning the boy onto his stomach. Appearently he weight quite a lot. After a few moments off huffing and puffing the ringmaster succeded with turning the boy and sat exhausted back on his chair.

"Can you help me take off his shirt?" He asked not even sparing Arthur a glance.

Arthur was taken aback by the question but nodded slowly nontheless. He reached out and tugged the vest of the boy, neatly folding it and putting it beside him on the bed. The ringmaster helped him remove the boys black shirt and soon he was bare on the upper part of his body.

"See here." The ringmaster said and pointed to the boys shoulderblades. Arthur followed his finger and let his eyes rest on the boys back.

There, on his shoulderblades, were two black marks staring right back up at him.

The dark scars shone brightly on the boys tanned, smooth skin telling everyone that laid eyes on them that he was, indeed, a plus anima. The scars were in a different shape Arthur could not describe but he could tell the scars looked like a hurried drawing of wings.

"These marks are just like yours', pet, although the shape is a little different…" The ringmaster thought aloud. Arthur let his hand glide up and graze his gill-like scars on his neck.

"It's because he's a bird…" Arthur mumbled to the ringmasters' statement, his eyes never leaving the wing shaped scars on the boys back. The ringmaster nodded, glancing at Arthur for a short while before he leaned forward over the boy again.

"And look here." He pointed to the scars, but on a specific spot between the 'wings' where a few featherlike lines ran vertically.

"These lines right here must be the part of the scar that turns into his tail when he transforms." Arthur nodded at the information.

It was true, when the boy had transformed he had gotten two large, brown wings but also a white featherclad bird tail.

"And these…" The ringmaster pointed to a few lines that also ran vertically, but a bit above the wing shaped lines. "These lines grow into a feather coat around his neck and part of his chest. He's an extrodinary fellah, isn't he? A great catch for the circus."

Arthur frowned and crossed his arms, his eyebrows gathering for a meeting.

"You're not planning on keeping him here, are you?" The ringmaster shot him a weird look.

"Of course I am. Can't you imagine how great my buisiness will run if I have a boy with wings in my crew?" He asked from his spot on the chair a wide smile spreading across his lips. Arthur huffed irritated as if this insulted him.

"I heard you made quite a bit out of the 'Mermaid Princess' already," Arthur said, mentioning towards the handdrawn poster of a mermaid behind him on the wall, his other hand resting on his hip and his expression sour. "Is that not enough for you?" The ringmaster laughed heartedly, that sepcific laugh Arthur hated so, and rose to his feet.

"Oh come on now, pet." He said smiling, sneaking an arm around Arthurs shoulders and shooking him lightly. "People like to see beautiful and rare things. You can't blame them for that. Thanks to your little talent this circus has become quite successful! And for that I'm of course grateful to you." Arthur slapped his arm away and pulled out the pearls from earlier from his pocket shoving them up under the ringmasters nose.

"And yet you give me these cheap pearls!" He said, glaring at the taller male. "I'm supposed to be a 'Princess', you know. These are not fit for someone as such." The ringmaster accepted the jewelry into his hand, looking daffled and mildly irritated.

"Oh, well… I'll make sure to get you some better pearls then." He nodded. Arthur crossed his arms over his chest, leaning his weight on his right foot.

"And money?" He asked earning a shocked expression from the ringmaster. "Isn't that normal?"

Arthur knew he was crossing the line. He was not supposed to oppose the ringmasters' ideas. He was not supposed to whine about his pearls and demans new ones. And he was certainly not supposed to ask for money when he knew the ringmaster was the greediest person in the whole wide country (well, almost. He knew some people who were greedier…)

Even so, he could not help himself and he did not understand why he was making such a fuss tonight. He just knew that the ringmaster would snap at him.

The ringmaster glared at him, spluttering.

"Wha! Arthur, don't get too cocky. Remember that I bought you! You have no right to-!"

"I thought it was illegal to buy people in this part of the country." Arthur coldly interrupted him.

He had to stand up for himself and bite back and it was true, even if the ringmaster had bought him it was still illegal in this part of the country.

They glared at each other in the waggon. After a while of tense silence Arthur sighed irritated and rolled his eyes.

"Look." He said turning to leave. "I'm not your slave. If you wont pay me, I'll leave." He walked past the ringmater towards the door, planning on heading back to his own waggon and maybe get some sleep before getting up at dawn.

