Dragon Soul: Ryu Senko

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"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." by Winston Churchill

Final Strike: Dragon's War!

It had been three months since the death of Madara and Zetsu. Naruto and Hana had been married about a month ago at a small private ceremony that sevral of the gods attended, in disguise of course, along with Minato and Kushina who were overjoyed to see their son marry the Inuzuka woman. They both knew he loved her with all his heart and Kushina had made him promise to propose to her so there were no reservations from that side. Tsume, however, was far more vocal about Naruto giving her some grandpups to spoil soon earning the same remark from Hana that was now commonplace, a loud "MOM!" followed by laughing. Hana and Naruto had happily spent the following week holed up in their room making good on Tsume's "request." Little did she know that she didn't need to beg them anymore.

Hana had grown substanstially in the last three months and could hold her own against Naruto for a good hour. Considering that Naruto could go toe to toe with Sora for almost three hours, that was a good accomplishment. Right now, however, she was in a hospital room with Tsunade smiling brightly at her. "Congratulations, your about 3 and a half months along." She said cheerfully.

Hana smiled brightly and rubbed her stomach. "My baby." She said softly.

Tsunade smiled seeing Hana absolutly GLOWING with happiness. "When are you going to tell Naruto?" She asked.

Hana looked up at Tsunade and her glow dimmed a bit. "I'll... I'll tell him soon, but I don't want to make him worry about me until we can finish off Hidan." She said.

Tsunade frowned, "He would want to know right away. Still, I won't say anything for now." She said honoring the woman's choice.

Hana nodded at Tsunade, "Thank You. I promise to tell him within the month for sure is that ok?" She asked.

Tsunade nodded before Shizune burst into the room. "TSUNADE-SAMA!" She half yelled and she panted holding a piece of paper in her hand.

Tsunade partially glared at her student, "What is so important that you had to interupt a private doctor's visit Shizune?" She asked slightly angry. Shizune simply held out the piece of paper and Tsunade's eyes widened. "Get me Sora Ryu, Anko Ryu, and Naruto Namikaze in my office NOW!" She said before she grabbed Hana and shunshinned to her office.

Hokage's Office: 5 Minutes later

The other three people had been assembled while Shizune, Jiraiya and Sarutobi had also joined them. While Naruto didn't like the man, He had earned Naruto's respect as a powerful shinobi. He turned to Tsunade as she took a deep breath and glared at the two Dragon men. "Would you two explain just WHY I have a scroll here with detailed invasion plans of a demon army into Hi no Kuni? No wait, perhaps a better question would be why would KYUUBI send it to me with a summoning seal saying he needed to talk to you?" She asked practically screaming at the end.

Sora and Naruto looked at one another before turning back to Tsunade and uttering one word that summed up this situation quite nicely..., "HUH?" They said together. This prompted just about everyone to facefault, even their wives. Their wives quickly recovered and smacked them upside the head for being so disrespectful and not thinking before they spoke.

Tsunade sighed and interupted the girls' rants, "As much as I love to see them squirming, I need an answer." She said, earning sheepish glances from the two women.

Sora sighed, "Well, I did free him from Naruto, and he DID threaten to kill me when I looked like a threat to the hatchling. Maybe he's taken a shine to Naruto?" He said curiously.

Naruto's eyebrows shot up. Sure the Kitsune had left him the taijutsu style, but he didn't ACTUALLY care about him... did he? "Aniki, You sure about that?" He asked.

Sora nodded, "Inari-sama said that Kyuubi often asked about your progress when we were away. I wouldn't put it past him to simply be checking on a possible enemy since Kitsune's are rather crafty, as you all know, but they also view anything associated with them as their own responsibility. He MAY just be repaying a debt or he could believe that Naruto is part of his responsibility. Really, we will have to summon him and find out." He answered.

Jiraiya spoke up, "SUMMON the beast that destroyed half of Konoha? Are you insane?" He asked.

