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Bella swept her long mahogany bangs across her forehead and behind her ears to keep them from falling in her eyes. She had spent a total of four hours trying to get settled into her new room. She had been both excited and sad when her parents first told her that they were planing on moving to Arizona, to live with her mother. One, she would miss her friends back in Washington. Two, she would get the chance to start off fresh. New people. New experiences. New environment. Everything would just be. . . new. After all, she was born in Washington, had the same friends since kindergarten, and was use to the rainy weather year round. Now, she would actually get the chance to experience hot summer days. Bella let her eyes roam around her room. Everything looked decent. Her walls were painted a nice soft lavender color matched with plush beige carpet that tickled her feet as she walked barefoot around her room. Even though her room wasn't as big as she hoped - it was box-shaped, it still had that warmth that instantly put her body in relax mode. As Bella started hanging posters of Robert Pattinson on her wall she heard a soft knock on her door.

"Come in" she said standing on her tippy toes to hang Rob in the right spot. Bella heard her door open and her mom walked in.

"Wow. It looks great in here" Her mom, Renee said smiling so hard you could see wrinkles on the side of her eyes. Bella plopped down on her bed exhausted.

"Well, I just spoke with Esme and Carlisle. They have children around the same age as you and they go to Arizona High as well." Her mom said. "Maybe you'll become friends with them " Her mom hopes.

"Yeah, that would be cool." Bella agreed. She wanted as many friends as possible. Back home everyone knew her name and that was only because Charlie was the Chief of Police. Here she would be starting off fresh.

"Remember that guy your father always use to talk about. The one he went to Columbia with." Her mom said.

Bella nods her head. "You mean the one in that picture with the tight leather pants and mullet" She says holding back her laughter. Her mom laughed with her.

"Yeah, that guy. Well, he actually doesn't live to far from here. He has a daughter your age as well. Her name is Rosalie . He called a few days ago and wanted to know if you would want to ride with her and her friends to school in the mornings."

"That was nice of him. Sure, I wouldn't mind." Bella says sitting up on her bed to face her mom. Her mom smiled warmly before patting Bella's knee.

"Okay sweetie. You should get some rest, you do have school in the morning" Renee said. Bella nods getting up walking to her closet to pick out an outfit for school tomorrow. Walking over to her dresser she opens the draws and gets out plaid pajama pants and her dad old college t- shirt. She quickly slips it on and gets into her bed. As her head lay on the pillow, Bella thinks of different scenarios that could happen in school tomorrow. Either they'll like her and want to become her friends or everybody will hate her and try to run her out of the school. She cringed just thinking about that. She silently prayed to God asking him to please not make her first day back to school a total disaster.

It seemed as if she had just closed her eyes when she heard someone banging on her door. Bella rolls over to get out of bed but kept rolling until she hit the floor with a loud BANG.

"Ouch" She mumbles to herself rubbing the top of her head.

"Bella" She heard her mom yell. " Your ride will be here in about 30 minutes." What the fruit loops! She didn't even have enough time to take a shower. Bella quickly got off her butt and walked over to her closet. She scanned her closet for something to wear until she finally decided on dark washed straight leg jeans from Old Navy paired with a white v-neck shirt matched with a grey cardigan. After she dressed she slipped on her white Vans and moved to the mirror. As she looked at her reflection in the mirror her hair looked sweaty and knotted from all the tossing and turning she did last night. Too tired to actually put up with her sweaty locks she slides on a beige beanie on her head that covered her hair except her bangs. She rushed to the bathroom washing her face then brushing her teeth. Bella stuck her hand in the front pocket of her jeans grabbing her cherry chap stick then applying it across on her lips. Realizing this was all she could do to actually look presentable, she left her room and walked downstairs to the kitchen, grabbing a pop-tart then walking outside to wait for her ride.

Nibbling on her strawberry filled pop-tart, Bella hears the sound of a car coming down the street. She glances down at her clothes making sure she didn't have any crumbs lounging on her outfit and when she did she quickly wiped them off. A shiny black Merecedes Benz pulls up in front of her and out came a man with a suit on, he looked in his early thirties. He walks around the car and opens the door for her.

