Charlie Landers lay back and watched his little brother try to get past the levels of their favorite game, "Hero Rising." Charlie had done the impossible and defeated the game. Not just in the virtual world, but also in real life. It had been weeks since Aaron Stone took out a very powerful villain. Damaged, along with the mutants of Sector 21, had finally been defeated. Not much had happened since. Emma was still Emma. Jason was still Jason. S.T.A.N. had gone back to Hall Industries and T. Abner Hall had gone back into the shadows.

After Jason was told the truth about Charlie's double life, he had taken Hero Rising more seriously. Now, Charlie watched and laughed at his brother who was arguing with the virtual Damaged.

"You're going down Damaged! Yep that's right, you're facing a Landers bro. Nowhere to go now!"

Charlie watched as Terminus Mag, Jason's avatar, was thrown across the screen.

"Uuuhh, come on! He's impossible to beat. Don't say anything!"

"Come on Jase. We've been through this. He can't hear you and he's already been defeated."

"Yeah, by you. I'm part of this team now. I got to catch up with the program."

"Since when. All the bad guys are defeated. Gone. Powers and Damaged are captured. We got nothing to worry about anymore."


Jason continued to play and Charlie continued to laugh. He thought back to the day he had to come clean and tell Jason everything. He should have been more careful. After Jason find out, he wasn't mad. He was obsessed. After that, every time he played Hero Rising and faced a new bad guy he would ask question after question about his missions. It was getting a little annoying, but that didn't matter now. He had accomplished his mission. He had taken out the bad guys and had protected his family at the same time.

"Aaron Stone." Charlie whispered to himself before falling asleep .

Short chapter, I know. It will get better. This is just a little introduction about what happens after Charlie defeats Damaged in the season finale.