Sora's eyes grew deadly cold and serious, "Kyuubi is NOT pure evil. As a matter of fact, he is one of the few Demon Lords who DOESN'T let his demons run amok in the worlds. He was tricked by Madara last time, This time I am here and he can be desummoned at any moment because it would a breach in our contract." He answered looking Jiraiya in the eyes.

Jiraiya still wasn't convinced. "Even if your powerful enough to fight him, The fight would still do tremendous damage. Besides that, how can we be sure he's not lieing?"

Sora, at this point, was tired of Jiraiya's 'whining' as he thought of it. "Look Jiraiya. Either we ignore it and we find ourselves compeletly fine, or we ignore it and find ourselves under siege by an ARMY of demons. Now, We" He said motioning to the four Dragon Warriors, "could fight them off, but the damage would be ENORMOUS. If that happens, I would hold YOU personally responsible for the hundreds, probably thousands, of innocent deaths because YOU are scared. So its either ignore him, and get almost destroyed in the process, or summon him, see what he wants, and , if he's lieing, kick his ass back to Makai. If he's not lieing, however, we have valuable intel on demons that could be striking this country. Your Choice, Gama Sennin." Sora said in a rather irritated tone.

Everyone was silent until Tsuande spoke up. "Enough bickering. We will summon Kyuubi to see what he wants." She glared at Jiraiya to shut him up and looked at Naruto and Sora, "You two will be there and in your sage forms until we determine he's either not a threat, or gone. Understood?" She said. Two nods and looks of worry from everyone else was her answer. "Good Let's go to the forest behind the Hokage Mountain, it's secluded and has plenty of space for a fight." Everyone nodded and the group disappeared in a massive shunshin.

Hokage Mountain's Forest: 3 Minutes Later

Tsunade had sent her ANBU to warn the village not to interfere if they felt anything and handed the scroll to Naruto, who activated his sage mode. Sora swiftly followed and everyone dropped into a fighting stance save for Naruto who swiped blood acoss the seal and threw it away farther in the clearing. The scroll was consumed in a blue fire before it grew to be about a human sized outline. The flame disappated to show a humanoid figure standing there with his arms crossed and a slight smile on his face as he looked at Naruto.

He had flaming red hair with matching red eyes with a slitted pupil. He had on a majestic full plate armour without a helmet that had a fox motif with flames licking random places. Strapped to his back was a bow of black wood with a matching obsidian Broadsword that seemed to absorb all light and yet give off an almost flamelike radiance. The thing that everyone noticed: He had twin blood red fox ears on his head with black tips and nine flowing red tails, also with black tips. He was the Kyuubi no Yoko, The king of the Kitsunes.

"Well, Well, Naruto it has certainly been awhile. How has the Taijutsu style been treating you?" He asked with a light tone.

Naruto chuckled, "Quite well, thanks for asking Kyuubi." He said before his face turned serious. "Cut the crap please. We need to know why you sent that letter." He said.

Kyuubi chuckled and nodded, "Very well. I have been keeping an eye on you kit. I do not like this village. As a matter of fact, I wish it to burn to the ground right now. " Everyone tensed at this and Jiraiya was ready to move until a glare from Naruto stopped him. "However, it is your home and I will not destroy it out of that fact." He replied.

Everyone relaxed until naruto popped another question. "Why have you been watching me?" He asked.

Kyuubi laughed rather loudly, "Naruto. Every Jinchuuriki represents their demon, whether they want to or not. YOU have manifested a Dragon Soul! Something only Ryuujin, a god who was once human, achieved. That ALONE makes you worthy to be my representative in this world. Yet, you also have destroyed an army of demons with only your mate at your side, albeit a small one, you killed a man who could take on a high level demon and WIN, and, on top of all this, You also have a reputation in Valhalla that is exceeded only by your own parents and a few of THE most powerful warriors in existence. You are interesting indeed, Naruto Namikze, Ryu Senko no Konohagakure." He answered.

