(Just so you know this part is based more on the movie)

Maka made her way back to the house, had she really just done what she thought she had? She walked into the sitting room, then screamed loudly. Kid was sitting calmly, his hands folded in his lap. "Hello Maka." he said calmly, a smile on his face."But you... I saw you."

Kid laughed, "Maybe I should explain my little game to you." he said looking smugly at her. "You see, in this world there must be a balance of good and evil, but it is impossible for good guys to kill, I had to annihilate everyone, Ox and Harvar were too powerful for their own good. Black Star was the easiest, just make his favorite desert and stuff some pesticide in it. Crona was a bit harder, although it truly wasn't her fault with the souls so I gave her an easy way out, a couple of quick dissolving sleeping pills in her drink, she couldn't have felt anything. Patty was harder, she was just so happy making a sand castle, she didn't see it coming, not at all." he said, remembering Patty's shock when she'd seen his face. "Harvar's death was because he was too nosy, one lucky strike and with my Shinigami strength. Liz, I gave her a quick and painless death, diluted her senses with pain killers, then a simple injection of a highly lethal snake venom, then my elaborate death." he said grinning. "Tsubaki." said Maka."Exactly. She wanted revenge on who'd killed Black Star." said Kid, "It was easy, then after my death I told her to meet me on the cliff neat the house, then I pushed her off, stupid girl." he said shaking his head. "Then I merely pushed the bear statue onto Ox, and you've taken care of Soul, and now." he said looking at a nearby chair, and sure enough a noose dangled from the ceiling. Kid pulled out a vile of pills, Maka recognized them as his anti anxiety medication. "And now I take these, and everything ends out in my favor."

"And what makes you think I'll do it?" she asked.

"Simple, how many people do you think would believe you, found all alone on an island with nine dead bodies?" his laugh frightened her. She tackled him to the ground, Kid's rage was clear as the pills rolled under a nearby couch. "Damn it!" he muttered, throwing Maka off him, her head slamming into the edge of a nearby coffee table, making her cry out with pain. Blood began running out of the wound on her forehead. Kid began searching for the pills, his arm under the couch, Maka grabbed his other arm, trying to wrest it behind his back. He glared at her angrily."Why Kid?" Maka asked, tears in her eyes. "I thought we were all friends.""Friends?" Kid scoffed, "You couldn't see how disgusted I was with all of you! You killed, you murdered! Just how was I supposed to let that go?"

"We all loved you Kid." Maka said, "We all trusted you." "Well you all made a mistake now didn't you?" Kid asked as his hand found the pills. Maka was thrown off once more, her eyes closing. "Good bye Maka." he said, taking a huge handful of the pills, his laughter getting louder and louder. Maka's eyes drooped, she thought someone screamed her name, and then utter blackness.

"Maka, Maka, Maka." a soft voice crooned, "Please wake up." Maka blinked, the brightness of the room making her blink, then open again. Her eyes widened at the figure standing at her bedside."Soul?" Immediately the worry and concern slid off his face, his shark toothed grin lighting up his face. "Maka! You.. you.. you're up!"

"Oww, Soul don't yell." Maka whined, rubbing her bandaged head. "What happened?"

"We were driving home." Soul said, taking her hand in his, "And we got into an accident, thank god you were wearing your helmet, but you've been in a coma for nearly a week!"

"An accident?" she asked drowsily.

"It's ok the doctors said you probably wouldn't remember it."

"Oh is she up?" Maka felt her heart lift again. Soon the others were in the room as well, Tsubaki, Black Star, Kid, the Thompson sisters and Crona.

"It's a good thing you're up, Soul went crazy without you." snickered Black Star. "Shut up." Soul said glaring, but Maka noticed how his grip never loosened on her hand.

"You had us all worried sick!" Liz scolded, Patty was giggling.

"I'm glad to see you're alright Maka." said Kid smiling, Maka cringed, which the others noticed. "What's wrong Maka?" Soul asked.

"Was it something I said?" Kid asked, looking hurt. Maka thought for a second, then shrugged.

"You know what, I don't really remember."

Thanks for reading guys, especially whoever commented it was awesome! I never expected this story to end on Halloween, but here we are. I never remember my dreams, so I figured Maka wouldn't either. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks again for reading!