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The World That Never Was sat silent and broken. Its remains had been damaged by the destruction of the Castle that had hung above its already shattered surface, and now rubble lay strewn across all of its neon-lit streets. Shadows and Neoshadows roamed rampant across the city, allowed to thrive after the destruction of Kingdom Hearts, the container that had kept the hearts which sustained them.

Suddenly, in the dim courtyard in front of the skyscraper that dominated the landscape, puddles of liquid Darkness began to form. First one, then two, then three, until twelve puddles bubbled beneath the streetlamps.

The twelve puddles roiled and seethed, and as if in unison, twelve sodden, shaking figures were spit out of them into the rain.

The Organization tremblingly pulled themselves to sitting positions, and looked around in disbelief.

It was a frightened, whimpering Demyx who finally spoke, breaking the silence.

"We…we all died…why are we…?"

Those words pulled the others out of their daze, and they all shook themselves as if trying to rid themselves of bad memories.

And then all hell broke loose.

Vexen was the one who began it, leaping at Marluxia with a wordless cry of fury. Then Zexion joined in, and Larxene as well. Lexaeus joined the tussle, attempting to pull his comrades off the two neophytes. Axel tried to get out of the way, frantically scooting backwards, but Saïx and Xaldin both went for him, his red hair soon disappearing under the larger men's forms. Xigbar seized Xaldin by an arm and tried to yank him away, and Luxord tried to grab Axel. Demyx just sat there, stunned at the sudden violence.

Suddenly, their leader's voice boomed out, stopping the fights dead.

"Stop this right now, all of you!"

Eleven stunned faces turned towards Xemnas. Their Superior had stood up, and, one hand clutching his head, was glaring at them all in quiet fury.

"What is this? Is your first instinct upon our return truly to fight amongst yourselves? What can you possibly be thinking?"

Vexen was the first to respond, his face contorted with rage.

"Superior, this- this- arrogant fool had me killed! He was attempting to overthrow the Organization!"

The others all exploded into protest at once.

"-Lord Xemnas, Axel was-"

"-liar and a traitor, Xemnas-"

"-shut up, I just wanted to see-"

"-did no such thing, Number Four, I merely-"

"-who's a liar, you foul, arrogant-"

"-little brat, I'm so gonna-"

Xemnas clapped his hands twice, loudly, and the voices died down.

"I want to make this clear, all of you. I will not stand for your petty squabbles about who killed whom and who committed what. We have returned, and we must focus on our present, not our past. Do we understand?"

The others nodded. Xemnas rubbed his temples and glanced at Xigbar. "Number Two, can you get us into the skyscraper? We will need sufficient shelter now that the Castle has been destroyed."

Those who didn't know turned sharply to look behind them, and five voices rose again in confusion. Xigbar waved a hand dismissively.

"So the Keyblade kid got to us here. Who cares? Stop whining, the skyscraper's probably comfier anyways."

The voices quieted, and with an odd glance at Xemnas, Xigbar strode to the double doors of the skyscraper, summoned one of his Arrowguns, and shot the door handle out. Pushing the glass door open, he motioned to the others.

"Come on, it's warm in here!"

With the promise of warmth, the entire Organization forgot their differences and scrambled for the door. Axel, the last in, hesitated a moment as if contemplating the option of making a break to Destiny Islands. Before he could act on it, Saïx, who had been standing in the doorway, snapped his fingers under the redhead's nose.

"Axel. Don't even think for a second you're off the hook. I'm going to be keeping a close eye on you, so don't try anything…foolish. Understand?"

Axel sighed softly and shrugged, making his way past Saïx. "Whatever, man. You do whatever you want. I'll be a good little boy, and keep out of trouble."

The last few Nobodies entered the foyer of the skyscraper, and joined the others in looking about them in amazement. The entrance hall was massive and extravagant, done in red and gold, with wood paneling and an elegant chandelier. An ornate staircase took up the entire back wall, and led up to a pair of intricate double doors that clearly led into a ballroom before spiraling up to higher floors. Hallways on either side of the foyer led deeper into its bowels, and fancy scarlet chairs and couches were scattered about tastefully.

"Wow…this is much nicer than the castle." Demyx noted, impressed.

Xemnas stepped forwards, examining their new surroundings, and then turned again towards Xigbar.

"Number Two. If you would please inspect the higher floors? Report back to me with details."

He turned towards Saïx. "And if you would investigate the lower floors, Number Seven?"

The two nodded, and went about their orders. After an hour or so of uncomfortable milling about the foyer, Xigbar and Saïx returned with their findings- the upper floors consisted of many small bedrooms, with the occasional meeting room or small ballroom. The highest levels were made up of simply a penthouse suite per floor, and all rooms were just as extravagant. As for the lower floors, they consisted of several massive kitchens, a large dining area, and storage rooms and pantries, all stocked with plenty of food; which, strangely enough, was not spoiled or moldy.

Xemnas, after silently listening to their reports, turned to the rest of the Organization.

"As we have just returned, it is clear that none of us at this time are in any physical condition to do anything productive. As such, you may all find a room to your liking, and rest. However, I expect you all to be in attendance tomorrow for an assembly in the master ballroom." He waved a hand.

"You are all dismissed."