(Clare's POV)

SMASH! I cringe as I hear the crunching sound of a plate hitting drywall and screaming voices.

"You PROMISED me! How could you do this!"

My parents were at it again. I clutch at my cross necklace, hoping that God will save my family. But now, I have a hard time believing any of it. I stare at the cross pendant. Is this even real? I wonder. If there was a God, he wouldn't let this happen to my family! We are Christians for God's sake! Why is He letting this happen to us?

I walk over to my computer, fight back the tears in my eyes, and sign onto AIM. I hope Eli's online… he's the only one who makes me forget all these problems I have at home…

(Eli's POV)


clare-e23: Hi Eli.

I roll over in bed and look at the screen. Who the freak is im-ing me at two thirty in the morning? I glance at my computer screen and see it's Clare. I throw the covers off me and practically jump to my desk chair. I would never give up a chance to talk to her.


clare-e23: Eli, are you there?

eli-gold49: Sorry, I was asleep. You woke me up, Edwards. This better be good, because even guys like me need beauty sleep.

clare-e23: Sorry, I just really needed someone to talk to… It's my parents again. I heard a plate being thrown at the wall.

eli-gold49: God, Clare, I'm sorry…

clare-e23: It's okay. I'm just bummed I'm gonna have to put up with this all weekend.

My fingers hover over the keyboard. This was perfect! But did I have enough courage to do it…?

eli-gold49: You can stay over my place for the weekend if you want. My parents will be out until Monday.

I guess that answered that question.

(Clare's POV)

Did he just invite me over? As in sleep over too? My heart skipped a beat at the thought- I would get to sleep where Eli sleeps! Wow, Clare, calm down.

clare-e23: And you don't think that's inappropriate?

Please say no, PLEASE SAY NO!

eli-gold49: I don't think so ;)

Thank God.

clare-e23: Do you have any idea what my parents are going to do if they find out? I'd get KILLED.

eli-gold49: Just tell them you're staying at Alli's house. And I'll take that as a yes to my little invitation?

I can't believe I'm doing this right now.

clare-e23: Yeah it is. I can't stand in my parents anymore.

(Eli's POV)

I smirk at the computer screen. I can picture Clare blushing right now. I love that affect I have on her, and little did she know, she has the same affect on me. I just know how to hide it.

eli-gold49- I'll pick you up at 11 AM.

(Clare's POV)

I could hardly sleep that night. I kept staring at my clock all night, watching the time tick by. But how could I sleep? In a few hours, I will be with Eli, and sleeping over his house!

Does that mean he sees me as more than his friend? God, I hope he does. Those clear emerald eyes, that lopsided smirk… they just drive me crazy. And it's not just his looks. It's his sense of humor, his way with words, his way of making me feel like the safest, most special girl in the world.

The last time I checked the clock it was 4:30 A.M.

A little while later I melted into dreams of a certain green eyed boy…

Authors' Note:

Hi everyone! This is my first fanfic, so I hope you like it! In my story, I don't follow what has happened in Degrassi. In my story line, Eli and Clare never kissed for any English project, Vegas Night never happened, and Eli hasn't told Clare about Julia (YET). I already have four chapters written, so I'll update daily, or sooner if you want :D

P.S. Sorry this chapter is a little short, I ran low on ispiration :( But reviews inspire me :)