Warning- The following story may or may not contain explicit slash between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. Consider yourself warned...

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Harry lay on the familiar four-poster, it's the bed he has resided in for the past 6 years of his schooling career. His mind won't let him believe he's in his 6th year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry... His past is laced with terrible traumas and horrible acts of violence that even some of the oldest wizards in all of the community can't comprehend. His breath slows at the thought of his previous year. He lost his Godfather, and the year before that even when he had to face going through the Tri Wizard Tournament and watching Cedric die as Voldemort came back to power. His third year was probably best of his entire life so far, he met his Godfather and actually had something to look forward to... Now it was all gone. In the blink of an eye, or I this case at the cast of a spell.

He sniggered out loud at the dark humor... His personality had in fact become increasingly dark since last year, he even lashed out at his friends for almost nothing. After the fact the felt awful, but by then it was too late to take it back. It was always to late... He was too late to save Cedric from the killing curse, he was too late to learn occlumency, and he was too late to save the only tie he had to his mother and father. The black haired boy rolled onto his side, and closed his eyes.

"Harry?" Ron asked from across the room, his voice was booming in the previously silent room.

"Mm?" Harry responded. There was a bit of an edge to the remark... He could feel anger rising inside of himself as he heard Ron cross the room towards his bed.

"If you need to talk, you can just tell me and we'll talk. I'm sorry if I disturbed you..." Ron was standing close to Harry, the dark haired boy could feel the heat coming off of his body.

"T-thanks." Harry's tone suddenly softened. Ron didn't do anything to deserve backlash of any sort... He was there when Sirius died just as Harry had been.

"You okay, mate?" Ron asked.

"No..." Harry opened his eyes. "Nothing is ever alright. As long as Voldemort is alive and his little cronies are too, nothing will be alright." His gaze was cold and brutal... It cut right through Ron.

"I-I'm sorry, Harry." Ron nodded and walked away.

Harry opened his mouth to say something, but there were no words. Instead of sitting in the growing silence, the dark haired boy got up and went to venture around the castle before classes started the next day. A final day of having time to think and remember was something that should be cherished, but to Harry it was just more time to be tortured by what his mind forced him to relive.

The corridors were empty except for a few ghosts who floated by slowly... Finally, Harry was met with his arch nemesis. Draco Malfoy.

"Potter." Draco sneered, his blonde hair slicked and his black suit fitted to his narrow hips and broad shoulders. Both boys drew their wands simultaneously and pointed them at one another.

"What in bloody hell do you want, Malfoy?" Harry sneered back only with much more ferocity.

"Well, Potter. You seem to be in a bad mood... Are you going to write to your- Oh, right. Your God Father is dead. Such a pity when good purebloods die." Malfoy cocked a devilish smirk and raised a blonde brow as he started to pass Harry in the empty hallway, his wand was held limply in his hand.

"DON'T. YOU." Harry gripped Draco's shoulders and slammed him into the wall. "DARE." Harry slammed the boy into the wall again. "HOW" Slam. "DARE." Slam. "YOU." Slam.

"You're right Potter... How dare I talk about your good-for-nothing-blood-traiter Godfather!" Draco spat at Harry's feet and laughed maniacally in his face.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH." Harry shrieked and whipped his wand to Draco's neck, causing the blonde to try and break away.

"What are you going to do, Potter? Kill me? Do it you git, I dare you." Draco taunted.

"Fine." Harry smirked.

Harry dug the wand into the pale neck in front of him, he pushed his body hard against the broad-shouldered one and gripped the back of Draco's head. He uttered the Cruciatus curse and crushed his lips against Draco's... The pale boy's lips were open from his shrill screams of pain as he twisted and jerked in an attempt to break from the curse as well as the kiss.

Draco's eyes remained open throughout the whole ordeal, this entire situation would leave him both physically and emotionally pained for some time after. Draco tried feebly to pull away and scream, but the kiss absolutely muffled every attempt at crying for help. His whole body tensed through the pain making him unable to fight back.

Harry broke the kiss and laughed darkly as the blonde boy slid down the wall. The pale boy was breathing heavily and his hair was mussed horribly, and the hair that stuck out was plastered to his forehead from his profuse sweating.

"Wh..." Draco mumbled but stopped, he had lost his train of thought in all the confusion.

"Well, well. It's not so fun when your being tortured, now is it?" Harry's new and increasingly dark personality was starting to really show through.

"I-I..." Draco stammered as Harry knelt in front of him. He couldn't grasp what had just happened... He had his first real kiss taken by none other than Harry Potter, and it's not like it was consensual either.

"Shush." Harry frowned slightly. "I know that was your first kiss, and first time experiencing the Cruciatus Curse. It was my first experience with the curse as well, to be honest. Anyway, from now on you'll remember your first kiss as with a boy and painful... A torturous memory, no? That's the point. Think twice about taunting someone with their past next time." Harry spoke gingerly with boat-loads of faux-niceness, and finally he patted Draco's pale cheek before standing to leave. He walked briskly down the hall, leaving Draco to stew in his confusion.

Draco stayed slouched against the wall for some time... This type of reaction was very uncommon for the boy. His emotions were running rampant in his body in an attempt to configure what had happened not long ago. Normally, Draco would have came back wittily to everything Harry had said, but now he was left full of confusion instead of words.

The intense job of assassinating Dumbledore that was placed upon poor Draco was taking it's toll, though. He had to deal with the emotional distress of having to really kill someone, and Dumbledoreat that. Draco constantly had to battle his previously inconspicuous conscience on the subject, it was both a mental and somewhat physical battle. He would mentally tear himself down with thoughts of what his father would think if he couldn't do it, what his mother would think, what would happen to him, and if he could really handle actually causing someone's death. The physical aspect was that he kept waking from horrid dreams where he was killed for failing his duty, and constant reminder that he would have to take another life and the mere thought made his arms go numb and unable to move.

Now, not only did he have to deal with the emotional strain of knowing he would have to kill someone before this school year ends, also there is the fact that Harry Potter had just tortured him and sealed it with a kiss...