Most of the people were silently impressed with Naruto's resume while Hana was thinking something along the lines of 'HELL YA MY MAN KICKS ASS!'

Kyuubi chuckled but continued seriously, "Three months ago, Beezelbub sent Madara and Zetsu to destroy your mate's family. Demons consider attacking family as low and few things are lower than that. Last week, he 'requested' passage through my lands to get to a portal to this plane of existence. I had no choice but to comply because he threatened to destroy my, still recovering, kingdom to shreds. I assure you, he has plenty of demons to do so and I fear you may not have the strength to defeat them alone." He said

At the mention of Beezelbub, Sora's face went ashen and his blood ran cold. "B-Beezelbub?" Everyone turned and looked at him. "Beezelbub as in 'Jashin the lord of Pain, Misery, Blood, and the only demon to have survived my True Dragon Sage Mode?" Sora asked. Kyuubi simply nodded and watched as Sora began to curse... loudly.

"Aniki, if this guy survived your True Dragon Sage Mode, how the hell are we supposed to beat him?" Naruto asked.

Sora sighed and looked at the heavens, "No idea Otoutou." He replied.

Anko stepped up and wacked her husband across the back of his head, "OI! Whats this True Dragon Sage Mode your talking about? On top of that, the answer is simple, WE KICK HIS ASS!" She said confidantly.

Hana looked at them and added her two cents, "Your both the strongest warriors against Demons. Neither of you has been defeated by one before. Why let that start now?' She asked.

Sora looked at Naruto who stared back before they both started laughing. "Man Aniki, I can't believe we got so worked up!" Naruto said.

Sora shook his head as he stopped laughing, "You said it Otoutou. Thanks Hebi-hime, Tenshi-chan." Sora said nodded to them both. Naruto simply smiled radiantly at Hana for the confidance boost. "Alright, First, True Dragon Sage Mode is when... (see previous chapter's flashback) ... Secondly, we will need ALL the Dragons we can get to fight this menace off, Lastly," He looked at Kyuubi, "We need all the intel you can give us." He said as he switched into 'General Mode' as Anko called it.

Kyuubi smiled maliciously and snapped his finger as a scroll the size of the Forbidden Scroll appeared, "It's all yours, besides I don't take kindly to threats so kick his ass for me would ya?" He asked cheekily.

Sora chuckled darkly, "Fine by me. I owe the bastard for killing a few of my comrades now that I think about it. Naruto, I want this scroll memorized and copied for the Dragon Council. We move out in one week." He said. Naruto nodded and Anko and Hana were ready to move when Sora spoke again. "Girls? I need you to remain here in Konoha." He said and winced as they turned withering glares to him.

"What did you say Ryu-kun?" Anko said darkly.

Sora didn't flinch and gazed directly at them. "There is a chance that Konoha could be attacked from behind the lines. I need you two here along with the Shadow Corps to protect the people. Your skills are more suited to single battles than large scale war." he explained. He saw the look in Hana's eyes and quickly cut her off, "Your healing is very good, but you would only be able to heal me or Naruto at the front lines. Dragon's have their own healers Please don't fight me on this." He looked down and you could hear the concern in his voice, "Naruto and myself need to focus on destroying large legions of Demons. We cannot do that with you on the battlefield. Not that you need protection, but we care for you too much to NOT pay attention." He said seeing their looks at the idea of them being a hindrence.

Naruto quickly spoke up, "I love both of you Hana-chan, Anko-nee-san, but it is as Aniki said. We would watch out for you subconsciously. Please stay home and protect the place we wish to return to. Besides, " He smiled softly, "If we died, you'd drag us out of heaven, hell and Valhalla just to kick our asses right back there." He said. The girls smiled softly and Hana walked upto Naruto.

She reached up and kissed him before saying, "Alright, but I have something I need to tell you before you leave." Naruto nodded and looked over at Anko and Sora.

