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Dare to Dream

Amy was walking down a long path, dressed in clothes she had on before and was carrying her little basket. As she neared her destination a song began escaping her lips. Her singing did not feel forced instead it flowed freely as she walked on the moon light path. The trees seemed to be floating by her leading her to an open field of glowing yellow flowers. Fireflies blinked happily over the meadow, moving to the rhyme of Amy's song. There was a point when Amy realized that it was just a dream, but the song coming from her spoke to her so much she did not fight it. At the edge of the meadow she set her basket down and removed her shoes, her singing stopping for a moment. She then ran out into the meadow and burst into song once again. She felt all her passion flowing out of her like a river. Closing her eyes, she began moving gracefully, losing herself in the music, not hearing that someone else was with her. The fireflies scattered away as he moved through the flowers. Amy felt her song coming to an end, the world around her seem to be spinning as she danced. The figure stopped walking and watched the pink hedgehog dance, moving closer to him.

When the last note left her pink lips, she fell backwards into his strong arms. Amy's eyes flew open and turn to see who had caught her. Before she could see his face the person pressed his lips against hers. Amy closed her eyes, embracing the kiss as she relaxed into his body. The stranger deepen the kiss as a warm wind pasted by, blowing all the petals off the flowers. The song that Amy was singing began playing lightly in the wind. Amy pulled away from the kiss to see who this mysterious stranger was. Another gust of wind moved through the field as Amy meets a pair of olive green eyes. She felt her cheeks turning red as she stepped away from the blue hedgehog, his grip tighten around her hand so that she would not move too far back from him. His eyes looked at her with a warm longing, his smile was relaxed.

"You came for me?" she asked, her heart ready to pop!

"Of course, I will always come for you." he replied smoothly. Amy felt tears at the corner of her eyes as she threw her arms around his neck. One more wind brushed by be hide her and another voice called out to her, making her heart freeze. "Amy?" She turned around to see another blue hedgehog looking at her with concern. Amy looked back and forth at the two hedgehogs, wondering what was going on. The hedgehog be hide her pulled her closer to him, the other looked down at her wrist than shrugged saying "Well if you think you'll be happier with him, see'ya."

Before Amy could say a word he was gone. She looked down at her wrist to see two golden bracelets with stones in them. Tears fell from her eyes as she stared at them, not knowing why she was crying. She looked up again and was about to call out to the other hedgehog to came back when the other boy spun her around. Again their lips locked, Amy fought against him trying to break away. The ground beneath them began to shake causing Amy to hold on to him as their lips parted. "It's time." He whispered huskily in her ear.

The ground began splitting apart, the area were the two hedgehogs were on started to rise. Amy could see the forest falling into the earth, the meadow of flowers destroyed. She than heard someone calling out her name, she scanned the area and her eyes fell on a blue hedgehog jumping from one large rock to other. "Sonic!" she cried out, the speedy hero looked her way calling out "I'll be right there!"

The other hedgehog be hide her than turned her around and said slowly "All will be alright." Amy then felt herself being pushed of the mount and falling into the fire below. Her bracelets glowing brighter and brighter as an alarm sounded in her ears.


Amy woke up to the sound of a siren going off in her room; quickly she jumped out of bed to grab her clothes. Her strange dream was pushed out of her mind. When she rushed out in hall she saw Ginger coming her way. "What going on?" Amy asked as Ginger greeted her.

"Good you woke up, another tribe is being attacked. We must hurry." Ginger said as the set of running to the armory.

"What about Eros?" Amy asked as Ginger helped Amy strap on her gear.

"He went on ahead with Jay. He ask that you and I come for back up. Pat and Gus will hold down the fort." Ginger explained as she prepared her own gear. Pat than run into the room saying hurriedly "Come on guys that others need your help, it's the echidna tribe!"

"The echidnas! Come on Amy!" Ginger garb her hand and lend her to the transport room. Gus sat at the controls punching in coordinates; he nodded to Amy and Ginger as they stepped onto a platform. "I thought echidnas are very strong?" Amy stated as she glance over at Ginger, thinking of Knuckles.

"They are, but their numbers are few. And if those invaders kill the elder or take their power stone it's all over." Ginger said clenching her fist. Gus than pushed a button sending both fighters to the battle field.



Sonic and others had managed to make it to the short cut with no trouble at all. Cassy had said that they should be arriving at the base of the dark mountains in about two hours. Still Sonic was not pleased when Rouge suggested that they stop to rest for a bit. Knuckles, still mad at Sonic for ruining his moment with Rouge, and sided with her. Sonic, not being able to sleep, sat watching the camp. He felt sour that Rouge had tied a rope to his ankle so that he would not run off. He huffed as he stared down it, wishing that Rouge wasn't so good at knots and that the other end wasn't tied to her. No way was he going to wake her up and face her wrath. He value his life to much. He leaned his head back and sighed, thinking of Amy. Sonic hated thinking that she had been in this place for three months and hope that she could forgive for taking so long. "Please be ok Amy." Sonic mumbled to himself.

