-1Chapter 4

Robin was in her Uncle Mac's kitchen taking a batch of cookies out of the oven when the doorbell rang. Robin sat the cookies on the counter to cool, grabbed the baby monitor and moved to the living room. Free time was an almost foreign concept to Robin, and she was struggling to find ways to fill her day. Cooking, baking, and doing things around the house seemed like a good way to help Mac and show her appreciation.

She checked to see who was behind the door. When she saw it was her husband she took a deep breath to steady herself and pulled open the door. "What?"

He shifted his weight uncomfortably and waited for Robin to invite him in. When she didn't, he let out a pained breath. "I'm here to see Emma."

"She's napping. You should have called first." She didn't open the door any wider.

"I didn't know I needed an appointment to see my wife and my daughter." He snapped frustrated.

"I'll call you when she's awake, and you can come back." She waited to see if he was going to argue or say anything else.

"I can wait." He tried to move past her into the house, but she blocked him.

"I don't want you here. I'll call you when Emma's awake." She pushed him back and shut the door.

"Robin, come on!" He yelled through the door and pounded on it a couple of times. This was insane; how were they supposed to work things out when she wouldn't even stay in the same room with him.

She pulled the door open again. "Do not wake her up." She hissed quietly. "I mean it. You do not get to play the poor put upon victim here. You created this situation. This is your fault. You cheated. You wrecked our marriage. You brought a deranged dangerous woman into our lives. You did all of that, not me. And I'm sorry if you don't want to hear that or it hurts your feelings ,but it's the truth, and we all have to live with it.

"I just want to know that we have a chance. That we can fix this, and go back to being a family." He said quietly. He wanted to reach out and touch her, but the memory of her backing away from him the last time was still fresh in his mind.

"I don't have any answers for you. I'm still trying to figure all of this out. There's a part of me that can't even believe that this is our lives. And you know from where I'm standing it was pretty easy for you to cheat on me and to keep it quiet. If Lisa hadn't turned out to be completely insane you never would have been honest with me."

"Robin…" He started to respond.

But she cut him off with a shake of her head. "Don't bother denying it, Patrick, we both know you were in no hurry to tell me the truth." She shut the door again and then turned and leaned her back against it.

She pulled her rental car into the driveway of the Spencer house. She sat there for a minute unsure if she should go to the door and knock. She hadn't wanted to be at Mac's when Patrick came to visit with Emma. This was the only place she'd thought to come, and now she worried it was inappropriate that she'd been leaning on Lucky too much these past days. She took a brief look in the rearview mirror at her reflection and forced herself to get out of the car.

"Wasn't sure you were coming in." Lucky said with a smirk as he opened the door.

She came into the living room of the Spencer house and set her purse down. "It kind of dawned on me that maybe you're getting a little tired of me."

Lucky motioned for her to sit down and then joined her on the couch. "I'm enjoying spending time with you. I wish the circumstances were different."

"Patrick is coming over to visit Emma, and I bailed and left Mac and Maxie there to handle it. I saw him earlier, and I just wasn't ready for another round so soon."

"There were times I couldn't be in the same room with Elizabeth. Still is hard sometimes, especially when I see her with Aiden and I think that he could have so easily been mine." He wiped his hands on his pants and stood up. "Can I get you something to drink, water?" He went off to the kitchen.

"Thanks." She took the glass of water from him when he returned. "He would have been lucky to have you, just like Cam and Jake are lucky to have you."

"Sometimes I wonder if when they're teenagers they're going to wish they'd had their real fathers." It wasn't something he had an easy time admitting.

"You are their real father, Lucky. You're the only father they've ever known. You love them that's what matters." She'd seen Lucky with the boys. He was an amazing father, and biology didn't matter one bit to him. In that regard he reminded her so much of her uncle Mac.

"I do my best." He settled back down on the couch next to her. They sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes. "You know if you forgive him it doesn't make you weak."

She took a drink of her water and then looked down at the glass in her hand. "I know."

"And if you don't forgive him and you move on that doesn't mean you gave up." He'd done both and he wasn't sure one decision was more right than the other.

She swirled the water remaining in the glass and pretended to be fascinated by the motion. "I know." She turned to Lucky. "His actions have put my baby in danger, and he was going to lie to me forever if Lisa hadn't turned out to be insane. That's worse than the actual cheating in a way. I don't know how to forgive that."

"I think that with time will come perspective and you'll know the right thing for you and Emma. And I think things will be clearer when Lisa is no longer a factor."

She shook her head in agreement knowing that Lucky was probably right. "I don't want to think about it tonight, is that okay?"

"Absolutely." He picked up the remote from the coffee table. "Twilight Zone marathon." He waved the remote enticingly in front of her face. "What do you say?"

She grabbed the remote out of his hand. "Do you have popcorn?"

When Lucky turned the television off and switched the light back on Robin stood up and stretched. "Who knew you were such a sci-fi nerd, Spencer." She commented laughingly.

"Oh come on, Scorpio, you enjoyed it just as much as I did." He grabbed the popcorn bowl and her water glass and disappeared into the kitchen.

"You're right." She said when he returned. "I had a really good time tonight." She looked around for her purse. "I need to get back though. I told Mac where I was, but it's getting late."

"You going to be okay getting home?" He asked, Lisa and what she was capable of creeping back into his thoughts.

"I'll be fine." She hugged Lucky tightly and kissed his cheek. "Thank you, Lucky, for everything. I'm glad you're my friend." She wasn't sure where she'd be without him, and was glad she didn't have to find out.

"My pleasure. Text me when you get home so I know you're okay."

"I will." She promised.

He turned on the porch light for and stood in the doorway waiting until she got safely into her car before shutting the door and turning out the light.

She crept up the stairs to her childhood bedroom carefully so as not to wake Emma. "Have a good night?" Her uncle's whispered voice from the top of the stairs caught her attention.

She put her hand to her chest. "You scared me." She was sure she was blushing, and had to remind herself she was a grown woman and her uncle had not just caught her sneaking in after curfew. "I did have a good time. Lucky's a good friend."

"Good." Mac said approvingly. "Emma's fine." He said anticipating her next question. "I was just coming back from checking on her. She's sleeping. Patrick seemed disappointed you weren't here, but he'll get over it."

Robin hugged her uncle and remained in his comforting embrace. Her one constant through everything that life had handed her was Mac and his love and strength. "I love you, Mac. Thank you for taking Emma and I in."

"You're my girls. Always will be." He held her tighter and kissed the top of her head.