"Hello, I'm Marc and I will be your driver in the mornings" He says politely. Bella pulls her messenger bag on her shoulder as she gets into the backseat quietly thanking him. She slide against the leather seats and almost knocked into someone on her left. Bella turns her head slightly to catch a glimpse of the person sitting beside her. The girl looks around her age with glossy blond hair that fell just below her shoulders. Her clothes looks expensive, a navy blue blazer with a white ruffle shirt peeking out. White mini shirt that made her legs look long just like a supermodel. Her make-up was done to perfection. Already Bella became insecure. Compared to the girl sitting next to her she felt like a hobo on the streets. She must be the Rosalie her mom was talking about. Bella finally found the courage to say something.

"Hi, I'm Isabella. But Bella for short" She said sticking her hand out for Rosalie to shake. Instead, she continued to text on her phone, her well manicured nails moving gracefully across the keys as her silver charmed bracelet would jingle at each movement.

"Rosalie" She replied in a bored tone. Bella didn't realize the car was moving until it mad an abrupt stop. Marc opened the car door and Bella watched him through the windshield as he walked over to her side of the car, opening the door once again. As Bella looked out the window she saw a girl approaching the car. Her shiny blond hair flew with the breeze but when the wind would stop blowing her hair fell back into it's proper place. She had a deep tan that made her skin look as if it was glowing. She wore a bright colored cardigan- she rolled up the sleeves giving her outfit a trendy look- with a yellow polo underneath and a wide belt wrapped around her waist. A white denim skirt with yellow tights and black ankle boots. She was beyond pretty, but not prettier than Rosalie

"Uh, Isabel is it?" Rosalie asks. Bella shakes her head no. "Can you like sit in the back. I haven't seen my friend since before summer and I want to catch up with her." Rosalie said not once glancing in her direction, she just stared at her blackberry that had pink rhinestones all over it.

"Um, sure" She replied glancing behind her at the seat she would soon be sitting in. She crawled in the back section of the car. Just as she was about to sit down her eyes caught pink writing that looked sewed into the seat. "Juciy's section" Juciy? Who's Juicy? Her foot hit something on the floor and she bent down to pick it up. It was a plastic cheeseburger. It finally dawned on her that Juicy was indeed a dog. So Rosalie thought of her as some kind of animal. Great. Bella could feel tears forming in her eyes and she tried to push them back silently begging them to go back wherever they came from.

"Omigosh! Rose I missed you" The blond beauty said air-kissing Rosalie's cheeks on both sides.

"I missed you to, Lauren." Rosalie said. "How was Hawaii?" Rosalie asked her friend.

"It was good and when I say good I mean good. The boys were so hot." Lauren said fanning her face.

Rosalie giggled. "Well, guess who I spent the whole summer with." Lauren blue eyes lit up when she heard this.

"Do tell" She demanded. Rosalie was about to speak when she caught Bella looking at her.

"I'll send you a text because I don't want other people in my business." She said harshly looking Bella directly in her eyes. Lauren eyes followed Rosalie's and when she saw Bella sitting in the back seat she jumped not realizing she was in the car. She glanced back at Rosalie noticing her attitude towards Bella then started glaring daggers at her, just like Rosalie. Bella quickly looks away and decides to zone them out but it was definitely hard when she heard constant laughter, whispers and giggles. Marc made two more stops but Bella didn't even bother to look when two other girls got in but her eyes betrayed her and she saw a girl with pale skin, freckles, and fiery red hair. The other girl looked more friendlier than the others. She had curly dirty blond hair that went all the way down to her waist. She was also dressed in designer clothing. She noticed that all the girls were wearing white skirts. It must have been planned. She heard whispers of " Ew, check out her bangs. What is she a emo person" or " Check out her Vans they look like cheap shoes from the dollar store" and she even heard, " Have she ever heard of make-up because She'll probably look ten times better without those huge bags under her eyes". A teardrop fell down her cheek and out of the corner of her eye she could see Rosalie starring at her. She quickly dabbed her eyes to leave no evidence that they're whispers hurt her.

