Standard disclaimers apply; nothing is mine, and I am playing hard and fast with canon.

Actually, I try to keep it pretty close to canon aside from obvious AU/Fusion mechanics, but well; I have no frakking clue about both universes and I am a first time writer.

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Anyways; you can't hold me responsible for the original idea, it got spawned on some forum or the other. I believe the first one to come up with it was AbyssalDaemon, so it's his fault alone. If not, Wingedknight is to blame for I took the prelude from him (with permission) and he is my beta reader for the later chapters, together with Ryuugi.

Well, if you still dare to read on, here we go:


He stood there, surveying all that lay beneath him. Below was the killing field, ripe with the stench of death and filled with the sounds of the dying. Bodies littered the ground as far as the eye could see, and the dirt was sodden with the blood of men. Today had been the final battle, the defeat of the last rival warlord for dominion of Terra. While tiny pockets of resistance still existed, there was no longer any major military force left to oppose him. He, already known as the Emperor by his subjects, was the uncontested ruler of mankind.

The Emperor was an imposing figure, especially clad in his towering golden armour. His face was all hard angles, and while seemingly young his eyes held the true weight of his thousands of years. Those same eyes held boundless determination, but they held near infinite sorrow as well.

"So much needless death," he whispered to himself. Needless indeed, for without the betrayal of the alien, mankind would not have been driven so close to destruction. It had brought the Emperor no pleasure in conquering Terra over the numerous bodies of the rival warlords. It had hurt him to see humanity fractured like this. They were only strong so long as they were united. Divided, scrambling and eating each other, they would surely all perish in the harsh and unforgiving universe.

Perhaps, one day, mankind would cooperate with the alien again. But that day was far off, and it would only come when humanity was the dominant force in the galaxy. Trust, after a betrayal such as this, would only happen with superior strength.

"This can never happen again."

The Emperor had wanted to see the result of the carnage alone so that he could burn it into his mind. This was the price to be paid for his ascension, and it was heavy indeed. He vowed he would always remember this sacrifice.

He turned to rejoin his various commanders and advisors, but stopped short. He felt... something, something that had not been there before. That was impossible. He was a man of considerable psychic might, a bastion of strength unlike any other. He felt every mind for miles around at every second of every day. Nothing was capable of sneaking past him. This strange mind he felt couldn't have just suddenly appeared, but there it was.

He made his way toward it, concerned and more than a little curious. He had never felt a mind quite like this. It was doing something strange to the Warp. Where it lay the Warp was calmer, more stable. All around it was as chaotic as ever, but that one little spot was like an island in turbulent waters. That was unheard of. The Warp was constantly shifting and inherently wild, full of dark entities that preyed upon living minds. He had lived with their chittering and temptations since the very first day of his birth. He was so used to them that he could tune them out without thought. But the closer he came to this pocket of stability, the quieter they became.

He topped a rise and saw the source. It was a child, probably not even a month old. A girl, by the looks of it, with long blonde hair. She was sleeping, wrapped in a blanket which protected her from the rocky ground.

As silently as he was able, the Emperor approached the sleeping infant. He took a good look at how the Warp was acting around her, confirming what he had felt from a distance. The Warp was calm all around the child, the phenomenon stretching several feet all around her.

"What are you?"

He reached out, his mind to hers. He looked beyond this incarnation and peered into the memories of her past life. What he saw surprised him.

She was like him, a powerful reincarnation on par with himself. But where he had been reincarnated from thousands of souls, she was only one. He frowned and looked deeper, moving as gently as possible. He didn't want to hurt the child.

He saw a great kingdom in the solar system, a golden age for humanity. Each planet held its own culture and wonders, protected by powerful female soldiers wielding the fundamental forces of the universe. His frown deepened. This had not happened, none of it. He had lived for thousands of years, tens of thousands. He had seen several empires rise and fall as he subtly guided humanity, and there had never been this planetary empire. Even if it had proceeded him, there would have been the remains of the technology. But there wasn't. He had walked every inch of this world in his lifetime. What he saw could not be. The memories weren't false, though. He sensed no deception within the girl's mind.

He continued his perusal of her memories, and what he saw changed his frown into a snarl.


The child squirmed a bit in her sleep, and the Emperor calmed himself. Connected as they were, the girl would be sensitive to his moods. He was incredibly powerful, and from what he could tell she would be as well. But she wasn't, yet. He would have to be more careful.

He saw Chaos descend upon the empire. He saw soldiers fight bravely against daemonic hordes, grotesque monsters that laughed as they stripped flesh from the bone and rent bodies asunder. He saw the guardians of the planets fight bravely against overwhelming odds, refusing to give an inch that wasn't soaked in the blood of their enemies. He saw them fight, he saw them kill and he saw them die.

And in the end, the leader of this horde confronted the queen of the empire, this child's mother. Just as the hands of death were about to grasp her, she struck a risky gambit. With her power she banished the horde and gathered the souls of the slain, sending them onto the path of reincarnation. But the horde was near infinite in number, and the souls of the dead in the millions. The effort of it drained her, and cost her life. The Emperor marvelled at her courage, at her love for her people and the love for her child. She was a worthy leader, to sacrifice so much for them.

But he could see that it did not all go as the queen had hoped. As a final parting blow, Chaos redirected the reincarnation of the princess and her mightiest soldiers, sending them beyond the barriers of universe and time. They veered wildly off their path, eventually ending up in another realm altogether.

"So that is it," the Emperor muttered as he left the child's mind. "You come from another place entirely, little one."

He picked the child up gently, trying not to disturb her. She wiggled a bit and awoke, looking at him with eyes as blue as the sky. She smiled and reached up, cooing as she grabbed a lock of his long black hair. He smiled a bit as she tugged on it. She was fascinated by the long, flowing strands, wrapping her hands all around them.

"I need a name for you, little one," he said softly. "Give me a little bit to find something suitable."

He turned and made his way back to the camp where his army lay, chuckling a little. He couldn't wait to see how his generals and advisors reacted to this.