The new Case

- Hanson,Penhall get over here! Everybody in the chapel heard Fuller shout.

- Oh oh looks like we're in trouble Hanson, Penhall said.

- Yeah, looks like it, Hanson agreed. Let's check it out huh?

2 minutes later.

- What's up coach, Hanson and Penhall said in unison.

- Something is going on at Aderton High school. 3 days ago a girl was found murdered. She had 5 pounds Cocaine on her.

- 5 pounds?

- Yeah and yesterday another girl was found murdered. She had 4 pounds marijuana. The police chef has asked us to help them out as they've gotten nowhere. Penhall looked at Hanson: You know what this means don't you? Hanson nodded.

- THE MCQUAID BROTHERS! They yelled and did their usual high fives before yelling HAH!

Ioki and Hoffs had waited to hear what they were up too. Suddenly they heard a yell: THE MCQUAID BROTHERS

- Looks like we don't have to ask them what they are doing right Ioki?, Hoffs asked.

- I guess not. Oh oh here they come he said, and watched as Hanson and Penhall ran out to the room where they kept all the uniforms.

Hanson and Penhall entered the costume room. It was like a clothes shop. You had to say what costume you wanted and then the person got it for you.

- Eh excuse me Ms… We are here to pick up, Hanson started

- The Mc Quaid brother's clothes right? The girl asked and laughed. I heard you yell. She walked away and came back with the costumes. – Here you go, have fun! She laughed again. And be careful she said and smiled.

Next day

Amy sat with her best friends Jamie and Hannah. Jamie (who was a girl) had straight black hair that reached her shoulders. Hannah had red short hair which had been dyed in all different colours. Amy had brown, long curly hair. She sighed. History with Mr. Brown was sooooo boring. Mr. Brown was one of those teachers who liked to talk a lot about his subject. When 30 had passed the whole class was almost sleeping.

- HELLO! The whole class looked up as the door flew open and smashed against the wall. There were two boys. Both had brown eyes. One of them had a bandana( AN: I think that is what they are called) so you couldn't see the hair completely but it looked like it was brown. The other one had brown hair. The one with the bandana had a jeans vest and the other one had a black jacket.

- Who are you? Mr. Brown asked.

- WE'RE THE MC QUAID BROTHERS! HAH! , they answered and began to high-five.

- What are you doing on my lesson?

- Well… We were kinda bored so we decided to try this class, the older one of explained.

- Well, McQuaids there isn't any empty seats so I'm sorry.

- Don't be, it's easy to fix.

- You! Doug said and pointed to a girl. Sit there he said and pointed to a desk. And you,he pointed to the boy at the desk. Move and sit at the window! He continued to move the whole class until he and Tommy were satisfied.

- And by the way! I'm Doug and this is my little brother Tommy. He turned to the teacher who looked as he had a big headache. Which…, Amy thought would not be surprising.

- See, Doug said, problem solved.

- Can we just get on with our lesson now? Mr. Brown asked

- Sure. Me and my brother just have to do one more thing, Tom answered.

Mr. Brown sighed. – Okay. Just do it.

- Thanks, Tom and Doug answered. Then they just laid down their heads and pretended to fall asleep. Amy laughed.

- Mc Quaids…. Get out! The second after the bell rang. Tom and Doug immediately raised their head and started walking out.

- Sure, we don't want to be here more than we actually need too. The whole class laughed.