Dragon Soul: Ryu Senko

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"I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, the less we use our power the greater it will be." -Thomas Jefferson

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Prologue: Ryuujin arrives!

Our blonde hero is walking towards the Inuzuka compound with a snow white fox kit in his arms. Its been about a month since the wave mission where Naruto gained his new nindo and resolved to protect his precious peoples. The small kit he holds in his arms shivers slightly and snuggles closer to the blonde trying to keep the heat in its body. He smiles softly and looks down the street.

"We're almost there Shiroi-chan, just hold on, Hana-chan will fix you right up!" Naruto says.

Naruto walks into the clinic and looks around for Hana. Luckily for him, Theres no one else there at the time and Hana walks out when she heard the door open. She smiles seeing Naruto with yet another animal for her to heal. She always enjoyed her little visits from the blonde haired boy. He had a heart of gold and anyone who couldn't see it was blind as a bat! She stood at about 5' 6'' and had dark brown hair with a slight red tint to it which came out as a ponytail at the top of her neck and two bangs fell forward over her face. She had a fang mark on each cheek just like her brother Kiba however she had a heartlike face and beautifull chocolate colored eyes. She wore a Chunnin jacket with it zipper halfway up her Medium to large C cup breasts. Her jacket seemed to flow down to skin tight black shorts that went halfway down her thighs.

Hana smiles and says, "Well Naruto whats wrong with her?"

Naruto simply says, "I think she has a cold but I'm not sure YOUR the doctor after all."

Hana laughs and misses the dreamy look that flashes across Naruto's face. She takes the kit from his arms saying, "Come on, I'll take care of her."

They walk in the back and the Haumaru triplets, each the size a good wolf, tackle Naruto to the ground and start licking him mercilessly. Hana laughs even as she diagnoses Shiroi as having nothing more than the common cold. She smiles seeing Naruto get back up and start tackling the dogs all around the small play area just outside the office shes in. Hana calls out to her dogs to stop harrassing Naruto and the comply but not until the eldest nips Naruto in the but for tackling her.

Naruto yelps and yells, "No fair Hana-chan said to stop!"

She chuckles, "well Naruto, you were right she only has a cold, she should be good as new in a few days if you can give her water and food."

Naruto smiles, "Sure Hana-chan! Thanks again!"

She simply smiles and replies,"Its no problem Naruto, you always look out for the animals your welcome here in the clinic anytime."

He beams at the praise and then chuckles nervously scratching the back of his head, "ya sure thanks."

She looks at him suspiciously but waves it off and asks, " so are you going to keep this one or let it go like the others?"

At this point, The fox kit and woken from its sleep justsu and proceeded to jump onto Naruto's pants, climb into his jacket and run all around the jacket making Naruto laugh as he was ticklish followed by poking its head out of the jacket right under his chin. Hana could only smile as she watched Naruto squirm in laughter and then do absolutly nothing to stop the fox from getting close to him. The kit cocked its head to the side cutely looking at Naruto with eyes that could rival the best puppy dog in existence. He groaned and then smiled.

"Well I guess I can't ignore that. I'll adopt Shiroi-chan then!" Naruto said with enthusiam.

Hana chuckled (she seems to do that alot around Naruto) amd said, " well make sure you come by and get her checked out every once in awhile!"

Naruto nodded and ran towards the door, " Bye Hana-chan thanks again! I got team practice."

With that he bolted out the door , Hana smiled and then sighed. She wasn't oblivious. He had been sneaking glances at her the entire time they were here. She knew his life was bad, but bad enough to make HER an object of affection? That was not good. She decided a night out with the girls, Yugao, Kurenai, and Anko, would help.

Later that day around 9 PM

Outside the gate to Konoha, we see a man about 5'11'' with silver hair that falls limp to just barely reach his shoulders and obsidian black eyes standing there looking at the city with a sense of apprehension. He is wearing a black sleeveless muscle shirt with black cargo pants that sorta hang off his body with silver lightning bolts near the bottom. the Man wears black shinobi sandals and a silver sleeveless haori with black flames across the bottom. In Kanji, it says "Ryuujin" or "Dragon God" although most misread it and say "Ryujin" or "Dragon blade" (not 100% sure on that but please correct me if I'm wrong)

He smiled and said, "So this is the place huh? Hope i can find the gaki."

He walked upto the gates and handed them the papers. The nodded and he was on his way. He knew it was late and decided his search would start tommorrow. So he headed towards the prominent bar in the area. The Raging Tiger. He walked in and sat down at an open table near the back booths. He ordered some skewers and silently ate whilest he watched the surrounding Chunnin and Jounin chatting, trying to identify if any of them had information on his target. Luckily he sat right next to the largest booth there that happened to house the Jounin sensei's and the next booth had Hana and the girls.

Hana sighed and said, " I know I got myself into this but its not like I can just tell the kid off. I mean he is a great guy but its too much trouble not to mention hes four years younger than me."

Kurenai nodded, "I know what you mean, I've been lucky enough to break Hinata out of liking him and she actually gained confidence!"

Just from these two sentences the man was frowning rather badly. 'Who breaks a girls heart?' He closed his eyes and for a second his eyelids flashed silver before turning back to their tan color. He nodded having gotten the info he wanted. (yes its an ability of his and no he won't use it again hes morally againest it but this was important to him)

Hana looked shocked at Kurenai, "You broke her of it? thats kinda mean Kurenai."