Anko had grabbed Sora and kissed him fiercly causing perverted giggles to come from Jiraiya followed by the sounds of balls being crushed and paper being ripped up. She looked into his eyes, "You better come back, otherwise Orochi-teme will have had a cakewalk compared to you." Sora nodded before Anko smirked and pulled him closer before whispering in his ear, "And I expect the last day to mean something understood?" She said with a seductive tone to it. Sora nodded fiercly smiling before Anko walked away.

Naruto kissed Hana chastely, "I'll be doing this work." He tapped the scroll Kyuubi gave them, "If you don't mind could you take care of Shiroi while I'm gone? She's not really going to be able to keep up." Hana smiled and nodded before Naruto disappeared in his Shunshin with Hana close behind to help him if he needed it.

Sora turned to Kyuubi who was smiling. "Good to see the kit smiling. You better keep him that way Ryuujin, or even YOU won't be safe from me." He said.

Sora smiled softly, "Always knew you saw the hatchling as your own. Don't worry, Hana will keep him happy." He answered with the other humans' jaws hanging on the floor.

Kyuubi chuckled, "I know she will. Goodbye Sora, and..." Kyuubi paused, "May Inari-sama bless your path." He said before he disappeared in the same manner in which he was summoned.

Sora chuckled, "And may Ryuujin bless your kit Kyuubi." He said before he disappeared to convene his war council, leaving the humans to shake their heads at the situation that was out of their hands.

Week Timeskip: Namikaze Estates

Hana had cooked Naruto's favorite dinner: the Inuzuka Ramen special. Naruto had spent all week going over every detail of the the invasion that they knew was coming with Sora and the Dragon elders, who had taken up residence in a hotel nearby. Tomorrow, they would move to the base camp that held the Dragon's main forces. They were set up at one end of a valley where the demons were supposed to materialize. It would be another two weeks before the attack itself, so they wanted to get the lay of the land and practice a few manuevers. Hana and Anko had been surprisingly supportive of their husbands and hadn't argued about staying behind. They understood and didn't want to be in the way. Besides, They both knew that Hana was pregnant and she was begining to show slightly.

She smiled brightly as she lit the last candle for dinner and felt two strong arms wrap around her frame before she inhaled the scent of her mate and baby's father. "Smells delish Tenshi-chan. Sorry, I've been so busy lately, but, after this, we can, hopefully, finish off Hidan because it seems that he is the one to perform the summoning. We still can't locate him though. Then, we can finally start that family." Naruto said brightly as he moved to hold out Hana's chair for her, which she graciously accepted.

Naruto swiftly sat down and proceeded to eat. He noticed Hana's silence and was ready to speak up until Hana beat him to it. "Taiyo-kun. About that family you wanna start." She said nervously.

Naruto's face darkened as he thought of something bad. "What's the matter Hana-chan? Is something wrong?" He asked hoping to Kami-sama that he was wrong.

Hana blushed and looked away but said loud enough for him to hear, "It's already been started." When she didn't hear a response she looked up to see Naruto staring at her in shock, evidenced by the chopsticks falling out of his hand. Her mind quickly went down a dark road until she found herself being bodly lifted and twirled like a ballerina.

Naruto was shouting in joy, "YOUR PREGNANT! O MY KAMI-SAMA!" He yelled as he laughed loudly. Hana quickly joined in as he laughter was infectious and soon her giggling turned into full blown squels of joy as he set her down on the couch and proceeded to put his ear to her belly. "Can I hear it yet?" He asked.

Hana giggled, "Not yet silly. I wanted to wait until we killed Hidan but apparently I miss-calculated my last heat and we ended up... well you know." She said still smiling softly.

Naruto chuckled and scratched his head sheepishly, "Hehe sorry bout that. So, Is it a boy or a girl?" He asked.

Hana sighed and sat up, "I didn't do any of that yet. We can do it after the battle Taiyo-kun. For now, let's just enjoy the night huh?" She said.

