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"That's everyone in our graduating senior class." Mrs. Richie, the high school principal said cheerfully. "I will miss you all greatly, and then there's Alvin." She said joking around, she loved everyone, including Alvin.

"Hey!" Alvin yelled laughing.

"You're welcome Alvin." Mrs. Richie said laughing. "Well as much as it pains me to say, good-bye everyone." She said choking up, then she walked off the podioum.

"So, Britt, are you coming to UC Santa Barbra with me or not?" Alvin asked dipping his girlfriend.

"Yes, I'm going to Santa Barbra for you." She replyed kissing him on the lips.

"Good I don't want to miss you." Alvin said romanticly.

"Me neither." Brittany said winking.

"Theodore have you thought about where you're going to go?" Eleanor asked, she as well didn't know where she wanted to go yet.

"Uh, yeah I want to go to this cooking school in Paris." Theodore said.

"That's sounds amazing, would you mind if that's where I go to?" Eleanor asked politely.

"I'd love you to come with me." Theodore said kissing his girlfriend on the cheek.

"Yay!" Eleanor said before Theodore pulled her into a deep kiss.

"So we're both going to Juliard, right?" Monique asked her twin sister.

"Yeah, we both got scollarships, whoo!" Kaylee said fist pounding the air.

"Sick, wait where's Ty?" Monique said then looked around for her boyfriend.

"Yeah, where's Brett?" Kaylee said also looking for her boyfriend.

*At the park, 8:30 the night before everyone leaves for college*

"Jeanette, you're telling me that you're not going to Harvard with me!" Simon yelled outraged.

"I'm going to Juliard, Simon." Jeanette said quietly.

"Why are you just throwing your carrer away like that?" Simon said his voice still raised.

"I'm not throwing any carrer away, gosh darn it, I'm 18!" Jeanette exclaimed.

"Jeanette, going to a performing arts school has nothing to do with academics, yes you are in fact throwing you're life away." Simon said upset.

"Simon, there are other things I like to do that don't involve academics." Jeanette said, voice raising slightly.

"You sound just like Brittany right now!" Simon yelled.

"At least Brittany is heared." Jeanette snapped.

"Yeah, but no one cares what Brittany says." Simon snapped back.

"So you're saying you don't care what I'm saying." Jeanette said upset.

"Nope, not one bit."

"So if I say something right now you won't care?"

"Not at all."



"I hate you, I never want you see you again-" She paused tears filling in her eyes. "and we're done!" She finished and ran away from the park.

She ran as fast as she could. She knew Simon would probably be following her. It was true, she didn't want the see him again, for a long time. But there was something she forgot to tell him.

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