Marc finally pulled up in front of the school and Bella was completely stunned. This school was gigantic. She thought her old school was big tbut this was like two of her old schools put together. All the girls stepped out of the car gracefully and Bella couldn't help but feel embarrassed as she climbed back to the front seat to get out of the car. Once she closed the door Marc rolled down his window and said his goodbyes then headed off. Bella turned around and noticed that the girls were already towards the front door of the school building. She followed after them calling out Rosalie's name trying to get her to slow down so she could catch up. After all she was new to the school and didn't know her way around. They all stopped and turned around towards Bella. All four girls were lined up next to each other starring at her with their hands on their hips. Rosalie stepped forward until she was eye level with Bella.

"Listen Isabel. I don't want you to think just because you ride with us in the mornings your apart of my crew. Why don't you try and go around and make friends of your own and stop following us around like a little lost puppy." Rosalie sneered. Bella's eyes widened with disbelief she couldn't believe Rosalie already hated her when she haven't even uttered more than two words to her.

"What is your problem" Bella voice was shaky because she was practically on the verge of tears but she held it back to prove to Rosalie and her posse that she was tougher than they thought. "I just want to be friends" She adds softly.

Rosalie laughed. "Are you asleep or something." Rosalie asks. Bella could hear the other girls snorting behind Rosalie.

"What!" Bella asks. "No" She rubs her head not liking the feeling of being confused at a time like this.

"It's obvious that you're dreaming. Get it through your thick skull that we- she motioned to herself and the three girls behind her- will never ever be friends." Rosalie snaps. With that her and her "little crew" walks into the clear glass doors leaving her alone to fend for herself.

" Wow. Rosalie is a total bitch" a voice said from behind her. Bella jumped not realizing that someone had approached her.

"Sorry. I'm Alice" She said smirking. Alice looked really artsy. Her hair was pulled up into a messy bun and Bella could see she had blue and pink streaks in her hair. She wore a white buttoned down shirt that looked like it belonged to her older brother paired with cheetah print tights. She glanced down and noticed she had on a pair of Dr. Martens on. White ones. She looked pretty cool and edgy.

"Bella," she said smiling at her potential new friend.

"Your new here right?" Alice didn't wait for her to answer. "C'mon. I'll show you how to get your schedule" Alice starts to walk and Bella rushes to catch up. Bella notices that they are headed toward a line. She looks up towards the front to see what happening and all she see is a girl pressing random buttons. Alice notices Bella's confusion.

"You have to type in your name, address and phone number and then your schedule prints out" Alice says digging in her bag, she takes out a Go-Yort and a orange binder.

"That's cool" Bella says in awe. At her old school she had to wait in line until her name was called and then she'd receive her schedule. It took hours. Alice shrugs. She's obviously use to it. As Alice shifts to one side, Bella catches a glimpse of her binder and she notices that it's some sort of collage on the cover. She leans in closer to get a better look and sees that it's Robert Pattinson. Without thinking, Bella snatching the binder from Alice hands bringing the binder closer to her face so she can get a good look.

"Oh my freaking gosh! You have Robert Pattinson on your cover" Bella squeals. Alice blue eyes widen. "You like Robert Pattinson too" Alice asks.

"Like him? I'm in love with him. Where did you get these stickers from" Bella rubs her hand over Robert's face.

"Oh. My dad owns this printing company and they print basically everything. I work there on the weekends and I just couldn't resist" Alice said. "I could make you some if you want."

"Really? Thanks. That would be awesome." Bella notices it her turn to get her schedule and she gives Alice her binder back. She types in her information and wa-la her schedule prints out. Bella looks it over.

Biology AP






English AP

"Cool. We have Lunch and French together" Alice says holding up her schedule to Bella's. Before Bella could respond the first period bell rings.

