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Warnings: underage drinking and some curse words.

Contacting the Dead

A full moon lit up the old graveyard as rolling fog only added to its ominous look. The grass was tall with weeds sprouting up and old graves crumbling.

"Wahooo!" An adolescent male screamed at the top of his lungs waving the beer in his right hand in the air. He stumbled drunkenly along the uneven ground while the girl hanging off his shoulder slid off falling to the ground.

"Shhh!" she hissed loudly swinging her right hand up dropping her beer in the process as she smashed her fist finger to her face trying to hold it to her lips. "You're being too loud!" she shouted then dropped her finger looking around in confusion. "Where's m'beer," she slurred.

"You two are such drunks!" A man ahead of them shouted waving his own beer above his head.

"Fuck you, Kyle!" The other man shouted back trying to pull the girl to her feet. "Come on Cindy get up," he grumbled as she continued to sit on the ground her body nothing but dead weight.

"Here it is!" Cindy shrieked completely oblivious to her surroundings, grabbing the aluminum can, as she was yanked to her feet.

"Come on," Kyle shouted then took a drink of his beer. "We have to reach the center of the graveyard before midnight." A peel of soft girlish giggles erupted suddenly causing Kyle to stop as the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. "What was that?" Kyle asked in a panic as his head darted around, the graveyard around him spinning slightly. Then it died out almost as rapidly as it had appeared.

"What's what?" Cindy asked in confusion.

"That creepy laughter!" Kyle shouted his voice an octave higher.

"Someone's gettin' scared," the other boy teased to the girl.

"I am not," Kyle yelled as he turned around, his face flush in embarrassment as he glared at them.

"Haha Derek's right you are scared " Cindy laughed.

"I am not!" He shouted again. "You two are going to the ones that are scared when we contact the dead," he said as he held up a cardboard box that read Ouija board. They continued walking for another few minutes, unaware that two pairs of red eyes were fallowing them. Kyle had finally decided that they were far enough in and brought their party to a stop.

"I call upon the spirits of the Quija board," Kyle called out loudly as they all held there fingertips on the pointer Cindy and Derek both looking unimpressed. "Are you out there spirits?" Kyle called again when nothing happened.

"Yes oh lame one," Derek called ominously before he began to sinker pulling his hands from the pointer. "God this is so stupid," He continued before taking another drink form his beer as Cindy pulled her hands away.

"You guys aren't even trying," Kyle accused as he pulled his hands away.

"That's because this is-" he was cut off by a sudden mysterious breeze his eyes widening as the pointer suddenly appeared over 'Hello'.

"Holly shit," Derek whispered, as all three were unable to pull their eyes from the pointer.

"Come on," Kyle said as he reached out fighting off a shake as he placed his hands on the pointer.

Derek grinned drunkenly as he placed his hands on the pointer nudging Cindy as she had yet to move. "Come on Cin, you aren't scared are you?" He challenged with a cocked eyebrow, figuring someone had moved it and in his drunken haze he had missed it.

Cindy pursed her lips as she quickly placed her fingers on the pointer.

"Hello spirit, could you tell us your name," Kyle requested as they all watched the pointer in expectation. Minuets had passed with nothing happing, leaving the group disappointed.

"It must have been the wind," Cindy said as she removed her hands from the pointer looking less tense.

"Yeah," Derek agreed as he pulled his hands away.

Kyle let out a discontented sigh as he pulled his hands away bringing his beer to his lips to take a drink. The moment the liquid touched his lips the sudden cool breeze returned causing Kyle to choke on the beer as the pointer shot across the board over the letter 'A'.

Everyone sat completely still watching hypnotically as the pointer shot all across the board. After the 'A' it moved to the 'L' then 'I' then 'C' finally coming to a stop on 'E'.

They all froze their eyes locked on one another as they tried to process what they had just seen.

"Did that really happen?" Cindy asked as her voice cracked.

"I don't want to play anymore," Derek said shot up as he stared down at the board fearfully.

"You can't leave yet, we have to say good bye," Kyle said adamantly, panic think in his voice.

"Fuck that! I don't want to touch that thing again!" Derek shouted as he began to back away from the board

"We can't just leave it open!" Kyle said as he lunged forward grabbing his friend by the arm to keep him from running off.

"Come on Derek we'll just say good bye then we'll leave," Cindy begged.

Derek glared down at the board before taking his seat, placing his hands on the pointer "Lets get this over with."

"Alice, we'd like to say good bye," Kyle said as he fought to keep his voice even. They all removed their hands figuring that as long as they were touching it Alice was not going to respond. Their hearts dropped to their stomachs as the pointer shot to the upper corner over 'No'.

Cindy let out a muffled cry as a tear slid down her cheek. Kyle reached out to grab the pointer sliding it back to the middle of the board as he urged his friends to touch the pointer. "We'd like to say good bye," Kyle tried again as his voice shook. They released the pointer watching in horror as it shot back over to the 'No.'

"Listen bitch," Derek shouted at the board as he stood again. "We're saying good bye."

"No," They all jumped as their heads turned in the direction of the new light famine voice. Their eyes widening as their panic increased at the deathly pale girl sitting casually on top gravestone. Her deathly pale skin seemed to glow in the moonlight while her red eyes stared hauntingly at them.

Derek was the first to get his wits about him as he ran in the opposite direction. He only made it a few feet before what felt like claws drove into his back as a full weight was thrown against him pushing him face first down to the ground. "I don't take to kindly to the bitch comment," A male hissed loudly into his ear. Derek felt his blood run cold as Cindy screamed the sound cut off to gurgling, Kyle fallowing quickly in her footsteps. He tired to scream, his voice cut off as something sharp sunk into his neck feeling as if his whole life was being drained.

Alice giggled as she pulled her mouth from the girls' throat swaying slightly as she stood. "Whoa," Alice said as she tried to regain her balance blinking her eyes rapidly at the unfamiliar feeling.

Jasper chuckled as he reached out to steady her "You're a little drunk darlin'." He teased with a lazy grin.

"Drunk?" Alice laughed as she stumbled into his arms, throwing her head back to look at him as Jasper locked his arms around her waist to keep her from falling backward.

Jasper looked down as he nodded "Their blood contained alcohol."

"Are you drunk?" she questioned as she pressed her body against his trying to stable herself.

"A little. Not nearly as bad as you, though."

"Why not?" she questioned sounding like a small child.

Jasper laughed at her drunken questioning. "Cause darlin' you're like half my size," he explained as she began to sway side to side in his arms.

Alice laughed as she reached up and tugged him down while she pulled herself up pressing her lips to his in a drunken sloppy kiss, "I love you," Alice said as she went limp, trying to slip out of his arms and causing Jasper to support all of her weight.

"I love you too," Jasper said with a laugh as he scooped her off her feet leading her away from the graveyard.

"Good bye," Alice called with a girlish laugh over Jasper's shoulder, watching the three corpses with bright red eyes and a bloody smile.