"And who is this lovely person?" Ryan Seacrest asked the newest and hottest movie star on the planet with two new projects ready for release despite this being her first movie premiere.

"This is my boyfriend Noah Puckerman" Rachel said proudly, looking up at the gorgeous man next to her in a classic black suit his own smile directed at her softening his rugged and somewhat harsh features.

"Boyfriend!" Ryan shouted in surprise laughing "how is it that cameras have been following you for months and there has been no hint of a romantic relationship?"

"I'm in the army" Puck answered for Rachel with another gentle smile at her "booked leave to come support my awesome talented girl" he slid an arm around her and pressed a kiss to her forehead before wincing as hundreds of flash bulbs went off.

"And that is the definition of a committed boyfriend" Ryan quipped as the couple nodded at him and moved further down the red carpet for another interview, Ryan happy he had made certain to get the first interview and therefore the scoop.

Five years later

"Ok so do I want to know what 'man crap do not open' is?" Rachel asked huffing a box into her apartment over to where her boyfriend who was fiddling with big screen telly and numerous games consoles he had brought.

"Um no" Puck said looking up and flashing her a cheeky grin "let's just say it was a long five years"

Disgusted Rachel dropped the box in the middle of the floor and stomped away vaguely hearing Puck laughing in the living room as she went to get more boxes from the freight elevator at the end of the hallway which currently held all of Puck's worldly possessions, a couple of hours hard graft and everything was finally moved in.

"How did you accumulate so many possessions living in military housing?" Rachel asked turning in a small circle at the mountains of boxes, Puck shrugged having no idea as the buzzer went.

"Do you want me to get that?"

"Baby you live here too now" Rachel laughed pressing a kiss to his lips as he smiled goofily and headed over to the door "Collins?" he asked stunned as he pulled open the door to his best friend holding a bottle of wine.

"Jack!" Rachel smiled heading over to him and throwing her arms around his neck "come in" she ordered ushering him and accepting the bottle of wine as it was handed to her.

"Dude you are banging a multimillionaire why are you living in this poky apartment!" Jack complained as he stepped around the mass of boxes, the only person able to get away with questions like that.

"Rach likes this place" Puck shrugged tripping over a box himself as he headed to the sofa

"Actually" Rachel started as she came in with three wine glasses and nimbly made her own way to the sofa with a grace the men were jealous of "I was thinking that we should find a place together but didn't want to make more stress with Noah starting his new job this month"

"You haven't mentioned this before" Puck said in surprise taking the wine glass and letting Rachel perch on his lap

"Just thought we would need a bigger place eventually" Rachel shrugged "but I can handle this until you settle into work and civilian life"

"We can start looking" Puck said with a smile, knowing Rachel was lying through her back teeth

"Oh thank the heavens" Rachel said with a bright smile throwing his arms around her boyfriend and kissing him soundly "it's so messy, I can't stand it!" she said looking around her apartment visibly twitching.

"You find some listings on your trip and look them over, and I will try and get this place orderly until we move" Puck promised earning himself another smile and kiss from his dramatic girlfriend.

"Where you off tomorrow then Rachel?" Jack asked, used to their displays of affection.

"LA, have some auditions and a few interviews for my new film" she said offhandedly, now used to the daily grind of being a star and everything that went into making a movie and promoting it well, unlike her Broadway days where the story was already known.

"Oh yeah who you playing this time?" Jack grinned "spy? Femme fatale?"

"Ranger" Rachel said smugly making both men laugh at the idea of petite small Rachel as a ranger "well actually it's a live screen adaption of the Halo games so technically I play a 'Spartan' I just wanted to see you faces"

"So early Halo story lines"

"Yes the hope is to turn into a franchise, it is already guaranteed a good turn out with the number of Halo fans in the world but we still have to make the media rounds to drum up more. And on that note I should pack" Rachel rolled her eyes leaning over and pressing a kiss to Puck's lips before hopping over all the boxes again to her bedroom.

"So ready for next week?" Jack asked the now nervous looking Puck

"I guess, still correspondence courses aren't the same as actual work and I'm not looking forward to going back to being the rookie, I was in the army for eight years and now I'm the person we make fun of"

"You won't be for long, you got good instincts you'll do well in the FBI"

"Hopefully" Puck shrugged "got more important things to worry about right now anyway"


"Well finally living with Rachel full time and asking her to marry me"


"Yep going to take the plunge" Puck whispered to Jack with a grin "I love her and damn she's waited for me for over five years now got to mean she loves me as much as I love her"


"And I want to be able t o call her my wife" Puck said slightly reluctantly "every magazine I see with her in it is either about how why aren't we married, or that she was seen looking cosy with some co-star and does that mean we broke up? It pisses me off chronic because I can't imagine not wanting to be with her forever and they shouldn't get to comment and they do all the time and I don't want it influencing Rachel"

"You know those aren't all amazing reasons for getting married; the media is always going to be there, especially with Rachel getting more and more films"

"Jack come on you know I want to marry her for all the right reasons as well, I love her, want to be with her always and mother of my children and everything like that" Puck said uncomfortably

"As long as that is all true mate" Jack smiled "then go for it"

"Already in motion" Puck promised with a grin at his friend and sip of his wine.

Tied and exhausted Rachel stumbled into her apartment dragging her bag behind her happy that her living room while cramped was now clear of the boxes just as her boyfriend had promised on the phone last night. Dropping the bag and kicking it into the corner she picked up the pile of letters on the side and flopped onto the sofa, kicking off her three inch heels she tucked herself up and flicked through the letters stopping in surprise as she found an airmail envelope.

Smiling in bemusement Rachel didn't spot her boyfriend who she thought was at work watching her from the doorway of their bedroom as she slit open the envelope and pulled out the single sheet of paper.


One last letter I promise, only have one more question for you gorgeous. Marry me?

Love you always



Rachel gasped and looked up as Puck kneeled in front of her and took her hand "yes!" she screamed "of course I will!"

Puck let out a strangled sigh of relief and slid the single diamond ring onto her finger before leaning forward and kissing her firmly "thank god" he murmured against her lips, only earning him a light slap.

"We don't say his name" Rachel said seriously before laughing at him and pulling him up beside her so she could cuddle into him and study her ring happily "I love you so much"

"I love you too baby" Puck said pressing a kiss to her head before she leaned over and pulled out the vastly increased stack of letters from her coffee table and draw and added her last one to it "no more letters" he promised her again "just us together"