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Rain pelted down in thick sheets running down the stained glass windows in a continuous river. The church doors creaked open slowly, the Priests' head shifted upward watching as rain blew in through the opening, darkening the floor with water. "Hello," the priest called hesitantly as he shifted and squinted his eyes, trying in vain to see through the dark and the rain. A flash of lighting caused him to jump, as he stumbled back slightly when two figures suddenly appeared in the doorway.

They were both shrouded in dark heavy coats and large hats their heads tilted slightly down as they shielded their eyes from view. The taller and clearly male of the two held an umbrella above his own head and his much smaller female companion. The male reached back with a pale hand closing the door with a heavy thud then reached up closing the umbrella.

The priest took a deep breath trying to shake the nerves that had settled in the pit of his stomach, he could not help the feeling that these two were a bad omen. "Are you in need of some assistance?"

The small girl moved forward seeming to float along the carpeted floor causing his breath to hitch in his throat as he wondered ideally if she were an angel, given the way she moved. She came to a stop in front of him almost a foot away her head still bowed and her hands clasped in front of her. "Forgive us father," she began in a soft airy voice, reminding him of the chiming bells in the tower. "For we have sinned."

He stood stunned for a moment before smiling softly, finding that all thoughts of fear were gone as he stared down fondly at the small girl. "Right this way."

He could hear her suck in a deep breath through her nose unable to help his smile from growing when she sighed in relief as she let the breath go then licked her lips. He turned leading her to confessional booth stepping into his side and closing the door behind him. The only indication she had followed him was her door creaking on its old hinges as she opened and closed it.

"Bless me Father," she whispered softly causing him to lean in slightly to hear better. "For I have sinned. It has been," she stopped suddenly, humming to herself as she looked up into the corner with blood red eyes. "Quite some time," she settled on with a smile as she turned her eyes back to the screen. "Since my last confession."

"Let us began with the earliest one you can remember," he probed completely transfixed by her bell like voice.

She laughed softly as she shook her head "Oh it seems like a lifetime a ago. I'm a glutton," she said with a smile. "I can't help myself at all. Just the sound of a beating heart has my mouth watering."

"Beating heart?" he asked in confusion.

"I've killed hundreds of thousands for their blood, it's so…invigorating."

"Killed," the priest corked out as his heart began to pound in his chest.

She laughed gleefully in return "forgive us father, for we are about to sin."

His heart jumped to his throat as his door was ripped off its hinges clattering loudly to the ground. He could not help the gasp at the large figure that stood in the doorway. He was no longer wearing his hat and coat, showing a strong build, deathly pale skin and a mess of blond hair, his heart skipping a beat at the mans' red eyes.

"I'll never understand why you enjoy playin' with your food, darlin'," he said in a deep haunting voice, tinged with a southern accent.

"It's so much fun Jazzy," the girl said merrily as she bounded to his side wrapping an arm around his waist.

He smiled down at her tenderly reaching out to cup her chin, tilting her head upward. He leaned down pressing a kiss to her forehead then mumbled against her skin "Whatever you say."

The priest shot up from the corner darting past them as he ran desperately for the door, shaking when he was only a few feet from it. Then suddenly all of the wind was knocked out of him feeling as if he had slammed into a brick wall, landing hard on his backside as he crumbled to the ground.

"Where are you going?" the girls' voice rang confusedly in his ear.

He looked up to see her standing in front of him with a look of deep confusion, as if she could not fathom a reason for his attempted escape.

"You're the devil," he hissed at her then cried out in pain as he was jerked harshly from the ground.

"Call her that again," the blond growled once they were face to face. "And I'll rip out your tongue."

"Jasper's quite protective of me," the girl laughed brightly. "Such a gentleman."

The priest reached down with fumbling frantic fingers grabbing the silver cross around his neck as he shoved it in the other man's face "The power of Christ compels you! The power of-" he stopped when Jasper began to laugh loudly in his face followed quickly by the females' high laughter. He swallowed thickly then started again "The Power of Christ-"

"Give me that," Jasper said in irritation wrapping his fingers around the silver chain. He pulled it over the priest's head then jerked the cross from his stunned hand, as he stared in surprise when silver appeared to have no affect.

"Here Alice," Jasper said as he tossed the cross through the air.

Alice caught it easily, examining it in her hands with her persistent smile. "It's so beautiful," she said as she pulled it from her hand then looped it around her neck twice before letting it fall.

"Can we feed now," Jasper asked excitedly as his eyes began to hungrily roam the priests' body.

"Let him have a drink first," Alice insisted as she spun around and danced to the large basin of holy water by the front door.

"He doesn't need a drink Alice," Jasper snarled as he began to lick his lips.

"Don't be cruel Jasper," Alice chastised as she cupped some water into her hands laughing as the priest gasped again. "That doesn't affect us either," she said as she spun around then suddenly appeared in front of him. Alice held her hands up to him as Jasper forced his head down trying to get him to drink. The priest closed his eyes as he pressed his lips tightly together refusing her offering. "Fine," Alice said lively "don't say I didn't try to be nice." She pulled hands away and turned slightly tossing the water on the ground behind her.

Jasper reached up fisting the priests' hair into his hand and pulled his head to one side "ladies first."

The priest began to pray under his breath as Alice leaned forward pressing her mouth to his throat, her teeth sinking in as the Amen fell from his lips.

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