Catch Me, I'm Falling

Summary: AU Never did she expect to befriend unlucky and popular boys. Nor did she expect a man to tell her that he was in an exorcism society. But when a revolutionary war erupts between demon and man, this was a tyranny that she can't avoid. 00FEM2780

Notes: This story will contain supernatural things: demons, angels, reapers, exorcists, and other things that I cannot think of. Yet.

Disclaimer: I do not own KHR. DUR.

Warnings: This has female Tsuna. You know the motto: Don't like, don't read. Or just imagine that you are Tsuna instead Tsuna being Tsuna.

He was one of the transfer students who began attending to her school after the day of the earthquake. Because of the disaster that recently occurred, their home was demolished. They decided to move to Namimori since it was apparently free of natural chaos.

From what Tsuna had observed, the Shimon students were an odd bunch: different appearances, different personalities, different sizes, different everything to the extent. Like putting the color orange and blue together; or black and white; or yellow and purple. They contradicted each other, yet remained close as a group.

Tsuna believed it was because since they went to the same school, they were acquainted with one another and wasn't sure how to come to terms with students from another school. It could be that they were shy, unsure of how to get along with strangers. Well, that belief faltered immediately. Indeed the Shimon students were odd, but they can also be mysterious, confident, loud, violent, scary, weird, very weird, cool, simple, and the list could go on.

But they were all unique, in a sense, as the days passed and Tsuna witnessed them more and more. And they all were loyal with one another. That bond was just hidden underneath the exterior actions; nevertheless, the relationship was strong and unbreakable. But why they were so loyal and what connection they share was confusing. Almost paradoxical for one who takes the time to ponder of such.

Nevertheless, Kozato Enma was the least bewildering person out of all the Shimon students. Henceforth, he was obviously not as extraordinary as his fellow companions and was quite plain. In fact, he presented himself quite lamely in front of Tsuna's class; it was a stark opposite introduction of how P. Shitt had performed. But it was reassuring that he was not that abnormal.

Yet Tsuna couldn't help but feel pity for the new student. With his shy demeanor, quiet voice, and inferior, thin stature, he was a prime victim for bullies. He must have been bullied in his old school considering the bandages and cuts on his face. He reminded of her somewhat, except her bullies were loneliness and the disregards of acknowledgement. Instead of bullies coming to her like how bullies come to Enma, people avoided her. It was understandable, people didn't want to be found accompanying Dame-Tsuna and be regarded as a useless person's friend. Whether it may be disgraceful, no fun, or a twist in their reputation, Tsuna was a loner.

And yet despite their similarities, Enma had the other transfer students with him. They do not protect him from bullies, but blatantly imply that he was weak and pathetic, especially that third-year boy who wore glasses. However, they would tend to his wounds and admonish him for not standing up for himself, saying that he was far better than the harassers and could bring them down to their knees if he desired so. Thus, it was an exaggeration that merely provoked more conflict upon the boy.

What a strange relationship they all share. Having their ups and downs, rights and wrongs, good and bad. They were befuddling and peculiar. As if out of this planet. But even so, Tsuna had the weirdest feeling that she and Enma shared the same hardship but were completely different. Perhaps that he wasn't as sociable as she was. Perhaps they were both mocked in a similar pattern. Perhaps they were clumsy at everything. Was that the familiarity Tsuna felt? And what ways were they different? That…he was a boy and that she was a girl? There was definitely more to it, but what?

It was a struggle that Tsuna could not get out of, and she didn't know why she was so absorbed with curiosity about the Shimon students. When did this happen? How did this happen? Why did this happen? Questions all relating to one another unanswered. And it was merely something that she should not concern about. So she turned away from the prying and continued on failing at school, oblivious of what extraordinary adventure she must overcome in the future.


He had the same homeroom class with her when they were first-years and up to now. He didn't know who she was and yet she knew very well who he was. Of course, who didn't? And with everyone flocking him, receiving the emanation of his happy grins, and calling out his name as if it was a spell that would bring out the bright sunny days, how was it possible to not who he was?

Of course, it wasn't the same with Tsuna.

For the past fourteen years, nothing has changed; the days went on like reruns—over and over and over again. Nothing changed! And because of this, this had lead her to an awful illness of which her mother was oblivious to because Tsuna managed to conceal it whenever she returned home, and the case was called depression.

