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Bella felt proud of herself as she walked up to the front entrance of the school she couldn't keep that smile off her face. Rosalie was obviously a bitch and her apology was clearly a joke. Did she think Bella was that dense to fall into the trap. Following her around like she was a goddess. No. She had mistaken Bella. Bella went straight to her locker to get her books for Biology. On her way there she sees Alice sitting Indian style in front of a locker. She a scowl on her face looking down at her blackberry. This must be her locker. It was only a few away from hers.

"Hey, Alice. What's with the face" Bella asks crouching down to sit next to her.

"My boyfriend is being a douche" She replies shoving her phone into her back pocket.

"You have a boyfriend!" Bella asks. " You didn't tell me"

"That's because I'm thinking of making him my ex. He's really getting on my nerves" She says picking off her black nail polish.

"What did he do"

"Nothing! That's the problem. He's doing nothing! I wanna hang out with him tonight but he's busy with soccer" She sneers. "He's too busy for me"

"Oh. That sucks. What's his name?"

"Jasper. He's completely gorgeous and extremely athletic which I thought was a good thing thefirst time I met him but now . . . i'm not so sure"

"Well. If your boyfriends is busy tonight so are you" Bella says. "How about you come over and we hang out."

"Sorry. I can't I'm going to my neighbors house for dinner tonight." She frowns slightly. "Parents are forcing me"

"Alice! If your busy tonight why the heck are you mad at Jasper. You were gonna be busy tonight anyway."

"Oh! Your right! I gotta text him now." She laughs smacking herself on the forehead lightly. "I feel stupid" Bella laughs with her and the bella rings for first period. Bella quickly says bye to Alice and goes to her locker to get her things.

Walking into Biology she gets butterflies in her stomach. Unfortunately the feeling is cut short when she walks in the room and is greeted by Lauren at the door.

"Hey, Bella. How's it going?" Laurens greets her. Which is a little strange. It gets even stranger when Lauren pulls her in her a hug and Bella has not idea what to dos o she pats Lauren's back a few times arkwardly. Lauren pulls back a smiles brightly before walking to her seat located in the back. Confused, Bella begins walking over to her seat when she feels pressure on her backside and soon laughter erupts the classroom. Bella turns around to find a tall guy with blue eyes and a chubby face grinning down at her. Did he just smack her butt? Bella was too shocked to speak Who the hell did he think he is?

"Sorry. Just doing what I'm told" He smiles smugly before walking over to his seat beside Lauren. Bella felt everyone's eyes on hers as she turned around slowly and walked to her seat. Bella kept her eyes straight ahead toward the board waiting for the teacher to begin. She jumped slightly when she felt someone sit down beside and she looked realizing it was Edward. He smiled softly at her. His eyes glanced down towards her back and her frowned slightly when he reached for her back. He plucks a small piece of paper from her back holding it up to his face to read.

I'm a whore and I like to be spanked

Bella felt tears form in her eyes. Things like this never happened to her before and she didn't know what to do. She saw Edward scoot his chair closer to hers and he leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Do you know who did this?" He asked with and edge to his voice. Bella opened her mouth to speak but if she did she'd sob uncontrollably.

"Lauren . . . she uh . . and then that guy . . " She stuttered not even finishing her sentence. "I'm so embarrassed" Tears were spilling over her cheeks so she put her hoodie over her head and put her head down so no one could see her face. She felt an arm drape over hers and she automatically knew it was Edward's. He rubbed soft circles on her back to soothe her. She didn't know what was taught in Biology because she kept her head down the whole period and when Mr Banner called on her Edward stepped in at told him she wasn't feeling well which earned laughs from the back of the room. When the bell rang she slowly lifted her head and wiped underneath her eyes. She gathered her things and got up quickly wanting to leave this room immediately. There was no way she was going to Yoga today.

"Bella?" Edward placed a hand on her shoulder to keep her from leaving.

"Edward, I don't want you to see me like this. I probably look a hot mess right now" She said trying to smooth her hair down . Edward grabbed her hand and turned her around to face him. He slowly wiped some tears that fell, smiling slightly when he noticed Bella looking at him. The second bell rings.

"You're gonna be late, Edward" Bella says softly looking into his eyes. Yup. He definitely had gold flecks in them.

"Oh. Right" He says pulling his hand away from her face. "We better go"

"I'm not going to yoga today, Edward"

"Okay then i'm . . not going to gym today" He declares. " I know a place we can go instead" I nod eagerly just wanting to forget about what happened.

Edward wants to stop at his locker first to put his books away. Bella is a little surprised when he reaches over and grabs her book shoving them in his locker as well. They're about to walk passed the gym when she notice the same guy who smacked her butt walking towards them. He smiles smugly when her eyes meets his.

"Hey, Bella. Ready for another spanking?" He says.

"Another spanking?" Edward turns to her confused.

"He uh . . smacked my butt in Biology because Lauren stuck that stupid post it on my back" She whispers to Edward. "But I'm over it already" Edward looks at Bella disbelieving the words that just came out of her mouth. The guys walks past them and she's relieved.

"He fucking . . " Edward screams and she jumps not expecting him to curse or scream. He scowls drops his backpack and starts walking towards this guy.

"Edward! What are you doing?" Bella shouts after him but it's too late.

"Hey Mike" he calls and when Mike turns around Edward throws his fist back and punches him right in the nose. All Bella sees in blood dripping down Mike's shocked face. Edward doesn't stop he keeps punching and punching while Mike shouts and tries to hit him back until teachers she doesn't recognize come and break it up. Edward's hair is all tousled, his nose flaring. He has blood coming from his lip. Bella's mouth was hanging open. She couldn't believe Edward did this. Fought . . for her. Edward was officially her hero. Right then in there she thought she'd fallen in love with him.

Edward and Mike were escorted to the principal's office. She watched as Edward bends down to pick up his bag from the ground. His eyes meet hers and his lips curved up as he turns away and walks to the principal's office. The last thing she hears is one if the teachers saying to Edward " I never expected this from you Edward. You're better than this. You know this will be on your permanent record right?" Then Bella feels horrible. He'll probably get expelled all because of her. If she would have just stood up for herself and did something Edward wouldn't have been in trouble.

Bella's classes go by slowly. When lunch comes around she realizes that Alice and Edward weren't in school anymore. She takes out her phone and texts Edward.

To: Edward

From: Bella

Are you in trouble?

She waits for a reply but she doesn't get one. Soon lunch ends and French is boring without Alice in it. When it's finally the end of the day she goes to her locker and shoves her books in it. When she closes the locker she jumps back. Rosalie is standing in front of her with her arms crossed over her chest.

"What do you want, Rosalie. I'm really not i the mood for you bs" Bella says glaring at the beauty in front of her.

"I'm not here to start. I'm . . here to say that I'm sorry about what happened in Bio today" She starts. " Lauren told me what she did and what Mike did and I told her that wasn't cool. So. . I came to apologize" Bella stares at her with wide eyes.

"Um. Thanks for apologizing?" Bella doesn't know what to say.

"Alright then. Bye" Rosalie walks away.

Just then Bella phones beep with a new text msg.

To: Bella

From: Edward

Yeah. I'm in trouble. :(


I'm sorry. It's my fault.


Don't feel sorry I'm glad I did it. I just won't be in school for a couple of days and my parents are taking away my phone. So i'll see you Friday.




We'll talk more about it when I'm back at school again.