"Why are you saying this so suddenly, Arthur…?" The ringmaster spoke to him, forcing him to stop and listen to his words. "Is it because of this boy?" He shouted, appearing stressed – probably because he was afraid Arthur would leave along with his chance of earning money from the boy – and pointing towards the unconcious boy on the bed.

Arthurs' eyes widened in shock and confusion. Now where'd the old man get that from? He didn't even know why he was saying all this, but why would the ringmaster think it was because of blondie?

He sharply turned towards the ringmaster who looked as if he knew it all.

"Aha!" He said in realisation, watching Arthurs' shocked and horrified expression. "You were planning on leaving with him because you're both plus anima!" Arthur gawked.


"That's why you caught him! Because you thought he could fly you both out of here!" And Arthur frowned. Now that bastard was exaggerating.

"Listen here you-!" He started, but the ringmaster would not listen to him.

"Hah… It's not like you can leave anyway! You have nowhere else to go!" Arthur just stared at him in hurt, anger and disgust. He just had to remind him of that, didn't he? "Your brothers doesn't want you anyway, isn't that the reason they stuffed you away and sold you? Huh? If you even try to get out from my grasp, I'll shoot you down."

It was a threat.

Arthurs' face burned with anger and his clenched fists shook by his sides as he glared daggers into the man who thought he could dominate him. He had said too much.

Arthur hated the bastard.


The ringmaster took a few quick steps over to where Arthur stood, towering above him, and glared into the furious green orbs that glared just as intensly back at him.

"I'll make sure you stay here, pet. Even if I have to hurt you." The ringmaster drawled before roughly shoving past him.

"Just keep still and do what I tell you and I'll consider the money." His tone changed into one with less emotion. "Know your place, Arthur." He grumbled before walking out from the waggon.

Arthur growled frustrated and grabbed the closest thing, being a vase, and threw it after the man.

"You cheat! You fucking bastard!" He shouted, the clirring off glass echoing through the little space as the vase hit the door and shattered into thousands of small pieces. When there was nothing but silence and his raging breath Arthur stood still in the middle of the room. He closed his eyes and breathed in slowly, then he sighed and rubbed his neck in fatigue.

He was tired of this.

Tired, tired, tired.


He jumped five feet into the air when he heard the timid voice and a shuffle behind him and spun towards the sound.

There, on the bed, lay the boy, well, yeah, not so surprising since ha lay there before too, but the difference now was that the boy was awake and staring at him with those big, clear blue eyes of his, a curious look circling his features and his mouth turned into a light smile.

"So your name's Arthur, huh?" The boy on the bed beamed.

Arthur was first left speechless. Had the boy been awake before too…? Then he blushed heavily, staring angrily at the still unknown, but yet irritating person infront of him, noticing he was still undressed.

The boy curiously tilted his head to the side, leaning on his elbows on the bed.

"Yes! My name is Arthur. And put a bloody shirt on, you yank! It's inappropriate walking around half naked." He scolded, pointing an accusing finger towards the stranger. The boy laughed and rolled onto his back, flashing his surprisingly well-formed abs.

"Weren't you the one that undressed me to begin with?" He said and winked.

Arthur only glared, emberassed.

"That has nothing to do with it…" The boy on the bed sat up, laughing.

"It totally does! Come on! Don't be so cold. Give me some love, baby!" And Arthur thought he could faint right there and then. Just who did this boy think he was, adressing him, Arthur, the star of this circus, in such a manner? Arthur couldn't help but feel irritation boil up inside of him.

"Just who do you think you are?" He sputtered, stomping his foot into the ground.

The boy on the bed pouted, crossing his arms.

"I was just kidding, geez. Take a chill pill will you?" Arthur was about to ask what a chill pill was when the boy continued. "And as for you question, I'm Alfred! Alfred F. Jones, the hero, to your services!" He beamed and pointed a proud thumb towards himself, huffing his chest out.

Someone's got an ego… Arthur thought absently while scowling at "Alfred" from the other side of the waggon.

"How long have you been conscious, Alfred?" Arthur drawled suspiciously.

He really hoped he hadn't heard anything… And to his fear Alfred just smiled widely.

