After reading the book And Then There Were None I decided to do it in a Soul Eater version. To clarify things this will be based off the book, and some parts will be similar but I will be adding little details as I see fit. I will try to fit the characters with ones in the book, but in some circumstances this will not be possible. Crona is a girl in this series. Here is who I think the characters will resemble:

Black Star: Anthony Marston

Soul Eater: Philip Lombard

Maka: Vera Claythorne

Kid: John Wargrave

Harvar: Mr. Rogers

Crona: Mrs. Rogers

Ox: William Blore

Tsubaki: Edward Armstrong

Patty: John MacArthur

Liz: Emily Brent

I know these choices are a bit strange, but with the way I have it planned out I think it will work. I do not own Soul Eater and And Then There Were None belongs to Agatha Christe. Just to warn you this chapter is one of the most boring since it's just introduction of all the characters but please continue reading it gets better. This is based a year after the anime.

Kid sighed loudly, his head over the side of the boat, of course he was the only one to get sea sick. He hated boats, always had and always would ever since their fight on the ship called the Black Dragon. Worst of all he wanted to be fighting, collecting Keshin souls, but instead he was here, going to a place called Indian Isle, something about the rock looking like an Indian head or something, he hadn't paid attention and wasn't planning on going, but when his father had seen it he had been forced to come. He sighed again, he didn't even know who this was from. A Mrs. Tory had sent the invitations. Kid began to think about who she was, and how she knew him.

Maka watched Kid be sick for about the fifth time and felt a pang of sympathy for poor Kid. I mean he'd been in the infirmary longer than the rest of them due to that stab wound he'd taken. Maka still had nightmares about that day, thinking that everyone other than her was dead, and then killing Asura. She'd killed other Keshin eggs before, but this seemed different, he wasn't freaky looking like others she'd faced, other than the red eye in the center of his head. He'd had logic, he'd actually had a brain and could talk, not like the other crazy things she'd faced. In all honesty, she felt a little bad for him. She sighed and looked at the water, trying to think of happier things. Like how Crona was getting better at not stuttering, it was definitely impressive.

"Yaahoo!" Black Star screamed standing at the tip of the boat, causing it to wobble a bit. This was going to be absolutely awesome! An entire mansion all to themselves, no adults, no rules, although he was positive Maka was going to enforce some. He shrugged, then went back to screaming at the sky. The letter hadn't concerned him in the least, even this Mrs. Tory had heard of him! She'd written in detail how she was honored to have the future god come for a nice relaxing vacation at her old summer home. Although Tsubaki had been a bit hesitant Black Star had insisted they go, everyone else was going after all and what was the worst that could happen?

Ox sighed, reading a book. He wondered why he'd been the only one not part of Maka's group invited on this trip. His team had been so jealous, he smiled at the thought and how jealous Kim had been. He'd heard she'd cornered all the other girls on the trip and actually threatened them if they dare make a move on him. He sighed again, earning a glance from his partner, Ox merely shrugged it off. Ox closed the book and looked up at the sky, waiting for this boat ride to end.

Soul was sitting at the back of the boat, feeling sick from the heat. This was the last time he wore a leather jacket in eighty degree weather. He was the one who had begged Maka to go on the vacation, he'd needed a break, and he knew she did too, with schoolwork and everything this would be nice. A secluded island where there was a beach, he imagined her reading happily and relaxing, something she really needed to do more often. He ran his hand over his forehead and noticed Maka staring at him, he gave her a thumbs up and she smiled and turned her attention to Kid, who was being sick for the sixth time. Soul sighed, the sooner they got the island, the sooner he could take a nice cold shower.

Tsubaki was nervous, yet a small flicker of a smile was seen on her face. She didn't like that they were going to someone's house who'd they'd never met before, but at least they were going together right? Nothing could go wrong, she made a mental checklist on what she'd brought. Clothes, first aid kit, cell phone with numbers for nearby hospitals and poison control. She didn't think she'd forgotten anything. She glanced at her meister making a ruckus at the head of the boat, making her sigh.

Patty gave a high pitched giggle, she'd been daydreaming when a sudden jerk of the boat broke her out of it. She clutched the giraffe she'd brought with her to keep her company and squealed. Patty was excited, an empty house where she got to run around like crazy! Hopefully before Kid made any rules, Kid always made rules so she wouldn't go crazy, but if he was busy fixing up the mansion, Patty giggled hysterically. Plus it was on a beach! So that mean she was going to go swimming!

Liz let out a loud groan as the boat jerked again, making her once again mess her nails. Carefully she took the nail polish remover filled cloth on her one knee and wiped it against her fingernail, leaving it clean and ready as she added another beginning coat. She was excited for this trip for one reason, the beach. This meant she could get a tan, although it would throw Kid over the edge since she'd be less symmetrical than Patty, but still it'd be nice. She blushed a bit, wondering if just maybe Kid would like it. Liz's purse contained all of her makeup, plus Kid's anxiety medication, she never ever let Kid have his own medication, it was just too risky. Soon she saw the shore and she smiled happily, they'd be off this boat soon enough.

Harvar stretched out his arms, he couldn't help but admit this was pretty nice, although he wished his partner was a bit more talkative. Ox had his nose buried in that book ever since they'd gotten on the boat, but then again Ox was one of the smartest meisters, Harvar rarely had to pass anything, however he always felt as if he needed to prove something to him Harvar blinked, although it was nice it was boring, very, very boring. He yawned, then closed his eyes.

Crona sat on the boat, excitement filling her tiny body. She'd never been invited to anything like this! It was the first time she'd really ever been out of the academy, even better she was surrounded by her friends, not even Ragnorak's constant beatings could put a damper on this day. She'd been so nervous of going on a boat, she'd never been on one before, Medusa had always used to fly Crona on her broomstick, or walked. Medusa, the thought simply made Crona shudder and not want to think about it, think of better thoughts, like how much fun this was going to be.