-1How Do You Go On?

Chapter 1

Lucky arrived at the nurses station hub to find the whole area blanketed in tension and anger. Robin was standing off by the couch and the table in the waiting area by herself. Lucky could tell by looking at her that she was wound tight as a coil, anger practically shimmering off her. He couldn't remember ever seeing Robin look that before.

Lisa was leaning against the nurses station holding a hand to her bruised cheek. To Lucky's eye she looked surprised, but also smug. Steve, Matt, Epiphany, and Maya were all standing stunned and silent looking warily between the two women. Patrick stood between the two women, trapped, shooting anxious looks at each woman.

"What happened here?" Lucky asked as he approached the group.

"She attacked me." Lisa yelled, pointing her finger accusingly at Robin.

"She threatened my baby." Robin said quietly, her cold angry gaze never leaving Lisa.

Lisa just shook her head in denial. "That's a lie. I was with Patrick scrubbing in for surgery." She waited to see how Robin would react to that.

Patrick shot Robin a pained look. "She was, but," he turned to Lucky, "I don't know where she was before that."

Lucky took Robin's arm and led her further away from the assembled group so that they could sit on the couch. "Is Emma okay?"

Robin closed her eyes. She couldn't believe this was her life. "Yeah. She's downstairs in the nursery."

"Good. What happened? How did she threaten Emma?" Lucky asked her gently.

"I'm not crazy, Lucky." She whispered trying desperately to fight back tears. She'd be damned if she let these people see her cry.

"Hey, I know. I've known you longer than any of these people, remember?" He'd known Robin most of his life.

"I know." She sniffled and thought about Lucky as a boy and his friendship with Stone. "She," She glared at Lisa. "She boiled one of Emma's toys." Her stomach rolled just thinking about it. "It was like something out of a movie. I walked into my lab and there's Emma's favorite toy puppy boiling in a beaker."

"Jesus." Lucky muttered under his breath. He couldn't blame Robin for freaking out after seeing that.

"And I know that there will be no trace of her in the lab, and that she'll find twenty-seven people who saw her all over the hospital. And I'm going to look like I'm crazy." Lisa cheated with her husband, ruined her life, and still somehow managed to come out the victim.

Lucky sighed, knowing that Robin was probably right. Lisa Niles was doing a damn good job of gas lighting Robin, and unfortunately Robin wasn't making it all that hard for her. "She's going to eventually, and when she does, we'll be ready." He pulled the ringing phone from his belt. "Spencer, yeah, okay, great." He spoke to the person on the other end and then disconnected the call. He turned his attention back to Robin. "That was your uncle. He's ordered a complete forensics sweep of your lab. He asked me to get you and Emma out of here."

"Okay." She rose shakily to her feet and took a deep breath. "Steve." She said as the Chief of Staff approached her. "I'm so sorry."

"I'm sorry too, Robin." He hated what he was about to do, and found it hard to meet her eyes.

"Are you firing me?" She whispered, her eyes widening in shock and horror.

"No." He shook his head. "But as much as I don't want to, I'm going to have to suspend you. Unpaid."

"Steve, come on." She started to protest, but deep down she knew that it was futile.

"I know what she did. But you assaulted her, Robin, and she could make huge problems for the hospital if she wanted to. And you and I both know she's capable of that." It was his job as Chief of Staff to put the hospital and its needs first.

She looked between Lucky and Steve. "How long?"

"Pending the outcome of a full investigation. You'll need to turn in your badge and clear out your stuff until then."

"I'll personally bring her by to get her stuff in the morning." Lucky promised. Right now he just wanted to get her and Emma out of here. "Let's go get Emma." He spoke quietly to Robin.

Patrick cleared his throat and spoke up. "I can get your stuff for you." He couldn't believe how quickly things were unraveling. What was worse, he didn't know how to stop it.

"No." She said adamantly, shaking her head for emphasis. "I don't want your help. You have done enough. I can't believe you brought this woman into our lives." She hissed angrily.

"Robin, not here." Lucky whispered in her ear. "Come on."

"You're right." She pushed past Patrick and made her way to the elevator.

Robin sighed as Lucky pulled the car into the driveway of the house she shared with Patrick. She turned to look at Emma sleeping peacefully in the backseat. Entering this house should never be something painful. Something that she dreaded. "Thank you so much, Lucky. For driving us around, for bringing us here to get our stuff, and taking us to Mac's. I'm sure you had better things to do tonight."

"We're friends, it's not a big deal." He got out of the car and came around to open her door. "And besides it's rough with the boys in California. He gently lifted a sleeping Emma out of her car seat and followed Robin into the house.

"Robin, thank God, where have you been?" Patrick turned at the sound of the door opening. "I've been worried sick." His hair was a mess and she could tell that he'd been running his hands through it repeatedly. "Robin." He called her name out helplessly when she didn't answer him.

She turned to Lucky. "Can you wait here with Emma. I'm just going to pack a few things, and then I'll be ready." She pressed a soft kiss to Emma's head.

"Robin, where are you going? You can't take our daughter out of the only home she's ever known." He frantically followed her to the back of the house.

She stopped in the doorway and turned back to Patrick. "Emma is not safe here. Lisa comes and goes from this house at will. She destroyed our wedding photo, she stole my HIV medication, and she took Emma. Tonight was the last straw. Emma and I are going to Mac's." She strode to the back of the house determined to get the things she and Emma would need and then leave.

When Robin was out of sight Patrick turned to Lucky. "Why are you encouraging this?" He asked quietly so as not to wake his little girl.

"I don't think Robin is wrong. Lisa is unstable, and she's getting more and more desperate, which makes more dangerous than ever." Lisa seemed to buy into her own delusions which made her an even bigger threat to Robin and Patrick. "How can you not see that?" He wanted to ask Patrick why he wasn't standing up for his wife, putting up a more rigorous defense of Robin and her sanity. He'd barely said two words at the hospital.

Patrick raked his hand through his hair. "I love Robin and Emma. I don't want to lose my family."

Lucky just sighed. This situation was a mess no matter how you looked at it. "You should have thought about that before you cheated on your wife."

"Like you've never made a mistake? Please." He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked around the living room. Just weeks ago they'd all been happy here. What he wouldn't give to go back and fix things.

"Sure, I've made tons of mistakes. We all have. No one's perfect. But you can't just wave 'I love my family' around like it's some kind of magic wand that's going to fix everything and make all this go away. Maybe you and Robin will survive this, maybe you won't, but you're going to have to work hard to make it happen." And sometimes all the effort in the world didn't fix all the damage.

"I am working, it's Robin who's running away." His wife was in their room packing to leave and take their daughter.

"Robin is protecting her daughter. And you can't honestly expect her to forgive and forget and just go back to being a happy family like nothing ever happened in a weeks time." Lucky shook his head in amazement.

Robin came back into the living room wheeling a suitcase behind her, a tote back and her purse over her shoulder. "I'm ready." She gave Patrick a long look that he was unable to read and followed Lucky to the car.