Day 501: The Truth?

Hank stopped looking at the sorrowful statue, and was about to walk away until Edward said something.

"Listen." Edward said, pushing a button on a pip-boy that he was holding, playing a holotape.



"You're covered in blood...oh God, Cain. What have they made you into?"

"Do you remember that night? Where you threw away all I gave you, threw it right into my face?"

"Cain, I...didn't want any of this while you're killing're a slave, Cain."

"Don't fucking call me that! Call me what you called me that night, when you ripped any piece of life remaining in my body to pieces, threw my soul into the trash!"

"I didn't mean to call you that but seeing you kill all those people..."

"You said your brother was dead! That I was nothing more than a fucking monster! That I should burn in hell! Now you're here trying to apologize? Trying to get me to feel sympathy for you? But guess what? Monsters don't know what that is, or empathy, or whatever the fuck it is. So what now? Does the monster develop a human side? No, I already had one, but you killed him. He had survived torture, murdering people, insanity...I clawed at his sides for so long, but he continued on until his sister called him a monster, then he stopped in the middle of a battlefield, just like a bleeding injured soldie that couldn't go on anymore."

"I'm sorry...he has to still be in there...Cain!"

"Nope, he's sleeping! Allowed me to be free! He killed for you, not liking it, but he would do anything for you. But me? I love it! Let the blood flow, slice through meat, they will all beat, I'll tie the spine into a pretty nice bow! Oh, why are you crying? Are you sad that your brother doesn't care about you anymore? Come on, get off the floor! Oh I understand, you are frightened by me too!"

"Leave me alone!"

"You don't lov me anymore, sis? This is your brother speaking! Or is this just the monster simply tricking? Who knows? I can barely tell who is who as long as the blood blows. Why do I rhyme? I don't even know as the rage building in me says it's time. The bell has rung, the monster in Cain has sung. Your end is near, YOU NO LONGER NEED TO FEEL FEAR!"

Screams went on in the holotape for a minute, along with sounds of someone horribly dismembering someone else.

"Oh God...what have you...what have I done, why?"

"Aren't you pleased with me, Cain? I let you back out to see her!"

"You fucking murdered her, you asshole. My sister is dead, now I have nothing...all I wanted was my sister, but now that you killed her all I want is for you to disappear and my memories to fade."

"I can't disappear, I'm a part of you Cain, hell, now I AM you. I could take over the whole damned thing forever if I wanted to!"

"If you are what I am, then I don't want to be me."

The holotape stopped playing.

"...Why did you have me listen to that?" Hank asked.

"To reveal to you what Cain does not remember, what he has forgotten. I suggest you to not tell him anything about it yet. The Monster will fully awaken if he remembers it, and overtake the Brother, which you know as Cain. See, they were split from each other until Cain left the Vault. Victor did something to him, gave him what he wanted for his soul. The personalities merged, and Cain was whole again, but obviously, under Victor's control." Edward said.

"How do I get him out of Victor's control?" Hank asked.

"You probably have to find something that incriminates Victor, and something concrete. But keep in mind if it's related to his sister and you show him it too early, then the Monster will awaken.

"Maybe...this statue..." Hank said.

"...He is knocking. The Monster inside, he is enraged yet again, Cain is yelping in pain." Edward randomly said. Hank hadn't realized outside of this chamber was an enraged Cain, who had been noticed by Edward first.

"Cain!" Hank said, alerted now.

"Jesus loves all the little children..." Cain sung as he stepped into the chamber, fully in view.

It was possibly quite easily the most horrifying experience Hank has had in this place. Cain had a lifeless girl slung over his shoulder, and a boy in his arms.

"All the little children of the world..." Cain sounded as if he was almost crying. "Brother and sister, torn apart...God doesn't want people to be together, or to feel any type of happiness. My soul, nonexistant, but yet, I feel something pulling on me, crying, wanting me to remember, but I push her away, we will play another day, little familar angel, but why are you crying? Is it me? My face? But when I try to go away, you persist? Why? Why do you haunt me? I apologize for whatever I did, but I don't remember, and I don't want to! So leave me alone! Go away! The sight of you is comforting at first, but then anger appears, and then finally regret, not to mention everytime I see you, I see pieces of a puzzle appear in my head that seem familar as if they're of my previous life, but I don't want to solve it! So leave me the fuck alone! I already burn in hell, just let me smolder, then my ashes will be sweeped up, broken down, reburned again and again until time ends..." Cain ranted as he walked towards the angel statue.

He seemed as if he didn't care about Hank or Edward. He simply continued walking towards the statue, carrying the bodies. Cain placed the boy and the girl together sitting in front of the statue.

"Oh, rest in pace, symbol of the past which I am too much of a coward to face. May your fate be better than mine. And you..." Cain looked up at the sorrowful statue. "I see you...this chamber every day. Why? I feel pain but at the same time, peace. Everytime, I see you, I can't look away. Is it these chains that bind you? I have a key, but there are several locks..." Cain said.

Hank wanted to say something but he knew better and didn't, and simply watched and waited for any type of acknoweledgement at all, which he got after a second or so.

"Hank. Let us leave this place...the longer the stay, the more I if I'm in pieces." Cain commanded. Hank looked back at Edward, who was still standing there. Didn't Cain see him? He was in plain sight, so why didn't Cain acknoweledge him? Or did he have an unspoken alliance with Cain as how Hank ha? Hank followed Cain out of the chamber, leaving Edward behind.

"They found her dead this morning." Cain suddenly said.

"Who?" Hank asked.

"Who do you think? The same person I put you down here to protect! Some guy went out of control and stabbed her to death, screaming about his son or daughter or something. I was going to paint the wall with him but I could only injure him until he fled somewhere into the mansion...the entrances are all locked, and I figured he might have possibly found the Vault entrance...not to mention, I had to...lay those two back there to rest here. I still take them to where all of the other fallen go, but brothers and sisters...for whatever reason I bring them to that place so they can remain together in peace for a little while." Cain said.

"The guy who was in my cell did it?" Hank asked, trying to change the subject now that he actually knew that Cain killed his own sister.

"No, but I know there's something down here. Did she...have a key on her?" Hank asked, cautious of Cain in his current state.

"Yes, Victor took it..." Cain said. "Argh...not now..." Cain said as he suddenly stopped.

"What?" Hank said, curious.

"Make your own way back!" Cain screamed in pain as he suddenly ran through the halls, leaving Hank behind.

"Where you running to Cain? You can't leave me behind and you knooooow it! Hahahaha!"

"Shut up...go away..." Cain muttered as he ran away.

Hank shrugged and began to make his way out of the Vault and when he reached the experiment section, the Minotaurs and Bob the Gigantic Radroach were dead.

Cain remianed in the Vault however and wound up in the clinic. He stared at himself in the mirror and saw a familiar face over his shoulder.

End of Day 501: The Truth?

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