Naruto smiled softly and grabbed her hand before kissing her chastely, "Whatever you want baby." He said as they went upstairs to cuddle together until sleep overtook them.

Same Time: Across Town

Anko and Sora were spending a splendid evening at the Roaring Dragon restaurant. Anko had some sake and Dangos while Sora had some sushi. Anko had been bugging Sora to get back home for the past half hour so they quickly went back to the apartment and cuddled on Anko's couch. Anko sighed as she traced a line across Sora's stomach. "Who would have ever thought that I would find a husband." Anko said softly with a smile on her face.

"I'm sure you could have found someone Hebi-hime." Sora said as he watched her and played with her hair.

Anko chuckled softly, "Of course you would. Optmist." She said turning to look him in the eyes.

Sora chuckled back and said, "Sure, you need to stop being so dark. Pessimist."

Anko simply smiled softly and replied, "Shut up and gimme what I want." She quickly closed the distance between their mouths and gave him a blistering hot kiss. Needless to say that the two didn't sleep that night.

Next Day: Konoha Gates

All of the Shinobi in the village had been assembled to see their two fellow nins off. Naruto and Sora soon appeared with their wives and walked to the gate, where the Dragon elders and the Shadow Corps waited for them. All along the way, Shinobi shouted praise and thanks for helping them win the invasion. The four Dragons smiled and walked to the gate. Tsunade stepped forward and smiled before hugging Naruto and giving him a kiss on the forhead. She shook Sora's hand and turned back to the Shinobi.

"Shinobi of Konohagakure, Sora Ryu and Naruto Namikaze are leaving today to face a grave threat. A demon army threatens to invade Hi no Kuni and they have assembled their own army to combat it. They will be leaving their wives and a special detachment of Dragons to assist in the defense of the village should demons get past. In any case of a demon attack, notify one of these Kunoichi or those Dragons, "She motioned to Hana and Anko, who stood at the head of the Shadow Corps, "immediatly. But, that is off topic. Let us cheer for our comrades success and send them off with a clear show of the fabled WILL... OF... FIRE!" She shouted at the end as every shinobi raised their voices in a cheer.

That was cut off as a Dragon's roar ripped its way through the cheer and everyone stopped to see Ryuujin, in his dragon form, being ridden by Naruto. "I can promise you this Konoha, NO DEMON LIVES TO GET INTO OUR HOMES!" Naruto yelled as Ryuujin roared his agreement. The cheers erupted once again and the Dragon elders changed to their dragon forms and flew off. Ryuujin seemed to smile while Naruto did and they took off into the air.

They were soon lost to sight and Tsunade whistled in appreciation. "They certainly are one of a kind huh?" She asked no one in particular.

Hana and Anko chuckled, "Indeed they are." They responded at the same time before heading back to the Namikaze estates. No one noticed the shadowy figure checking the trees in front of the gates.

Timeskip: 2 weeks: Dragon's Base Camp

Sora and Naruto had a stressful two weeks. Sora was getting reaquanted with the Dragon commanders and Naruto was worried about Hana. He wanted to contact her, but he had been so busy with gearing up that he hadn't had the time. They had also taken what little free time they had to see if they could achieve True Dragon Sage Mode. Unfortunatly, neither could do so.

At the moment, The Dragons were all mobilizing and ready to fight against the biggest demon army since the Great Demon Wars. Over 3 million Drechts and Babau's, 1 million Gezrou's, an assortment of other devils and such (number unknown), 200,000 Mariliths (one alone can take a dragon of 2000 years and rip them to shreds), 300 Balors and another 4 Pit fiends, on top of Beezelbub himself. This was looking grim.

The Dragons only had about 2 million in younger hatchlings that could match upto a Gezrou, only about 58,000 dragons who could take on anything higher than that, and then they had about 800 who could, using teamwork, take out Balors. The Pit Fiends, when entering the battle, would have to be taken care of by Ryuuken, Ryuukaze, Naruto or Sora.