"If you're leaving, I'd be honored if you'd accompany me!" Alfred instead changed the topic, enthusiasticly urging Arthur to come with him.

"Huh?" was Arthurs' smart answer as he watched the boy grab his clothes and started struggling with his black shirt.

"Urh…Yeah!" Alfred said concentrated, his head popping out from the shirt when he succeded pushing it over his head. "Just like I said, I'm a hero and I travell across the country to learn more about other plus anima and defeat bad guys and stuff…" Arthur interruppted him.

"You never said anything of that…" He said irritated, earning an annoying look from Alfred as he put on his glasses and grabbed his vest.

"Anyway…" Alfred kept going. "As I was saying, you should come with me!" He finished standing up and smiling towards Arthur.

Arthur noted the height difference between them and his frown deepened.

"I still don't get why I would…" He said confused. Alfred sighed and shook his head.

"Look here…" he said, tone as if talking to a ten year old. "You're a fish… and I'm a bird…" He geastured with his hands between them.

Arthur nodded.

"Yeah… so?"

"Which means you're an awesome swimmer! That'll be sure to get us food for days!" Alfred said happilly, his mouth watering as he imagined the fish Arthur would be able to catch if he escaped together with him.

Arthur didn't get any of the shit Alfred was spouting and jumped slightly when Alfred gathered his hands in his own strong palms, smiling brightly at him.

"So let's go together! You can be my side-kick." He smiled widely at Arthur and slung a heavy arm around his smaller shoulders. "Try imagining it! You. Me. The long road full of adventures ahead of us. It'd be awesome! And we can gather other anima fellas and get a whole gang together! It'll be fun!" Alfred went on and on and on and Arthur just gaped at him in loss for words for a while before he sputtered and slapped Alfreds' arm away.

"Don't be ridiculous!" He shouted, ignoring Alfreds' whines that he hit him. "I'll never travvell with you, you git! Not in my entire life!" He turned on his heels, heading for the door but he stopped himself before turning the doorknob.

He spun around towards Alfred again, emberassed look on his face.

"And for your information, I'm not dressing as a girl because I like it, it's for money!" The surpriced look on Alfreds' face kind of pissed him off further.

"Ah!" Alfred pointed at him, not believing his ears. "You're not a girl?" he asked dumbly, tilting his head to the side looking innocent enough.

Arthurs' face turned red and he gritted his teeth.

"No!" He shouted before turning the knob and storming out, leaving the confused boy behind in the waggon.

Arthur furiously walked through the temporary village of tents and waggons, not minding to be quiet with his cursing and mumbling as he did so. Many of the people in the circus were used to him cursing and being in a foul mood every now and then anyway. They had grown used to his outrages ever so often, so they didn't really mind him pms'ing as long as he wasn't angry with them.

Night had fallen long ago and the stars glistered above Arthurs' head, mockingly reminding him of how bright and shiny they were.

He didn't pay attention to where he was heading or his surroundings.

Suddenly a sack shot out of nowhere and covered his sight.

He tried to scream but the scream was muffled by a big hand, just like the ones that grabbed his arms and bent them behind his back, hindering him from making any sort of resistance towards his attackers.

His muffled growls and yelps were useless and got lost in the deep, dark, star clad sky as his abductors dragged him away in the dark against his will.


Alfred had considered following the furious little man out from the waggon, but then he had changed his mind, considering that the boy actually lived here along with the other circus members and that he probably knew his way around, while Alfred didn't, and Alfred had a bad habit off getting lost and later get into trouble. (Now that he thought about it, that was pretty much what had gotten him into this situation to begin with.)

Anyway, he was also dead tired and he was in a waggon with a bed that was calling for him to cuddle into the soft covers and just sleep.

He stiffled a yawn, deciding that the sleeping idea was better than following… Arthur, was it? Yeah…

He gave the door one last doubtfull look before heading over to the bed and throwing himself into its' welcoming embrace.

Sleep tugged at him and he quickly doozed off into a blessfull sleep, dreaming of adventures that lay ahead of him the following day.

Arthur struggled against the ropes that bind him.

They burnt into his wrists as he desperately tugged on them.

He tried to scream, but the scream dissappeared into bubbles.

He couldn't breath.

He couldn't see.

He was overwhelmed with panick by now, kicking his legs back and forth desperately.

