Demi's pov
So quick run-down my name is Demretria Devonne Lovato.I prefer being called Demi.I go to Lake Monroe highschool.I just moved here with my family.I am a straight A student.I have learned quickly that Joe Jonas is the school's now we are in 6th period let's just say I am out of it today.

[a/n he is a really history teacher to at my school :)]:alright project time Selena and Nick,Nicole and James,Demetria and Joseph
Demi:Demi and who?
Joe:*smirks*me cupcake
:alright your project is on each other
Demi:how does this tie into history?
:you will be finding out the other persons life and stuff like that now it will be due next friday*bell rings*class dismissed
Demi:*quickly leaves*
Joe:hey wait up*follows her*
Demi:leave me alone*walks faster*
Joe:No*grabs a hold of her arm*look I know you don't want to do this but we have to work together

Demi:*jerks her arm out of his grip*since when do you care about school work?
Joe:a guy can change can't he and besides if I don't pass my mother will kill me

Demi:you're afraid of your mother?
Joe:yes and if you tell anyone I will kill you
Demi:ok so let me see I can somerise you right now...Jerk whimp annoying and a really pain in the butt who is afraid of his mother...goodbye*starts walking again*
Joe:whoa whoa whoa*goes after her*you got it all rong
Demi:oh yeah I forgot a self serving wankface
Joe:look with this attitude we won't get nowhere so met me at this address after school

Awhile later

Demi:*starts to walk home and Joe sees her*
Joe:need a lift?
Demi:don't you have something else better to do?
Joe:come on let me help you...were do you live?
Demi:as if I would tell you creep
Joe:come on get in
Demi:why should I?
Joe:why should a pretty girl like you have to walk home?
Demi:fine*gets into the car*
Joe:*drives to his house*
Demi:I thought you said you were going to take me home

Joe:serriously the sooner we finish this stupid proget the sooner I will be out of your life

The go inside

Joe:mom I'm home
Denise:*smiles*and who is your friend?
Joe:this is Demi mom she's here to work on a project for history
Denise:alright behave while I go get you two a snack*leaves*
Demi:let's get this over with
Joe:alright what do you want to know
Demi:heck if I care tell me anything
Denise:*comes back in*smoked salmon with dill
Demi:this is a snack?*eats some*
Joe:thanks mom
Joe:so as you can tell I'm rich my dad is a music producer I have an older brother named Kevin who is married and I really wish I would have just a normal life you know without all the money

Demi:trust me being "normal" isn't as fun as one may think*looks at the clock*crap I gotta go...I'm sorry*leaves)

Joe's pov
She left and as stackerish as this may seem I followed foot that is she would have noticed if there was a car following went into this ally and back into this rundown the house looked like could someone live in a place like went into this really small rundown was one of the worst ones on the block.I went up to the door and knocked lightly.I heard a female voice yell at some people then a little girl opened the door.

?:Maddie who is it?...Joe?how'd you-
Joe:is this were you live?
Demi:maddie go back inside please
Maddie:*runs back into the small house*
Demi:why are you here?
Joe:you just left without really any good reason
Demi:so you just followed me?
Joe:yeah she your sister?

Demi:foster sister I'm a foster kid*looks down*
Joe:hey*lifts up her chin*that's nothing to be ashamed about it's sweat
Demi:why do you even care?
Joe:you've changed me
Demi:*laughs alittle*yeah right
Joe:no really
little boy:Demsy nikky says dinners ready
Demi:ok I'll be in in a minute
little boy:otay*runs off*
Joe:so how many are you?
Demi:I am this oldest the there is Destiny Taylor and Nicole then there is three littler ones Maddie,Frankie,and Mary
Demi:yeah It's hard at times but we all pitch in to help us older kids all have jobs Nicole normally stays behind to help the littler ones
Joe:I never knew-
Demi:no one does and I would like to keep that a secret
Joe:why there is nothing to hide you should be proud those kids look up to you
Nicole:Demi time to come in...I didn't know we had a quest
Joe:hey I'm Joe
Nicole:will you be staying for dinner?
Joe:nah I have to get home
Nicole:well I would hope to see you again sometime soon*leaves*
Demi:I'm sorry about my family but do you really have to go?
Joe:yeah my mom would freak if she knew I was gone

Joe:I'm sorry

Demi's pov
I finished off senior year and after that day I never saw Joseph tell the truth I kinda miss that I heard he had moved to Spain to start his life on the other hand I finaly left that life and moved on.I moved back to my home town and I ever found my out they never wanted to give me 's just they couldn't saport me finacualy.I even found out I have a real I turned 20 I took after my foster mother.I loved kids so much I became a foster day I hope to find Joe knows what the future my hold for me.