"I'll save you a seat at lunch. Ciao" Alice says walking in the opposite direction Bella had to go. Bella managed to stay out of everybody's way as she walked to Biology. It took forever before she was finally face to object with the door. Taking a deep breath, she adjusted her messenger bag on her shoulders and walked through the door. Her teacher wasn't at his desk but all the students were. Bella realized that she was the last one to come in and she glanced around for an empty seat. Her eyes fall upon a a guy with messy bronze hair and thick framed glasses who was hunched over book. The chair next to him was empty so Bella had no choice but to sit next to him. As she gets closer she sees his features more clearly. He is definitely cute. The first thing she notices is the cute little freckles that were sprinkled onto his nose. He looked absolutely adorable in his button down white shirt and plain grey hoodie. Bella pulls back her chair to sit down and he looks up at her for the first time. She almost fainted right then and there. He had the most amazing eyes ever. Green eyes with flecks of gold in them. He continues to stare at her and Bella becomes self-consious. Noticing her discomfort, he quickly looks away and Bella can see a tint of red on his cheeks and on the tip of his ears. Bella palms started to sweat and her stomach did little flips. Through the corner of her eye she looked over at him to find him starring back at her. Both of them quickly looked away flushing.

"I-" He started but his voice cracked. He clears his throat and starts again."I'm Edward." He says turning his chair slightly in her direction. Bella smiled shyly at him.

"Isabella. Bella for short" She said quickly glancing at him then looking away. Peeking through her eyelashes she sees Edward push the tip of his glasses up slightly. He nods then turns back toward the front of the room looking down at the book again. A man who looks around forty walks into the class with a coffee in one hand and a briefcase in the other. He sets his stuff on his desk and claps his hands together to get everyone attention.

"Since it is a busy day for you guys we're going to take it easy, just for today thoguh. You may talk among yourselves but tomorrow I expect you to be fully prepared with the right materials" He says before sitting in his chair pulling out a Mac laptop. Chatter fills the air and Bella glances at Edward but he's engrossed in his book. So she reaches in her bag taking our her ipod. She presses the play button.

When the dark
Of the night comes around.
That's the time,
That the animal comes alive.
Looking for
Something wild.

Bella taps her foot to the beat. She's thinking about how Rosalie and her posse treated her this morning.

There's a place downtown,
Where the freaks all come around.
It's a hole in the wall.
It's a dirty free for all.

Bella starts singing along with the song. She gets into it, bobbing her head to the beat until she hears a soft chuckle bringing her out of her "rock-star" mode.

"What?" She asks. Edward tries to hold in his laughter but fails miserably.

"Nothing." he says smirking.

"You say nothing but I think you were laughing at my singing ability" Bella jokes. Edward cracks up.

"Fine, you caught me. I aplogize." He held his hands up in surrender. "What were you listening to?" He asks.

"Ke$ha" Bella says. Edward laughs again.

"What! Your laughing at my music taste now?"

"Yes. I'm afraid i'm gonna have to introduce you to some good music"

"Is that so." She says smirking at him. "What do you have in mind?"

Edward closes his book putting it away into his backpack before taking out his ipod. After untangling his headphones he hands one to her. Bella moves her seat closer to his. She's close enough to smell his cologne and she inhales deeply. He smells amazing. He puts an ear bud in his ear also then he presses play.

Go slowly, discouraged,
Distant from other interests
On your favorite we can end it
This love's for gentlemen only
That's with the fortunate only
No I gotta be someone else
These days it comes it comes it comes it comes it comes and goes

Bella actually started to like the song. She turned to Edward to find him starring at her. She smiled and put her thumbs up.

"This band's name is Phoneix." Edward says scrolling through his ipod for another song. He presses the play button again.

In this farewell
There's no blood
There's no alibi
Cause I've drawn regret
From the truth
Of a thousand lies

So let mercy come
And wash away

"This song by Linkin Park is kind of old. It was in the first Transformers movie" Edward said.

"Oh yeah! At the end of the movie. I love that movie" She squeals causing Edward to smile and agree.

This was basically how the whole period went. Edward introduced Bella to tons of bands. Classics like the Beatles. Of course Bella heard of them before but she never actually listen to their songs. Now she was hooked. She even shared her ipod collection with him and he liked her songs from All time Low, The Maine, Paramore and even Miley Cyrus but he didn't want to admit it. When the bell rang signaling her next class she didn't even want to get up. As she walked out the classroom door she noticed that Edward was walking along beside her.