"Struggling is useless, Arthur. I'll never let you leave… What good will leaving do, anyway? You plus anima…."

Arthur screamed again as a cold wave pulsed through his body from those two particular marks on his neck and the familiar sensation of his body parts changing and taking the scaled shapes of a fish instead.

"I even got new pearls for you…"

And Arthur could breathe again.

Water rasped through his troath as his struggling dampened in the cold water.

He felt tired.

So tired…

"I won't let you escape, my mermaid princess…"

It was morning when Alfred stepped out of his waggon and the circus was already full of life. The sun blinded him with its' beams and left him with a warming feeling atop his skin and clothes. He smiled as he skipped down the latter.

He jumped out of the way for a busy circus member that was pushing a small waggon filled with stuff in infront of him. He grumbled at Alfred and told him to 'get out of the way'. Alfred just laughed and gave a quick salute after the annoyed man.

Once the man was gone, Alfred looked out over the pack of people that were busy either setting up new tents, feeding the animals, or moving small waggons with different kinds of tools and other stuff. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing and where they were going and Alfred couldn't help but feel a little out of place when he stared at the unknown people moving around.

He rubbed his backhead, wondering what he would do now. Surely he could just ask for directions and leave, but then again…

He wanted breakfast.

He quickly searched his pockets and frowned when he realized he was still broke.

He sighed and put his hands in his pockets, pouting.

"Oh! You're awake!" And someone had decided to come pick him up at the greatest time.

Alfred spun to his left and stared at the chubby man making his way towards him. Oh! That guy was the… the… uh… ringmaster! That's it!

Alfred beamed towards the man, having already figured out that the guy wasn't after his head anymore, because if he was, he'd probably been dead already anyway.

"Yo!" Alfred greated, raising his hand to the ringmaster. The ringmaster smiled brightly at him.

"How was your night? Slept well?" he asked politely, mentioning for Alfred to walk with him.

"Oh, it was splendid, alright. I slept plently." Alfred answered, following the little fat guy through the camp, passing circus artists and tens and waggons along the way. Alfred was curiously paying attention to everything they passed. It seemed this was a pretty big circus, probably rich, too.

"Good, good." The ringmaster said gladly. "I apolegize for our rudeness the other day, we were simply put out by your appearance." Alfred laughed.

"It's fine." He said and waved it off with his hand. "I'm quite used to those kind of reactions, actually…" The ringmaster raised one eyebrow but didn't show any kind of interest whatsoever.

"So anyway…" The ringmaster continued, pushing past two gruff looking guys through the entrance of a large tent. Alfred nervously followed him, smiling sheepishly up at them. "About you working…" Alfred came to a halt just inside the entrence.

"Whoa! Hold your horses." He shouted, the ringmaster spinning to him. "Working?" The ringmaster nodded.

"Yeah. Since you watched without paying, you'll have to work. It's only fair." Alfred nodded understanding.

"Oh, okay, sure." He smiled, following the ringmaster in behind a curtain. The light inside the tent was dim and dark compared to the beaming sun outside and Alfred squinted his eyes' to be able to see where he stepped. He followed the ringmaster until he laid eyes on a familiar water bowl and a person bound to a pole inside the bowl.

"Huh?" Alfred exclaimed, shocked by the least of the appearance of the person.

Blonde long hair flowed over her shoulders and shining pearls were wrapped up in the locks and her fishtail…


This person looked awefully familiar Alfred thought an cooked his head to the side.

And surely he recognized the person when said person turned his burning green eyes towards him.

"Arthur?" Alfred gasped doubtfully. Arthur stared surprised at him. Alfred tottered over to the water bowl and glanced at Arthurs' floating form inside.

"What happened?" He asked with a doubtfull voice.

Why was Arthur tied to a pole? What was going on?

"…Did you do something?" He asked after a thoughtfull while. The ringmaster stepped inbetween him and Arthur smiling brightly.

"Do not worry. This is just a part of the show." He said and Alfred gave him a confused look. "'The bewinged master theif comes to steal a princess of the seas', get it?" Alfred rubbed his head, smiling and still confused.

"'Bewinged master theif'… Is that me then?" He pointed to himself and the ringmaster nodded, appeared pleased.

