For Writting2StayHalfsane's request in the Drabble Request thread at the Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges Forum.

Dreams in Darkness

"I may be disturbed/but won't you concede/Even heroes have the right to dream."
Five For Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy)

"I want to found a school," Godric said in such a matter of fact voice that his friend almost let it go uncommented on.

Almost. There was a heartbeat of astonished silence and then Salazar laughed so hard he rolled over on the floor of the cave where they were sheltering.

"A school?" he asked, mopping his streaming eyes. "A school? Children and parchment and writing and cauldrons? Seriously? When would you and I ever have time to build a school?"

Godric smiled ruefully. "Well, you asked what I wanted to do, not what I thought was possible right now," he objected. "That's what I want. A school to train the sorcerers of the future. It's needed, you have to admit, Sal. Look at Helga – if it wasn't for her own determination to find a teacher she'd be just another village wise woman, with half the population revering her and the other half wanting to burn her as a blasphemer."

Salazar shook his head, serious again now. "It's needed alright," he conceded. "But here and now? And you? Us? While we're up to our necks and beyond fighting not only the Muggles but half the wizarding world too? We might have won the last battle – thanks to your heroics – but we've not won the war yet, and you know it."

Godric sighed, and leant back against the wall of the cave. "Oh, I know it," he conceded. "But one day, we will win and then that's what I'll do. And I want you with me, brother. You and me and Helga. We could do it."

Salazar shook his head. "You're crazed," he said resignedly. "It can't happen."

Godric smiled the smile that was like sunshine. "Oh, it will," he said with confidence. "I may be half mad by your estimation, Sal, but I did win us that battle. Even heroes have to have their dreams, and that's mine. It'll happen one day, you'll see."

Salazar shrugged and laughed, but decided there was little point in arguing. There rarely was once Godric had an idea in his head. Instead, he pulled his cloak more tightly round him and lay down.

"Goodnight, brother," he murmured.

For a moment, he thought Godric would continue to argue, but he did not. He heard the movements as his friend too composed himself to sleep. Perhaps he would have forgotten his mad dreams by the time the sun came up.