Depression: a desperate need for liberation of this terrible universe, however, obviously there was no way that she could be rescued, thus the callous of her desperation hardened whilst her mind developed over time. Of course, now she was more thoughtful than her fellow peers and was rather cynical, but her shy exterior and interior did not falter whatsoever considering that it was her natural persona in which she cannot get rid of—no matter how weary her soul was, she was still Tsuna.

Either way, Tsuna disregarded the people around her and was not, at all, interested in what they were engaged with. There was no reluctance in her motive; merely the neglect of others and the idleness of anything that occurred around her, unless it actually does involve her. The absence of ambition yet the endeavor of making out alive in each day were paradoxical; nevertheless, one would conclude that she was living her life as if it was to be her Dying Will.

But because of the stages to her attitude in the years prior, this distanced herself from the students at her school, not that she ever established a friendship or acquaintanceship with her classmates before. Her classmates and more wary students were aware about the Dame-Tsuna—the girl who failed at everything she does: athleticism, academics, and popularity. Of course, due to her new nature, she was aloof about the circumstances of being a loner. However, it did sadden her because she was lonely, but never was able to admit it.

Yet what does it matter? Dame-Tsuna, whether she changes or not, will remain as Dame-Tsuna and will be acknowledged nothing more but the clumsy girl who cannot accomplish anything. Except being a failure. Somehow she managed to endure the irritation and sorrow she began to build whenever she would hear the students whisper "Dame-Tsuna" as she walks by. If this was so, then she must endure being a failure. It might construct her patience, really.

One would assume that she would be how she is forever; Tsuna, apparently, didn't like the belief but couldn't quite bring herself to disagree fully. After all, fourteen years of hardship and misfortune, there were barely any considerations of her with a satisfying life.

How much would it differ if she switched roles with Yamamoto Takeshi?

Obviously, she would have a nice life while Yamamoto would suffer from misfortune. Oh, how great would it be to have luck on her side? Very. And would she be lonely? Never.

That was the gap that separated Tsuna and Yamamoto; she could barely comprehend how the boy is always so joyous everyday, even when he receives a bad test grade! It was as if he was gifted with a variety: skills, looks, personality, smiles…Heck, he could easily charm a cold-hearted hag!

There was a definite line between them; there was no way that they could relate to one another. Perhaps through horrible grades, but Tsuna couldn't easily laugh it off—failing every time pained her, knowing that she was nowhere near improving. However, Yamamoto was idle in these circumstances and was never reluctant on grinning away, the entire class also addicted to his humorous ways. Except for Tsuna…and strangely the Shimon students as well.

While she sensed a familiar connection with Enma, she sensed a great distance from him. Of course, the popular boy who everybody loved would never experience hardships that Dame-Tsuna would go through. And, likely, he would never know. Sometimes she wished that he knew about such difficulty about life, about getting up everyday and be aware of what is coming per day. Sometimes she wished that he would at least recognize her and, well, offer a hand like how a gentleman should do. Sometimes she wished that Yamamoto would notice her and smile at her. But he never did. He did with every single girl. He never did with her.

It frustrated her that she was hardly noticed by anyone—especially Yamamoto, who knows practically everyone. But it was as if he didn't know that her existence was still here. Why doesn't he see her? How invisible is she? Why does he make her dislike him so much? She did not like him because of his disregards or actual hardship; his naivety insufferable to see everyday. And it was merely something that she should not concern about. So she turned away from the prying and continued on failing at school, oblivious of what extraordinary adventure she must overcome in the future.


The morning went by as usual: wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and exit out the house knowing that another miserable day was coming. Another miserable day…another miserable and boring life of Sawada Tsuna.

So after the morning ritual, her way to school went as usual: walk alone, hear the bird chirping, feel exhausted from waking up, see a group of bullies pulverizing some kid…

One bully looked up and snorted, "Oh look, it's Dame-Tsuna. Let's get out of here before we catch her bad luck." The other boys agreed and retreated while snickering at their friend's joke. Tsuna rolled her eyes and wondered if she was now considered to be some bully repellent.