"I know you're just a bird plus anima, but people pay to see anything that's different. They'd be really happy to see an act of this kind including both a mermaid and a bewinged man. It's just an act for pure enjoyment." Alfred dropped his tense shoulders, relaxing slightly. An understanding 'Oh' went past his lips.

I'd rather be the hero, though… Alfred thought mildly dissapointed.

The ringmaster grabbed him and placed him beside the cage.

"You just have to spread your wings and stand here, don't move from that spot!" Alfred just nodded confused and did as the ringmaster said. The ringmaster seemed satesfied and turned towards one of the guards. "Let the audience in."

As people flowed into the tent, excited chatter filling the air, Alfred curiously glanced at Arthur from the side of his eyes and noticed that Arthur was glaring straight at him.

He felt uncomfortable and turned his whole head towards the cage, giving Arthur a questioning look.

Arthur looked as if he tried to say something, his pouty lips moving and forming words, but Alfred had never been a great lip reader and could only stare horrified as Arthur tried to give him a message. He could however understand that the gritted of teeth and the bubbles emerging from Arthurs' mouth meant that he had growled in frustration. He wondered what was wrong with him all of a sudden.

Maybe he was angry because Alfred was going to steal his show? Alfred could live with that.

Arthur desperately burned his eyes into Alfreds' and tried again.

"I am captured!" He mouthed through gritted teeth. "This isn't an act!" He watched the stupid blonde cock his head to the side, looking out right horrified as he watched Arthur try to talk to him.

Arthur felt anger boil up inside of him. Couldn't that idiot do something? He said he was a hero, damnit!

When Alfred only seemed to get more and more confused Arthur growled in anger before giving up any sort of conversation at all with the ignorant goof on the other side of the glass.

He still felt that Alfred should do something about the whole situation. He just wished he could get through to him at the moment.

Then Arthur forrowed his brows as he watched the people gather into a crowd infront of the stage they were on.

Why am I depenfing on him so much? He wondered, confused as to why he put so much hope into a stranger all of a sudden.

The ringmaster hit his staff down into the ground, causing the mumble to die down and the peoples' attention to turn towards the two +animas on the stage.

Alfred had transformed into his bird form and his brown great wings lept around him in a gracefull way.

The people pointed and whispered, sending both him and Arthur awed looks.

"The mermaid princess is threatened…" The ringmaster voice boomed over the audience head, bouncing between the walls. "Threatened by this bewinged theif that have decided that she will be his next trophy." The crowd gasped and watched them with expecting eyes.

Arthurs' eyes pierced into Alfreds back, daring him to improvise and act his role even though Arthur didn't know what would happen once the performance was over.

However Alfred remained unmoving from his spot. Arthur started to slightly panick. The crowd would start mumbling if Alfred didn't do something soon.

Finally Alfred decided to say something, although Arthur couldn't quite make out his exact words.

"Ringmaster…" The ringmaster turned questionly towards him.

What happened next surpriced not only Arthur, but everyone.

Alfred started crying.


Tears streamed down his face as he stood there infront of the crowd crying like a lost child.

Arthur gaped; feeling slightly humiliated, but he was too shocked to really pay any mind. The ringmaster panicked and ran over to Alfred, afraid to make a fool out of himself too much infront of the people.

The people started mumbling, surprised. 'The theif is crying…', 'what's going on?'.

"Hey! What on earth…" The ringmaster tried to sound gentle but Arthur could tell by his expression that he would easily blow if you just stepped on the wrong foot.

"Ringmaster…!" Alfred cried and clung to the ringmasters' shirt. "I feel sorry for Arthur! How could you tie him up like that?" Arthur gaped.

He had gotten the message? He felt a large amount of greatefullness towards Alfred and his cheeks heated up when he realized he was depending on the boy. Again.

The ringmaster looked stressed.

"I told you it's an act!" He said, trying to save face infront of the audience that watched them interessed.

"But-but…! But Arthur isn't happy!" Alfred kept pushing with tears in his eyes and pointed towards Arthurs' bowl of water. "Can't you see his crying?"

Arthur tried to shout 'hey!' in an irritated voice, forgetting he was under water.

He wasn't crying! That bastard…! He would get him once he was let go.

Alfreds' words seemed to have effect on the people however and they started mumbling dissaprovingly.