A call came from the field below, apparently, Hidan had been spotted in a huge clearing with a blood circle on himself. They all saw a huge red glow and felt the oppresive demonic aura enter this plane and readied themselves for combat. Apparently, Hidan had given his life to summon the demons. Pity, Naruto and Sora would need to kill Beezelbub himself to collect Hidan's soul.

The Dragon's tensed as they heard the sounds of whips cracking to get the Drecht's moving. Soon enough, the massive demon army showed itself on the far field and marched until there was a large gap between the two armies and the Pit Fiends walked forward wearing devilish smirks. Sora and Naruto shared a look, somthing wasn't right. Regardless they went to meet with the demons, with Ryuukaze and Ryuuken as escorts.

Beezelbub chuckled darkly as the Dragons walked forward. "Well Well Well, we meet again Ryuujin." He said.

Sora growled softly, "You know this is part of the Dragon's domain Beezelbub. Why are you here?" He asked trying to be civil.

Beezelbub simply chuckled again and replied, "O I thought it'd be nice to let the kiddies see this world for once. You can't deny me that can you?"

Sora glared at Beezelbub, "Not a chance in heaven, OR hell. Leave now and this won't become a probelm." He responded.

Beezelbub's grin threatened to split his face. "Now Now, You should know better than to threaten me. Besides, You never know what Trick I might have up my Sleeve." He said. As he said sleeve he wiped his arm out and bit hid finger before swiping his blood across a seal on his arm. Sora grabbed for him but missed as the Pit Fiend disappeared, along with a quarter of his forces.

He whipped around to the other Pit Fiends and yelled, "WHERE IS HE!"

The didn't get a chance to respond before Beezelbub's voice rang out over the field. Everyone looked up to see a screen that showed Konoha's gates being closed and the missing demons standing in front of them, smirking up a storm. Naruto's and Sora's blood ran cold. "Here I am Ryuujin. But let us not talk until the rest of the party guests are here ok?" He said as he laughed darkly. Sora glared but Ryuuken was able to calm him enough to wait.

Back in Konoha: Same Time

Anko and Hana were gearing up. Anko had recently went to Tsunade and confirmed that she too was pregnant. The joy had been absolutley astounding, until the demons had appeared and the girls had to quickly get ready for battle. Hana had decided to take the Haimaru triplets and Shiroi. The two Kunoichi swiftly arrived atop the gates just as the Hokage arrived and the demon smiled seeing the two mates for the Dragon Sages there.

"So good of you to join us Anko-chan, Hana-chan. After all, we can't start the main event without you." He said darkly. The two girls shivered at the tone of his voice. "I am SO glad that I had Madara and Zetsu place those seals to allows us to summon ourselves straight here." He said with a sick smile.

"What do you want with us?" Hana asked.

"Why to hold you hostage so we can take over this world of course." He answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "O wait!," He said, "We also need to pay back Ryuujin for all the torment he gave us during the wars." He grinned at the girls, "I guess you can work for that too." He said darkly.

With Sora and Naruto: Other side of the Screen

Both of the guys were growling so loudly and exuding so much chakra that the Pit fiends had edged away from them and were even headed back to their own army! There was no way that THING would touch their wives. They'd die a million times over before that happened!

Back with the Girls and Konoha

Hana growled and looked up in disgust while Anko glared. "Just because we are women doesn't mean we are weak you perverted demon!" Hana yelled.

Beezelbub laughed heartily, "I love breaking girls like you. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be begging for more." He said lustfully.

Hana spit towards him, "As if! Besides, I'm already pregnant!" She said loudly, not to mention with a hint of pride.

Anko smirked and backed up her sister, "Ya you piece of shit! We're taken! Our wombs carry our lover's babies and there's nothing you can do about it!" She yelled back.

