The Prefect Day

The sky is a beautiful clear blue, and the tress and the grass seem to be bursting with green all over. The birds are all singing their songs and the wind feels gentle and cool. A perfect day for a picnic with friends, nothing can go wrong.

"Um… Sonic not coming"

"WHAT!" scream Amy as she throws a set of dish into the air. Cream quickly swoop in to save them from crashing all around them. "Want do you mean he's not coming? Does He have any idea how long it's been since we were all together. Are we not good enough to hang out with anymore?" she cried, as Tails went over to help Cream with the dishes "Thank you." She blushed giving him a warm smile. Tails return the smile taking the dishes and putting them in a basket. He them turned around to see Amy, who still going on and waited for the right time to tell her the rest of what he had to say.

"Just wait till I get my hands on that no good, selfish, jerk, I'll..."

"WAIT" Tails cry waving his hands in the air. "You didn't let me finish, I meant he's not coming right now, but would catch up with us later"

"Well, why didn't you say that in the first place Tails?"

"I had to help Cream and you wouldn't let me"

"Well, I am glad to hear that Sonic is still coming," Cream cut in "it really has been a long time since I saw him. Expasiclly since Amy work so hard on that special lunch for him"

"CREAM! It was supposed to be a secret remember." Amy whined as she hugs a small basket with a blue ribbon tie to the handle to her. "Oh, I forgot." Said Cream looking down at her feet. Seeing Cream looking sad Tails quickly said "Don't worry Cream, I promise not to tell." "Really?" said Cream, looking at Tails with shining eyes. Tails winked at her, as he cross his heart.

"By the way Amy, is that a new outfit?" Tails asked, trying to change the subject.

"Oh, yes it is. Do you like it?" She replied turning around to give Tails a good look.

Her sun dress was a light purple with white straps going over her shoulder and a white ribbon tied around her waist making a bow in the back. In her hair she worn a purple head band with a white daisy on one side, on her feet were ballerina slipper, which were also purple. Cream smiled and clap, happy that she had helped her out putting the outfit together. Tails also clap, hoping it would keep Amy from going off again.

"Yeah, it looks great"

"Do you think sonic will like it?" Amy asked dreamily

"Ahhh…sure, I think he will" Tails said scratching his head. "Hey guys we got to get going, Knuckles is waiting for us"

"Your right Tails, come on Cream lets finish packing the sandwiches"

"WHAT! You're not ready?"

"Well if someone wasn't such a chatty box we would be done by now" Amy said over her shoulder as she went in to her house, with Cream following.

"Sorry, I guess" Tails said putting his hands beside his head smiling. It really has been a long time since their last adventure in space, the only person he saw very offend was Cream and that was once in a while. He was glad to see Amy again and that not much has changed, she did look different however and her raving was a bit more tone down (compare to want he was used to). Cream was also different somehow too, she was still sweet as ever, but different. He looked to the house to see if they were ready. Just as he looked Cream came out carrying three baskets by the handles. "Oh let me help you with that Cream". Tails rushed to help her, taking all three baskets to the jet. As he came down he looked at Cream and finally notices what was so different about her.

"Hey that's a new dress right." Cream blushed, putting her hands on her cheeks. "Yes, it is, do you like it?" Did he like it?

Cream was wearing a blue sun dress with puffed sleeves, and a small V neck. A white sash was around her waist, and white lace trimmed the end of her dress. She was wearing a blue bow on her head; her shoes were black with a strap and white socks with lace. Did he like it? This was the first time he even notice that she had a waist that she had a small bust and that Cream was growing up. Cream looked beautiful and innocent, a young girl slowly becoming a young lady, a real treasure. Did he like it, like was an understatement.

"I do, I think you look wonderful" he reply shyly. Cream and Tails just stood there blushing away, not saying a thing.

Tails than saw Amy walking out of the house with two more baskets, he excused himself and ran over to help Amy. "Is this everything?" "Almost, I'll meet you at the jet" "Okay" Tails took the baskets from her and head to the jet. After loading the baskets, he help Cream into her seat, than started warming up the engine. Amy came out of the house closing the door be hide her, she ran towards her friends with her special basket for Sonic in one hand.

Tails quickly helped Amy up went her basket, jump into his seat started up the X tornado and were off to Mystic Island. They were all very excited to see Knuckles, Sonic, and even Rouge. Tonight the master emerald would finally come back together with its full power, and Knuckles invited everyone to come and witness the grand event. "So where is Sonic Tails?" Amy asked as she gazed out the windows. "He said something about checking in on Egg man."

"Egg man, but he hasn't been up to his old trick in a while."

"I know, but Sonic thinks he's up to something."

Oh Sonic, be careful and don't provoke him. I know you don't trust the guy, but if he's not doing anything bad just let it be. "Please be careful, Sonic."