"I could burn you a CD with all the songs you liked so you can add it to your ipod if you want" Edward suggested while fixing the string on his hoodie.

"I'd like that" Bella said looking down at her schedule for her next class.

"What class do you have now" Edward asks.


"You actually signed up for Yoga"

"Yeah. Anything is better than Gym. I'm so terrible at sports it's ridiculous." Bella said which caused Edward to laugh.

"Do you want me to show you where the gym is. I have that class now and the yoga room is in there too" Edward said. Bella smiled and nodded. When they reached the gym Bella stopped in her tracks. This didn't look like her old school gym. They had gymnastic equipment set up in one section of the gym. A Basketball court in another section. Tennis and Volleyball set up in another section. They even had a Track field set up around the whole gym. Suddenly Bella regretted her choice on taking Yoga instead of Gym. She could have ran the track field each class.

"The door right there with the Y on it is the Yoga room" Edward pointed out. "I'll see you later. I have to go change." He added walking backwards. He waved goodbye before turning around and sprinting to the boys locker room. Bella started making her way to the "Y" door. The room had light shiny hardwood flooring and mirrors surrounding the whole room. Pink mats were set up neatly next to each other.

"Hey, you must be the new student Isabella" said a lady with a loose ponytail and white tank-top paired with stretch pants.

"Just Bella" she corrected. The lady nodded her head before reaching for a bag on the floor handing it to Bella.

"This is your clothes required for this class. You can go change in that room over there." She pointed to the door behind me. Bella walked in the room to find Rosalie and Lauren bending over changing into the required clothing. Bella snuck past both of them unnoticed. She quickly changed into the white tank top and black stretch pants before heading out to the room. When she enters Rosalie immediately spots her and glares at her through the mirror. Rosalie nudges Lauren and whispers something in Lauren's ear causing her to laugh and looks at Bella.

"Okay ladies. I'm Miss Jackie for those who may not know and today we're going to warm up by doing a simple dance I choreographed. So put the mats to the side and spread out" Miss Jackie said turning around to face the mirror. Rosalie and Lauren each took a place beside Bella. This couldn't be good, she thought.

"Okay first move is. Both arms up, spin around, arms out, jump up and down" Miss Jackie demonstrated. "Okay on the count of 8 we'll do it together" She added.

"Okay. Five, six, seven and eight" Miss Jackie called out. But when Bella was about to start Lauren's arm hit her in the head. Rosalie and a couple of girls in the class laughed while Bella rubbed her head.

"Again. On the count of eight. Five, six, seven and eight" Miss Jackie said. This time Bella actually got pretty far in the dance until it was time to spin around. Rosalie turned the wrong way and they both bumped into each-other but Bella being smaller than Rosalie lost her balance and fell on on her ankle the wrong way which caused her to yelp in pain. Lauren and some of the other girls started laughing their butt off.

"Oh my God. Bella I'm so sorry" Rosalie said genuinely. Bella looked up surprised. Rosalie was actually apologizing. She thought Rosalie had actually did it on purpose like Lauren had. Miss Jackie ran over to Bella squatting down to examine her ankle.

"I think your foot is sprained." She concluded, lightly touching Bella's ankle making Bella wince in pain.

"Nothing too serious but you should probably sit out for the rest of the class" Miss Jackie said pulling Bella up to stand. "There are chairs outside this classroom to the left. Go get changed and take it easy for the rest of the period and by tomorrow your ankle should be all better" Miss Jackie said patting Bella's back for comfort. Bella nodded and limped to the locker room to change. When she came out all eyes were on her and she could feel the heat rising to her cheeks. When her eyes met Rosalie she quickly looked away. Once Bella made it to the bleachers she watched other students play. Her eyes caught a glimpse of bronze hair and she immediately knew it was Edward. He was playing basketball. He had on loose shorts, a plain white tee and Nikes on. His glasses were even off. At some point in the game he bent over and lifted his shirt to wipe sweat from his forehead. Bella caught a glimpse of his abs. He didn't have a six pack but his stomach was definitely toned. As if he could feel her stare their eyes met and he smiled and waved. Bella couldn't help but do the same.

