"S-Stop it!"

Cesare rakishly smirked, continuing his savage assault through dexterous fingertips as the other squirmed and protested to his teasing touches. "No."

"Borgi—" Another wave. "God! Damn—"Another large bout of choked laughter. "Merda—" And another strangled yelp. "S-S-Stop it!"

Deciding the older man's punishment was enough, the brunet slid off of his straddled post on a taught abdomen and landed ungracefully atop one of his pillows, threading his hand through stubborn locks in a manner that contradicted his earlier style. "Aye, have you learned your lesson—"

"You insufferable cazzo," Ezio heatedly snarled, flipping their positions over so that his frame was looming over the latter being—not long before he lowered his mouth near an ear to breathe primal retribution. "Be prepared to pay, Spaniard."

There was only a shudder. "Looking forward to it, Auditore: looking forward to it."


"You did not appear in court today."

"So it seems."



"As such?"


"… your absence was noticeable."

"Only to you."

"And do you know what you do to me?"

"Perhaps, in a lesser man's world."

"You are no lesser man: A single document I could not sign, due to your abrupt leave."

" … and you are, what, seducing me?"

"No, not in this case."

"Smug as ever."

"Just get your ass on the bed, right now."


"I too: What took you so long?"


A sneeze. "You will get sick, idiota," Ezio weakly protested, attempting his best to shove the other man away as he lolled his head to the side in agitation. "Seriously."

"Ah, so the man can speak." Cesare combated the adamant hands and whisked the linen cloth off of a heated forehead, a quick swipe over a trembling thumb before he dipped it once more in cool water and settled it in its previous position; God, to think that such a keen fellow was a child! "Now, I shall ignore whatever you have just rambled, because I said so."


"Grazie, Auditore: You are simply too kind; if you would just move over."

The older figure grunted as he was roughly shoved to the left. "Great hospitality."

"Of course."

And so went Sir Borgia's clinic.


Cesare frowned. "Now, what? The sheets are new, the pillows I imported from Vienna, and there are various niceties I've ordered to suit your tastes." He childishly rubbed his hand over the other man's face, scowling when they were pushed away with an irritated expression. "Dio, it is the lubrication, is it not? You do not appreciate sandalwood?"

"No, that is not it."

An agitated growl. "Then, tell me of this predicament of yours," he snapped back, his spine aching from hovering over the male underneath him. "How long will you continue to play such a game?"

"Not until you get the message that you cannot release inside me."

The younger man emitted a guttural sound. "You cannot deny me of that right."

"That is not a right!"

Too bad he should have known that earlier.