With Sora and Naruto

Both Sora and Naruto were smiling broadly, Sora because his wife was pregnant and Naruto for his wife's bravery. Suddenly, Beezelbub started chuckling before it soon launched into a full blown laugh. "THIS IS PERFECT! Not only do I get to break your wives, I get to raise your kids to hate and despise you as well!" He said before his laughing resumed.

The look on their faces was priceless, and one only Ryuukaze and Ryuuken had seen once before on Ryuujin, Hatred. Pure unadulterated hatred of one who threatened what they loved most. Ryuuken looked at his wife and said, "He really shouldn't have said that huh?" Ryuukaze just nodded her head.

Beezelbub's laughter stopped as he heard twin shouts of "Ryu Sennin Hijutsu: Ryu Seiki KAI!" (Dragon Sage Secret Technique: Dragon True Soul Release!) He turned his head to come to a sight he never wanted to see again. Sora's body was completly covered in his silver scales. He had his wings and tail as normal, but his face was covered and had two horns sticking out of the front of his head. In the center of his chest was an onyx crystal ball about the size of an apple. Black lightning arced from the crytsal to different parts of his extremities. His normally short hair had extended to cause a mane of sorts to form over he upper back between his wings.

Naruto looked exactly the same as his brother, except his orb was a bright blue that had brilliant arcs of blue lightning with a white outline. Luckily for the Pit Fiend, they weren't on his side of the portal. He opened his mouth to point this out when Naruto looked at his brother and said, "This army is yours brother. Beezelbub is mine!" Sora simply nodded and drew his blades before calmly walking forward.

At Konoha

Beezelbub laughed nervously and looked at Naruto throught he screen. "It doesn't matter you worthless ningen! I will get your wife before you can ever get here!" He yelled before he dashed towards the wall, intent on grabbing the girl.

The shinobi quickly readied for battle before a Dragonized Naruto appeared before Hana in a golden flash. Everyone's jaw dropped. He had covered a three day run in less than a second! Hiraishin is a truly magnificent Jutsu is it not? Naruto turned slowly to stare at the now shocked Pit Fiend. "You attack my home. You threaten my family. And worst of all," Naruto's eyes glowed a brilliant sky blue as lightning arced around him, surprisingly harming no one, "YOU THREATEN MY MATE AND CHILD. YOU. ARE. DEAD.!" He roared as he charged down the wall and slammed into Beezelbub.

A dust cloud kicked up and Beezelbub suddenly flew out of it towards his army. Naruto quickly charged in after him, the lightning around his blade and body striking out randomly and frying demons like it was childs-play. Anko looked over the carnage and turned to her Shadow Corps, "No one interferes. We would only get in the way. We gaurd the walls." They all nodded before disappearing into the shadows to watch the battle.

Naruto spent almost half an hour chasing down Beezelbub as he sacrificed his own soldiers to fatal blows from the enraged Dragon Sage. Left lung, Gezrou takes it to the head, Stomach, Marilith finds itself impaled on Naruto's blade, Heart, Drecht was used to shield his body. The List goes on and on. However, Naruto soon grew tired of this and lept back before standing in his usual swordmaster stance. All around them, dead and dieing demons abounded and the few left alive were fleeing. "I have had enough." Naruto stated. "This is the end. Ryu Senko no Hiraishin!"(Dragon Flash of the Flying Thunder God) Naruto yelled as he spun in place before disappearing into thousands of afterimages. Beezelbub, as a testament to his ability, was able to block almost a thousand strikes, too bad he only caught a fraction of the non-fatal strikes and his body swiftly fell into many, many, MANY pieces of demon.

With Sora: Start of the Battle

Sora walked forward slowly, Ryuukaze and Ryuuken both smiled softly before silently flanking behind him. The Pit Fiends looked on and scowled before ordering a full blown charge towards the Dragon lines. Sora smirked as he saw the charge and simply brought his blades up to his chest. "Tsuin Soryuuha!" (Twin Dragon Strike) he roared as twin dragons made of black lightning swirled around him before it rushed forward and destroyed the demonic charge and opened the way for his own forces to split the demons up.