She turned to the mess the bullies had left: papers were scattered everywhere and books were torn, and in the middle of the remains of a hurricane was a boy—to be exact, it was one of the Shimon transfers. Tsuna furrowed her eyebrows and inquired to herself what possibly could a Shimon student do to cause a horde of harassers to pummel him. She tilted her head, seeing a mop of red hair and a bandaged face: Kozato Enma. Of course.

She stood there, and thinking to herself what should she do in such crisis. Should she walk away and forget that this had ever happen? Should she help him out? Tsuna brushed her locks over her shoulder and sighed. It might do her some good if she did a deed benefitting Enma, and God above might see her and bless her by finally giving her a day without bad luck. Well, why contemplate about it now? She bent down and picked up the papers, neatly stacking them on top of each other, and faced Enma who was struggling to get up. He looked at her and mumbled something that sounded like a "thank you", received the stack, and hastily shoved it into his book-bag.

Well, so much for organizing it for him, Tsuna thought. She picked up a tattered book and handed it to him. "Here," she said. Enma thanked her again in his usual inaudible tone and stuffed it into his bag—which looked like it was going to explode any second now. But before he did stuff it in, by the time he reached for the book, Tsuna took notice of a ring on his finger. She blinked at the detail: it was somewhat large for a ring and has a flat surface shaped as a shield; on the surface was a peculiar design about parallel lines running horizontally with random angling positions. It was even more peculiar when there were tear-shaped jewels peeking through the lines. It had an uncanny appearance of a bandaged block with blood seeping at the cracks.

When he withdrew his hand, Tsuna blinked again to regain her focus away from the strange ring. Suddenly, the boy stalked away with a quick pace, as if running away. Of course, he wasn't running away from her, but he always just moved away from everybody like he didn't want to stay near them. As if they were going to hurt him. That was something that Tsuna could not understand. Why does he always want to distance himself from others or isolate himself? It's not like everybody is a bully; Tsuna is definitely not a bully. But it just seems that he is convinced that everybody is.

While walking, her eyes scrutinized the receding form of Kozato Enma until he was not visible. Her attention was drawn back to the ring that he wore. Did he wear that before? How weird. Such eerie-looking object should not be worn by a fragile boy; it didn't look good on him. It was like those jewelries that gothic-lolita folks would decorate themselves with; except it didn't appear like cheap jewelry, but it seriously did seem as if it held a high quality, an expansive value.

Tsuna realized that she was strangely attracted to the eerie ring, ascertaining that perhaps she was drawing into the interests of things like black magic and other dark, scary stuff. She shuddered. It would be hell till she would be caught into things like that. Nevertheless, she recalled specifically of the red beaded gems embedded upon the surface glimmered luminously, glowing even in broad daylight. The signification of probable blood was beautiful, yet gave her chills that ran down her spine when she envisioned the ring once more. Perhaps the gems were the object of her attention.

Inside her classroom at school, she took notice of Kozato Enma and P. Shitt already seated. Enma being his usual quiet self—trying to conceal himself with zero acknowledgement—and P. Shitt causing an extravagant show with her alien language and robotic movements, and then changed into flowing dance-like waves. When Tsuna's eyes landed on Enma, unexpectedly, their eyes met. She quickly looked away and from the corner of her eye Enma, too, averted his attention elsewhere. She let out a small sigh and walked to her seat.

Behind her, Yamamoto Takeshi made his appearance whilst wearing his same casual smile and cheerful salutations. Classmates eagerly returned the greeting and a couple boys were making a conversation with him already. Tsuna looked away from the scene, resisting the jealousy of the apparent friendship established between Yamamoto and every single person. In. The. Universe.

However, she turned her head back to him when she overheard the dialogue.

"Dude, you can't be serious."

Yamamoto sheepishly laughed. "Heh, yeah. Sorry."

"Man, you busted your arm—your throwing arm! Did you explain this to the coach?"

"Yeah. He told me to sit out until my arm gets better. Too bad, eh?"

Yamamoto was scratching his head with his left arm, the arm that was not wrapped inside a bulky cast. Tsuna eyed the injured limb as she wondered how he broke his arm.

"How'd you break your arm?" asked a boy.

"Over practiced. I guess I was pushing myself too hard."

"You definitely did."

