"So, Eli, where are you taking me this time?" I ask with curiosity. The last trip he had taken me made him reveal a dark secret… and I hope that this trip was for a better reason.

"A special place," Eli says, taking his eyes off the road for a short second so that he could look at me. My heart stops for a moment when he says that, and I look out the window at the passing scenery to think.

He said it "wasn't the right place" when I wanted to have sex with him… is he bringing me to a "special place" so we can do it?

My heart stops again. That's happened so many times this weekend, I'm probably at risk for a heart attack.

I want to be with Eli… but how could I give up my promise to God. Okay, calm down. You don't even know if sex is his intention…

I feel confused. I want Eli, so badly. I want his love in the greatest way possible. But, can I really give up everything I believe in? Is this the temptation that I've been taught about since I started Christian youth classes in third grade?

I feel Eli's hand on mine, and it snaps me back to reality.

"You okay?" He asks with concern.

"Eli, what did you mean by 'special?'"

"Special as in this is our last day together until my dad gets back from his business trip."

Yeah, that really clarifies his intentions…

Eli takes the next exit on the highway, and drives until we reach a little dirt road with trees on both sides.

"Eli…?" I ask, not caring to hide my curiosity and concern. He doesn't answer, just smirks and takes my hand to lead me out the car. I've never liked the woods, because I've always had a fear of bears, wolves, and any other wild animal that could kill.

But these woods, they were… beautiful. Light filtered through the canopy that the trees made, creating a delicate lacy pattern on the bare forest floor. It continued to be bare as we walked along, until I saw a wildflower here and there. The amount of wildflowers grew, until we reached a clearing that was full of them. Light pink, blue and purple, they were everywhere. There was no grass, just flowers.

I gasp softly, and I feel Eli gently squeeze my hand. He leads me to a rock in the center of the clearing that had a ray of light shining down on it. The rock was about one foot above the floor of flowers, and the surface was flat, as if someone cut it with a knife. We both step onto it, and lie down.

I run my hand over the surface, marveling in its smoothness. I never knew a rock could be this smooth.

I feel Eli slip his hand into mine and entwine out fingers together. I turn to face him, staring into his intense emerald eyes. They never ceased to make me melt. Eli leans forward to kiss me, and I felt tingles throughout my body when our lips met. I slip my tongue into his mouth, and he places my hand on the back of my neck, pulling me closer to him.

When we pull back for air, I just stare at his face for a while as he closes his eyes and basks in the sun.

"So… what's the story of this place?" I ask, afraid of the answer. I don't want every meaningful place we go to be about his dead ex girlfriend.

"I never came here with Julia. I found this place… after her funeral. I do that when I'm upset, I drive until I find a place I like." Eli says with his arm dangling over the rock, his fingertips tickling the flowers below.

"Eli?" I say, my voice quivering.

"Yes, Blue Eyes?" He says, turning to face me.

"I love you." I know I meant it this time. I wasn't saying it to get him to have sex with me, I was saying because it was true, and it was for that reason alone.

"I love you too," Eli says, pulling me closer to him so that his forehead was pressed against mine and that our noses were touching.

I want to stay here forever with him. Where there's no parent troubles, or school. Just love.

I stare up at the blue sky and the fluffy clouds rolling by. Was that my imagination, or was that one shaped like a heart?

I feel Eli turn his head next to me and I see him face the sky.

"I see it too," he says softly, gently stroking my hand.


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