The Dragon's quickly charged in and formed a wedge with Sora at the center and cut their way through the Demons. They fought bravely and used every trick they knew, along with a few powerful techniques that Sora threw about like he had as much energy as the sun itself. The younger dragons, who had never seen Ryuujin fight before, were in awe of his strength, no demon stood before him and lived to tell the tale. The older dragons were smiling and cheering for the true Dragon God was back in action.

Soon enough, the army broke as they saw their mighty leader felled by Ryuujin's apprentice. The four Pit Fiend's attempted to run, only to find themselves engulfed in another of Sora's Dragon Strikes. Sora turned back to his army and let loose a raor of victory that was quickly taken up by his comrades. The demons had been defeated, and they would think twice before attacking a Dragon's domain again.

Konoha: 1 week later.

Sora and Anko were laying on the floor in the Namikaze Estates cuddling as they watched the Shinigami take Hidan's soul and Naruto and Hana begin to cuddle as well. Hana sighed as she snuggled upto Naruto. Suddenly, the Shinigami reappaeared. "O, Naruto-kun. Lady Luck and Yami are still waiting for their payment. I hope you pay them soon boy!" The Shinigami said before she faded back into nothingness with a dark chuckle.

Hana turned to Naruto and said, "What is she talking about?" Naruto began to sweat bullets and Hana's eyes narrowed before she grabbed Naruto and he burst into a puff of smoke. "NAAAA-RUUUUUU-TOOOOOO!" She yelled as she began to look for her lost husband. He had some explaining to do!

A/N:The End! and thank you everyone for reading my fic! Sorry if the ending didn't measure up. In any case, I have one last present for you before you go. Now continue to read and check out my very first... OMAKE! the epilogue!

Omake: The Epilogue.

It had been three months since the defeat of Beezelbub and Hidan. Yami and Lucky (as the gods called Lady Luck for short) had grown increasingly violent for their "payment." Too bad Hana hadn't answered their question yet.

Currently, we find our hero running through the halls of his house before he jumped into his own room and breathed a sigh of relief. 'That was a close one! If they get me who KNOWS what Hana-chan will do to me!' He thought before he heard a 'click!' and though 'SHIT!' He turned around to find two magnificent Beauties standing naked before him.

One had midnight black hair and dark red eyes. An Impressive DD bust with a clean shaven pussy and curves in all the right places. The other had magnificent blonde hair with beautiful silver eyes and a modest C cup bust with a firm round bottom. She had a small patch of blonde hair just above her snatch.

"O Naruto-kun" Yami said sing-songly, "Why do you run?"

"Because Hana-chan will kill me if you..." He was cut off by a VERY familiar voice.

"Hana-chan gave them permission to fuck you Naruto. However, they know the rules." Hana said from the chair in the corner where she was currently sitting naked. She was definitly showing signs of her pregnancy and, as a result, couldn't have sex. "I cannot service you right now so they offered to. I don't mind BUT, " She glared at them, "You bitches better honor the deal or you'll find me very hard to handle!" She said.

The two goddess's nodded and giggled before Lucky grabbed Naruto, stuck out her tongue at Yami, and proceeded to strip him. Yami was about to protest until Hana called out to her, "Over Here Yami! Let Lucky have her turn." She said. Yami quickly turned and walked over to Hana before standing before her. Hana snarled, she hadn't had a release in weeks! She grabbed Yami's head and shoved it in her pussy before she clamped her legs together. She smiled as she felt Yami get the message. "Good Girl Yami!" Hana said approvingly.

She relaxed her legs and Yami came up, "You know all the goddess have a fetish where they wanna be dominated right?" She asked as Hana got a wiff of her arousal.

Hana smirked and said, "Ya I do." She grabbed Yami's head and shoved her back down. "Get back to work dammit! Your not done yet!" She said. She sighed in pleasure before giggling. She could get used to bossing around these girls. Maybe this would become more than a one time thing.