Tsuna couldn't agree more. She wondered why Yamamoto was trying too hard recently when he was already capable of being a fabulous player. In spite of everything, he was Namimori's baseball star. Would there be any reason to his motivation? Perhaps he desired to upgrade his competence. Well, that's fantastic; he wants to push himself harder, therefore become even stronger. But it was quite ridiculous to go to the extent of injuring himself.

"Oh, Takeshi-kun, what happened?" A group of girls huddled before him, expressing their concern of his catastrophe.

Yamamoto gave them a nonchalant wave and a reassuring grin. "Nothing to worry about; it's just cast on my broken arm."

"Does it hurt?" a girl asked.

"Nah. At first it did when I busted it, but it's all right."

"Is there anything we can do for you?"

He tapped his chin, and then replied, "Cheer for the baseball team to win for the upcoming game next week?"

"Okay!" all the girls simultaneously answered, and then giggled.

Tsuna inwardly gagged at the sight. She could understand why girls would have crushes on the boy. She could understand how the boy caught their interests. What she couldn't understand was that why they would openly behave like children by giggling at everything he said—which did not seem to be funny at all. Did he say a joke? No. Did he mean it to be funny? No. So why giggle?

Tsuna slumped into her seat, answering her own question. Why did they impulsively act? It was because their feminine side kicked in whenever the source of their attraction radiates a good aura. Or so Tsuna insinuated it to be. Not that she would really know—she didn't exactly had a female friend to know why girls were like this. She also concluded that it was the hormones—the acne, pimples, and the change in behavior are obvious as they all grow older. But because she is isolated with nothing but loneliness, she wouldn't know.

But this was one of the great things of being a loner: you didn't appear as a moron. Well, a moron who attempted on being flirtatious relentlessly. It was somewhat humorous watching from the sidelines, witnessing girls trying their hardest to obtain Yamamoto's attention and get him to smile—which cannot be very hard at all. Yamamoto was quite easy to please, when you think about it. If one were to give him his old rusty bat, Yamamoto would smile cheerfully and bestow his gratitude. If one were to congratulate him on his test grade—even when it was obviously very bad—Yamamoto would sheepishly laugh and scratch his head.

That was one of the reasons why people liked Yamamoto: he was an easy-going guy who loved having fun. He just has a characteristic that draws people in to him, like a magnet. And Tsuna, in actuality, felt a small attraction towards the tall boy, though knew it would be a waste of time thinking about such. After all, why would Yamamoto Takeshi look at her? She was simple, plain, and boring.

Tsuna looked at Enma, who now stuck his nose into his book. At the moment, she wanted to sigh aloud. It was pitiful, but Enma and Tsuna were nearly one in the same, if it weren't for those other Shimon students, that is. It was strange, but Kozato Enma did have friends; even the weird P. Shitt was his pal or some sort. Well, the way they interacted with one another could be regarded as friendship, but it more of a mixture of a formal and disrespectful relationship. How odd.

But despite the very fact, Enma and Tsuna were misfits; they were unable to become known or disguise well in a crowd. It was as if they had an unlucky cloud hovering above their heads wherever they go. While they were abandoned in the shadows, Yamamoto was the brightest star placed further away from the two. But, of course, Enma was much closer to being a star than Tsuna was; she never did acquire a friend.

But even if Enma with the nearest distance to wonderful recognition, he was yet miles away from that goal. If he desired that goal anyway. How would it be if she was as popular as Yamamoto? Oh, how would it be? Clearly Yamamoto must love being the baseball star of the school and being the main attraction of his many adoring fans. Of course he would. Who wouldn't?

As the bell rang, classes commencing on the first lesson, Tsuna bend over to retrieve a book from her bag, and that was when she recognized the glint from Enma's ring.


The day ended tiredly; it was a relief to everybody when the bell ended the day, thus returning to their comfy homes and loving families. However, it was rather different for two unfortunate students: Tsuna and Enma. They were assigned to finish cleaning duty, which was strange considering how cleaning duty would consist of about one-thirds of the class instead of a few.

Oh brother, Tsuna thought, the others must be ditching their responsibilities. Might as well get it over with. Beside her was Enma, who was standing in the corner with his shoulders slumped over and his bangs covering his weary gaze. Tsuna felt like sighing, believing that working with the Shimon student would be awkward since he was not much of a talker; even the other students who was aware of Dame-Tsuna wouldn't hesitate on creating a simple, idle conversation with her. But at least they could accomplish the chore quicker.