"Did you just wave at Edward Cullen?" a voice said unbelieving. Bella turned to the voice completely annoyed. She could wave to whoever she wanted to. It was the girl from the car. The one with the curly dirty blond hair.

"Um. Yeah I just did." Bella answered. The blondie came over to her and sat down beside Bella.

"I'm Jessica but you probably remember me." She says. Bella nods her head.

"Okay seriously for the sake of your non existent reputation you shouldn't associate yourself with Edward Cullen. If you really want to be friends with Rosalie you should not have social interactions with Edward."

"Why? Does Rosalie like him or something" Bella asked getting nervous.

"Oh, God no. Edward is a complete nerd. He gets all A's. He's the head of the AV club. He evens brushes his teeth after lunch. How geeky is that?" Jessica snorts. Not geeky at all Bella thought to herself. Okay. Maybe a little but so what if he gets all A's. Isn't that the goal you try to reach in school and good hygiene is a plus.

"Talking to him will be like social suicide" Jessica says. "Just last year I was in your position. I was the new girl and Rosalie and Lauren were mean to me too but look at us now, we're like the best of friends." She adds.

"So your saying that if I wanted to become popular I have to stay away from nerds." Bella concluded. This just sounds ridiculous.

"Exactly. Listen, I really want you to be apart of the group. You seems nice and fun to be around. I personally can tell you all you need to know in order for you to become friends with Rosalie." Jessica says.

"Last year I had a major crush on Mike Newton. He was captain of the Chess club but I had to let him go for the sake of my reputation." Jessica continued. "Even though I caught Rosalie kissing him behind the bleachers at a football game last year" Jessica said probably for her ears only but Bella heard her.

"What? She did that to you?" Bella whispered-yelled. Jessica looks at Bella with wide eyes. " I can't take it anymore" Jessica screeched standing up.

"Take what?" Bella asked confused.

"Lying." Jessica replied. " Everything I told you about socially interacting with Edward being like social suicide is bogus." Jessica took a deep breath. "The truth is Rosalie wanted me to convince you to stop talking to Edward."

"Wait. How did she know that I talked to Edward?" Bella asked.

"Um, Lauren told her that she saw you two getting cozy in Bio." Jessica said.

"Lauren's in AP Biology!" Bella asked completely shocked.

"Yeah. I know she may come off as ditzy or whatever but she just does it for attention."

"Okay . .. and why does Rosalie care if I talk to Edward if she doesn't like him?" Bella asks.

"Because Rosalie does likes him! Ever since freshmen year she had a major crush on him but when she asked him out he rejected her. I guess she was jealous that Edward was actually talking to you considering Edward barely talks to anyone. Let alone girls." Interesting.


"Yes. Really. I don't know why, but Rosalie loves nerdy boys. I wasn't lying when I said he gets all A's. He really does brush his teeth after lunch" Jessica says.

"How can I be sure your telling the truth?"

"Here. I'll show you the text message from Rosalie" Jessica says. She digs through her coach purse and gets out her blackberry. "Look." Jessica says pointing to the screen. Bella takes the phone from Jessica and reads the message.

To: Jessica

From: Rosalie

OMG! Lauren said that Isa-doofus was all over Edward in bio. She saw them sharing headphones and flirting w/ each other. Go talk to Isa-manstealer and make something up about Edward so that she'll stay away from him. I don't care what it is but do it. If you do this for me I'll hook you up with Mike. I know that your not over him for some strange reason. So do it and text me back. Smooches.

"See. I told you. I'm really sorry Bella. I just feel like I can trust you and it didn't seem right to lie to you for some dumb reason especially since I was in your shoes before. Please forgive me" Jessica says with pleading eyes.

"Sure" Bella replies, but deep down Bella still didn't know whether or not she should trust or believe her.