"What? How terrible!" A woman said as her child clung to her side.

"You shouldn't be mean." A man said, looking angrily at the ringmaster.

"I-it's a missunderstanding!" The ringmaster tried. "This is…!" The people didn't trust him and started towards him with angry looks on their faces. The ringmater desperately turned towards Alfred, giving him an unsure look.

"Come on, tell them they got it wrong…" He demanded more than pleaded. Alfred smirked, his tears gone, appearently have being crocodile tears just to get the reaction he wanted.

"Nope." He said and chuckled as he pushed the ringmaster towards the upset crowd before he sprung into the air.

"What the-!" The ringmaster said.

The crowd gasped and watched with amazed eyes as Alfred flew up to the pole in the middle of the tent and decided to lean/hang on it, smiling stupidly.

"The great hero, not theif, fell in love with the mermaid princess and decided to escape with her!" He announced happilly, qoting the end of the act.

Arthur gaped, feeling his face turn beat red in the water.

Alfred then pulled the pole backwards, causing its' root to rise from underneath the ground and tumble over Arthurs' bowl of water. Arthur yelped as the strong stream from the water pulled him along as it flowed out of the now tipped bowl.

The people screamed and ran out of the way, avvoiding the water and the falling tent. As the suporting pole had been removed by Alfred the tent collapsed on top of the people with a heavy thud.

Arthur felt the pole he was tied to hit the ground and he hissed as his wrists were pulled on and they hurt, damnit!

People screamed around him, some underneath the tent, and some were already crawling out from the heavy fabric. Arthur himself was safe and sound, exept the hurting wrists and the tied up thing, and hadn't been crushed under the tent.

Two heavy feet landed above his head and he turned his face upwards to see Alfred standing on the ground and smiling down at him with a pleased look.

"That went well, huh?" He asked proudly, his white teeth shining brightly in the sun light.

Arthurs' eyes squinted in the bright light, considering he had been tied up to a pole in a dark tent for who knows how many hours it could be understood.

"Alfred…!" Arthur gasped, still shocked over the whole crocodile tears act.

The boy was smarter than he looked, Arthur had to admit.

Then he remembered that the ringmaster would probably be hot on his heels if he wasn't freed soon.

"H…Hurry up and untie me!" He demanded with furrowed brows. Alfred simply let his eyes inspect Arthur further, leaning his head in his hands.

"That depends…" He said, a wide smile coming across his face when he saw the shocked, horrified look that came over Arthurs'. "Will you come with me?"

Arthur squeezed his eyes shut, refusing to answer at first, but then again, he didn't want to stay here and the longer he hesitaded the bigger the chance would be that he would be captured again.

"Fine, fine!" He shouted panicked. "Just hurry up and untie me!" Alfred smiled wider, happy he was getting a companion on his journey.

"Okie-dokie, Artie! As you wish~!" He sang and earned a scowl from the stressed blonde on the ground.

Just as he was done with the knots of Arthurs' ties, the ringmaster fought his way out from underneath the tent, noticing the two men a few meters away.

"H-how dare you!" He shouted angrily, pointing towards Alfred. "How dare you trick me! I won't let you get away!" They were quickly surrounded by those guards again and Arthurs' green eyes darted back and forth.

"Damnit…" He mumbled. "Damnit! They'll catch us if we don't hurry!"

Alfred looked mildly amused as he let his eyes scan the guards around them.

"Yeah." He said calmly.

Arthur thought he could slap the idiot for being so tactless. That was until Alfred said the words next: "

But don't worry! As long as I'm here everything's going to be fine! I'm a hero after all." Arthur didn't know why, but for some reason he trusted his words and calmed down slightly.

The calm vannished, however, when Alfreds' strong arms grabbed him around his waist and pulled him backwards.

"Huh? What?" Arthur screamed, shocked. And then with a few flaps of Alfreds wings, they lifted from the ground.

The ringmasters face was priceless as he saw Alfred fly into the air along with Arthur.

"I'm taking the 'Mermaid Princess'!" Alfred announced with a smile, ignoring Arthurs' scream of fear as the ground became smaller and smaller underneath them.

"You…!" The ringmaster boiled with anger. "You little demon!" He shouted after them as they quickly flew along with the wind and away from the circus tents.