Tsuna dusted her skirt and walked towards to the closet to fetch a broom and a dust-holder. "Um…Do you want to clean the board?" she asked. Without a reply, Enma grabbed an eraser and diligently removed the markings.

It was soon after that the two students have accomplished the chore. There were moments where Tsuna would ask Enma questions about if he wanted to take out the trash or dust the erasers, and he would not answer but obediently do the job. It made Tsuna guilty of unintentionally making the boy do these things; the poor guy must think that she liked having him doing all the work; therefore she worked just as hard as he did so that Enma wouldn't be pushing himself too hard.

With the cleaning duty done, Tsuna smiled at the success the two done with spare time compared to how it was with the other students. She turned around to see Enma, with his bag slung over his shoulder, already leaving the classroom. So much for celebrating. She sighed and left the room as well, treading slowly behind Enma, who was quickening his pace. When the two exited through the back doors about the same time, the boy suddenly halted, causing Tsuna to stumble on her brakes. She blinked by the unforeseen reaction while looking at Enma with confusion. Why did he stop instead of keep walking?

"There's someone there," he said, still not facing her but have his eyes locked upon the roof.

Tsuna was surprised that Enma, for once, had spoken loud enough for a person to hear clearly, though she wasn't quite sure. 'There's someone there'? What kind of statement was that? She elevated her stare to the roof as well, trying to see what had captured the timid boy's attention. There, she noticed a shadow looming over the two teenagers, which startled her.

"What?" Tsuna tentatively took a step back, but her eyes were locked upon the unknown figure above her.

"He can't see us," Enma said, his eyes narrowing. "Wait—Yamamoto Takeshi?"

"Huh?" Tsuna looked at him. "What? What's going on?"

"I don't know. He's just standing there." Alone on a roof? Or was the entire baseball team there as well? The Shimon student raised his shoulders and dropped them—a shrug. "Must be a false alarm."

He abandoned his observation and dragged his feet into a slow tread. Tsuna frowned, feeling foolish for being overly cautious for basically nothing. She began following behind him when she saw Yamamoto's face making its appearance as he stepped forward, and strangely, its expression was rather apathetic compared to his usual cheerful grins. His toes were dangling from the ledge, his back against the black fence that was meant to keep students from falling off the roof. However, Yamamoto was dangerously close to tipping over since he crossed the barrier.

There was a bad feeling in her gut. "Um." Enma, unaware of where Yamamoto was now standing, did not turn around. She was feeling nervous now. "K-Kozato-san!" she yelled in a hoarse whisper.

Fortunately, Enma heard her and turned around. Then he froze when he noticed Yamamoto, who didn't even detect his classmates yet. "Wh-What in the world?" he mumbled.

It was an immediate realization. "He—He's going to commit suicide!" She went to him and said, "Hurry! Go up and stop Yamamoto-san! I'll—I'll stay here and try to catch him if you don't make it in time."

Enma owlishly blinked, his eyes widened from Tsuna's quick instructions. "I…" He shook his head, and then nodded. Not even close to a second, Enma vanished. Tsuna was awed by his rapid feet movements and wondered why he couldn't use his speed to escape from his bullies. But never mind that now! She had to focus on Yamamoto—the suicidal idiot! Why on earth would he want to perpetrate self-murder?

She really did not know why. Could it be that the star baseball player was actually depressed about something? But what could he possibly be depressed about? He had everything! He had admirers, friends, popularity, and everything! It didn't make sense why he would want to end it all by jumping off the great height. Why did he want to loose such blessing as Yamamoto Takeshi? Why did he?

His shadow was hovering over her head, and she drew in small, short breathes as nervousness and fright overwhelmed her, but not enough to keep an eye on the boy. Yamamoto moved his head side to side in a slow motion, taking in the view that he was seeing before him. A faint smile was plastered upon his face, but it was not at all genuine or happy, but a forced jerk of his muscles. It actually looked familiar, then Tsuna's eyes widened from realization: Yamamoto's smiles were often like the smile she was seeing right now. Does that mean that he was forcing his smiles all the time? And what about his laughter? His friendly gestures? What about everything that Yamamoto is? Is that what Yamamoto really is?