Anko shook her head, "No, its not she shouldn't be a fangirl!"

Yugao gave her two cents and said, "She wasn't really a fangirl, she actually used HIM to get stronger. But, its sad we can't help him. The council would cause so many problems it'd be unbelievable."

Kurenai turned to the sensei's and said, "speaking of fangirls... did you guys break yours yet?"

Asuma seemed to sweat and said, "Its a work in progress."

Kakkashi waved his hand lazily, "HMM, you say somthing?"

"Thats a 'we haven't even tryed cause we are too lazy' if I've ever heard one." The man said.

Kakkashi didn't like what the man was saying and replied, "And just who are you?"

The man inclined his head and said, "isn't it polite to introduce yourself first?"

"True, My name is Maito Gai, and I wish to know who would dim the FLAMES OF YOUTH of my colleages?"

The man stared at Gai then smirked, " Well my friend, my name is Sora Ryu, and i wouldn't go so low as to dim your FLAMES OF YOUTH but rather I say they did that themselves."

Everyone stared shell shocked that this stranger had just matched Maito Gai in his flames of youth speach!

Sora chuckled then got serious, "I heard everything you people said. And I must say I am sorely disappointed."

Asuma replied, "now see here we train our teams..."

Sora snapped and said sternly, "DON'T LIE TO ME!"

He continued, "Asuma, you simply train Shikamaru in shogi and go, leaving Ino to be a fangirl, simple genjutsu would have worked for her, and Choji to eat and not really work on his skills, Kurenai, you focused far too much on Hinata when you could have simply trapped her in a genjustu that showed her she had to save her friends or die. You still trained Kiba and Shino but their clans have done the most work. I won't lay all the blame on you because you did offer them training at anytime they just don't fit your style. Gai, you are the best teacher here you never neglected your students and although you did train Lee the most, he needed it and Tenten and Neji were never ignored. ... Kakkashi? well... you just plain suck. You trained the Uchiha because of his bloodline and neglicted the fangirl, which could have been cured by a genjutsu similar to the one for Hinata and Ino. To be honost your biggest mistake is the orange wearing prodigy who needs to be taught how to fight and how to use chakra correctly. If you would have, He would be a Chunnin almost Jounin right now and not an academy student!"

Once again everyone was shell shocked at this proclimation. Kakkashi was thinking, 'WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY!'

Gai and Kurenai were pretty much realived that he praised them while Asuma was none too happy.

Sora looked at Hana and frowned then at Yugao and scowled outright. "And you! You say you wanna help him but the council stands in your way? IGNORE THEM! You are shinobi. Not helpless civilians! Are you not among the best ninja and kunoichi this village has to offer?" He sighed and everyone noticed that the bar wasn't even looking at them. Kurenai noticed and thought,'GENJUTSU!' "yes yes its a genjutsu and don't worry I won't attack. I already got what I'm looking for."

Kakkashi heatedly replied, " what do you mean by that?"

"It doesn't matter you won't remember anyways." Sora said shaking his head and then he disappeared in a silver lightning bolt.

When the flash disappated, they all looked at each other and Anko said, "well I guess thats it for the night! LATER LOSERS!" and shunshinned away. With a shake of their heads the others said their goodbyes and left for their homes, completly oblivious to the ass chewing they just got.

That Night Midnight

Sora went across the rooftops searching for the dilapidated building his target slept in. 'No it doesn't deserve to be a called a home. Its nothing more than a shelter in the wind!' He came to the building and smiled. he could feel his target's power and was happy to know this place hadn't snuffed it out. He sneaked into the boy's room and looked around. It was bare with only essentials which are broken and barely working. He was not happy about these conditions and felt his anger rising. He sighed and calmed himself. It wouldn't do for him to attract ANBU to this site.

He looked down at Naruto and Shiroi and smiled seeing the fox kit lovingly snuggled into his chest. 'Perhaps he won't need ALL the work I thought he would' Sora thought. Boy he should have known better. Once more he closed his eyes and silver chakra enveloped him. A Golden chakra rose and covered Naruto just as Sora looked at him. He smiled and the chakras reached out and touched... with a blinding flash a streak of silver went into the gold and the chakras pulsed wildly notifying the ANBU and the Hokage who had to work late on paperwork.

Sora was kneeling on the floor of Naruto's apartment and he looked up with tears in his eyes. He felt the ANBU and knew he had to get away or he would risk not only detection but also, obliteration. Not for himself, but rather for Konoha. He disappeared in a silver lightning bolt just before the Hokage arrived. He started to check the seal and on the boy he saw as a surrogate grandson.

Same Time: Dragon's Realm

Sora arrived in a large field and collapsed to his knees once again. Around the clearing, Dragons of all types were watching him and suddenly a pulse of chakra coincided with an anguished cry from the man. The dragons were scared. This was the man who had not cried for anything in over a mellinium! As the chakra subsided, the dragons stared in awe.

Sora looked at his scaled hand through his tears and then clenched it. "I swear Naruto. Nothing will stop me from helping you become what you were meant to be... brother."

Same Time: Kyuubi's seal

A large red eye opened and then a malicious chuckle filled the air. "Well well kit. it seems you have someone rooting for you. Things will get interesting from now on."

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