Arthurs' stomach felt as if it would turn inside out at any second when he saw how quick the tents became small as cornflakes underneath them as they soared high, high…

He couldn't relax, afraid that Alfred would drop him if he so much as moved but when he felt Alfred hug him tighter to his chest he felt at least a little more secure.

He lifted his gaze forwards, a small gasp escaping his lips.

He could see forests and fields stretching towards any direction in the landscape infront of them. Trees and flower fields were visible as well as the big rivver flowing through the country dissappeared in the horizon. The cold mountains to the east towered up above the green land and animals could be seen in the wild.

The sight was beautiful and Arthur could feel a smile spread over his lips.

The wind blew in his face, urging him to close his eyes and just enjoy the feeling of being weightless.

Wow… This feels so… amazing… Arthur thought as he breathed in all the different smells in the air.

Suddenly something felt out of place.

The wind started blowing from underneath them and a weird feeling started to errupt in his stomach.

Arthur snapped his eyes open and noticed to his horror that they were, indeed, falling.

"O-oi! Oi! Alfred…!" He shouted and started squirming in panick as he saw the gound getting closer and closer to them every second.

"A-Alfred!" Arthur shouted, his voice raising in scale.

"Noo moreee…" Alfred moaned in exhaustion above Arthur as they fell. Arthur could feel tears burn in the corner of his eyes as they fell faster than the light.

This was it. He was going to die!

"Flap your wings!" Was the last sentence he could form before all that errupted from his troath was the yell screech that echoed over the country.

Luckily, Alfred succeded to steer them towards the rivver and with a loud splash they hit the surface.

Arthur quickly got control of the situation once they were under water and grabbed the fatigued boy and pulled him towards the surface. When they broke the water Arthur swam towards land and hoisted Alfred up on safe ground, panting slightly and his cheeks red because of the adrenaline pumping through his veins.

Arthur tried to calm his blood as he tried his best to glare at the pnting boy infront of him.

"Hey!" He said and slapped Alfreds' cheek. "Get a grip!"

"Whooo~!" Alfred breathed, refusing to move from his spot sprawled over the grass and mud.

A frog watched the two from afar with a confused look.

"I've never flown with something so heavy before." Alfred admitted and Arthur gasped, offended.

"You!" He was about to hit the git again when a rumble interrupted him. He stared at Alfred as he emberassed rubbed his backhead and sat up.

"And I'm hungry…" He said and laughed sheepishly.

Arthur raised one eyebrow questionly.

"So?" Alfred gave him a dissapproving look, as if he had failed with a very important task or something.

"Well, I though you might offer to catch some fish for the awesome me since I just heroicly saved you from that circus." He stated as if it was an obvious thing and crossed his arms over his chest.

Arthur grinded his teeth together in irritation. He didn't like to be ordered around by people, but the boy had a point…

"Fine!" He spat after a while. "I'll catch you some bloody fish for breakfast, you git…" He said and began swimming away from the rivver bank. Alfred beamed hapilly.

"Yay! You're the best, Artie!" he shouted after him.

"My name is Arthur!" Arthur shouted over his shoulder. He hated nicknames, especially 'Artie'. Then he stopped just for a second, glancing back towards where Alfred sat, humming happilly as he awaited his soon to be served breakfast.

Arthur bit his lip and his cheeks started heating up. He shook his head, feeling ridicolus for acting so childish.

"Hey Alfred?" he shouted. Alfred looked up, smile on his face. "Thanks!" Arthur shouted before turning beat red and diving under the surface again, happy he wouldn't have to face Alfred until he had catched some fish and probably calmed down a little.

Then again…

Arthur didn't know how to catch fish!

Alfred stared at the surface rings as they decrased and finally dissappeared, leaving no trace of that Arthur had been floating right there a moment before.

He smiled, thinking of Arthurs' red face when he had said 'thank you'.

His eyes drifted up towards the sky, gazing into the endless blu that streached far and wide. He could just feel that his and Arthurs' adventure was going to be awesome.

He could just feel it.

His smile widened at the thought and soon he was grinning like an idiot.

"Matthew, I wish you could be here and experience this with me…" He mumbled before leaning back on the grass, deciding that he would rest until Arthur returned with the fish.

What he didn't know was that he would have to wait a long, long time before he got what he wanted.

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