How could have nobody had noticed this before? Of course, Tsuna being the one who would idly observe form the sidelines, why didn't she notice it? For none of the classmates to see the strained grins, he must have cleverly concealed them with the usual actions he used when they were first-years. Then does that mean he was disheartened back then? What could it be?

The boy withdrew a deep breath, and then breathed out. He closed his eyes and reopened them, along came with a simple smile, but it wasn't strained at all—it was genuine. He averted his attention to his cast and sighed a word; Tsuna, considering how the only noises that filled the silence were the winds and other students who were staying after school due to clubs shouting at one another from a far distance, heard him say 'baka'. Baka? Idiot? Tsuna blinked from confusion. Since there was no one who he could refer to, that would mean he was calling himself an idiot. But why?

He took a step away from the ledge and gave a mirthless laugh. Tsuna sighed in relief; he wasn't going to kill himself now. At least he grew some common sense; committing suicide…what would that bring anyway? "Huh?" Tsuna froze when she saw his eyes glanced at her. "Wait…you're—"

"Don't do it!"

Enma, sprinting towards Yamamoto, thrust his arms and grabbed a handful of his white shirt. The Shimon student's actions startled Yamamoto, therefore unconsciously turning around to where the shout originated; unfortunately, while he was turning, his foot did not touch solid concrete but rather nothingness air. With Yamamoto tipping over and his full weight having no support, he was diving off of the roof meanwhile bringing Enma along in the plummet. Tsuna had a glimpse of both boys' eyes: Yamamoto's was out of pure shock whilst Enma's appeared…to be glazing out of frustration? His teeth were showing, his lips forming a grimacing scowl, and this all happened when Yamamoto failed to balance himself.

She gasped loudly; she was witnessing both boys falling off of a height that could conclude an instant death: the break of the neck; the break of the ribcage; the break of every single bone in the body; and whatever that would terminate a person's life, which paint the grounds a nasty color of red. The acceleration of the divers seemed to be moving in a slow motion, and it stirred sentiments of absolute horror and hysteria.

For a moment, Tsuna was able to visualize the future: everybody would be bursting with sorrow with their favorite jock gone; everybody would not be as emotional with the bully target gone. Enma…would anybody miss him? They would probably be aghast with the knowledge of somebody attending to their school died on campus, but surely that information would be forgotten, however, the other Shimon students definitely wouldn't overlook the situation. Would they be in distress?

And what about Yamamoto? Well, the girls in her class will have their dreams crushed of having their knight-in-shining-armor dead. The baseball team would be dismayed by such loss of a fantastic pitcher and batter. The teachers would miss the boy's humorous jokes and comments because, really, who else would enlighten their day? But…would everybody be in sorrow because of what Yamamoto is given, not what he really is? Tsuna recalled the times where all students and teachers would talk to him, have fun with him, and loved his refreshing presence. But is it all because of what he emanated? What did they truly think about him?

In fact, what did people think about Enma and Yamamoto? What did Tsuna think about those two?

Enma was one of the transfer students who began attending to her school after the day of the earthquake. Because of the disaster that recently occurred, their home was demolished. They decided to move to Namimori since it was apparently free of natural chaos. From what Tsuna had observed, the Shimon students were an odd bunch: different appearances, different personalities, different sizes, different everything to the extent. Like putting the color orange and blue together; or black and white; or yellow and purple. They contradicted each other, yet remained close as a group. Because of this, it is obvious that there is something more to Enma that she had not realized.

As for Yamamoto…he had the same homeroom class with her when they were first-years and up to now. He didn't know who she was and yet she knew very well who he was. Of course, who didn't? And with everyone flocking him, receiving the emanation of his happy grins, and calling out his name as if it was a spell that would bring out the bright sunny days, how was it possible to not who he was? Indeed people liked him, but Tsuna didn't really. It could be of one simple reason: he did not acknowledge her existence.

But…But Yamamoto…What did Tsuna ever do to Yamamoto? Nothing. That was why he didn't know her. She did not talk to him or do anything that catches his attention. Perhaps that was how Enma was living his life: hiding himself from being noticed. But why did he want that? So that he could hide away from bullies?

Would it affect her if they disappeared?


She screamed. Tears cascaded. Feet moved.

A great weight landed on top of her.

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