"You got to stop worrying" Sonic looked over to his right and saw Knuckles sitting down next to him "Amy's a strong girl and we'll find her soon."

"Yeah your right." Sonic and Knuckles sat for a while as Rouge and Cassy slept. "Hey knuxs, think you can…" "Not a chance, I'm not risking my life you." Knuckles chucked as Sonic glared at him, and then stood up fast. "Hey you hear that!" Knuckles looked up at Sonic confused. "Someone needs our help!" Sonic said as he dashed off, waking Rouge. Knuckles cursed and quickly cut the rope, Cassy woke up wondering what was going on as Rouge yelled insults at a fleeing Sonic.

Sonic raced through the tunnels, following his ears and came to a large opening. There were eight robots surrounding a small group of bees. Sonic could see the elder in the middle of the group being shield by his children. Before Sonic could jump in to help one of the robots exploded, falling backwards. The women in the group screamed as the gray muck showed itself and headed for them. "No!" Sonic yelled pulling out his e-gun and running to them. The robots turned their heads and moved to block Sonic's aim. The tribe of bees screamed and shouted as the goo launched itself at them, Sonic shot his gun at the robots bring down two. Before the muck could touch any of its victims an arrowed light was shot out of the darkness, turning the thing to dust. Sonic was beginning to wish the other would hurry up to help him out as he jumped to avoid the gray slugs, killing one. The last five robots began firing their laser at him; Sonic managed to hit the last slug but got burned by a laser and dropped his gun. Two of the robots self destructed releasing their goo. Sonic tried to get close enough to his gun, but the robots kept cutting him off. Then two arrows flew through the slugs sending an electric current coursing through their muck bodies. Sonic didn't ask any question about his save and kicked up his gun. He fired at the remaining robots and their goo. The tribe cheer as Sonic turned to ask if everyone was all right, but when he turned an arrow was pointed at his head. Sonic eyes widen and the crowd stop cheering. A goofy smile appeared on his face as he raised his hand up in surrender. Knuckles and the other finally made it to the scene only to have the shock of a life time.


Amy was standing there, her weapon raised and amid at her opponent. Then without hesitation, fired, bringing them down. She began moving around her kill and fired again and again with swiftness.


"Who are you? And what do you want with these people?" The girl asked coldly, not at all amused by Sonic's smile.

"Um Amy, can you..."

"Tell me you purpose!" The girl raised her voice as her bow tighten. Sonic let out a sigh and said I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, the guy you chased very day since you were like eight and saved your life countless times. Remember?" When the girl did not reason or lower her arrow Sonic began to actually get nervous.

"Uh guys, help me out here." Sonic cried over his shoulder at Rouge and Knuckles.

"Why, you seem to handling it just fine." Knuckles remarked smirking. Rouge slap Knuckles on the arm and said "Isn't obvious Sonic! That's not Amy."

"Yeah I, kind of figure that one out!" Sonic yelled irritated at the lack of help. Cassy sigh and stepped forward to speak to the warrior.

"Please, as a representative of the Fox tribe and granddaughter of Aaron, I can assure you his means no harm." The girl lowered her bow slightly, and Sonic could breathe a lot easier knowing that his perfect face was not going to be shish kabob. The girl in front of him looked exactly like Amy, expect her quills were much longer and pulled in a pony tail. She had a more define muscles and her clothes, well let's just say that Sonic wonder if Amy could wear anything like that some day.

"What is the code of the fox tribe?" Asked the girl, not paying anymore attention to Sonic.

"Veritas Vos Liberabit." Upon hearing the words the girl put her arrow back in its place sling the bow over her shoulder. "My apologies granddaughter of Aaron. I was unaware that you were traveling when that full moon is so close."

"We are on a mission to retrieve all eight stone, ensure the safety of the other tribe and look for their friend." Cassy explained as she pointed to Sonic and the others.

"Well I must say I am glad to hear that so many people are will to help return our world to normal." Mumble the elder bee as he flew to get a better look at his and his people saviors. The pink girl smiled and bowed saying "I'm sorry Gregory, I did not mean you keep you wait. I just wait to be sure."

"Quite all right and thank you for your help." The Bee then flew over to Sonic and said bowing his head "And thank you Sonic the hedgehog, I hope that you find this Amy. I wish I could give you a stone, but a lad named Eros has informed me that he has found it."

"Eros? Have you seen him? Did he have a pink girl with him that looks like her?" Sonic asked as he pointed at the warrior girl. The old bee shook his head saying that a sparrow pasted the word to him and that he has never meet this Eros before. The Bee clan said their good-byes and set off once more through the tunnels. The Pink girl than walked over to Sonic, held out her hand and said smoothly "Shall we start over, my name is Candy."

Sonic grinned at her replying "Sonic, Knuckles and Rouge." The two nodded their heads at Candy who bowed her head. Candy than turned back to Sonic asking "What's this about a lost girl who looks like me?"


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