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This was bad, things were getting out of control, and fast. Zoro kept up the pace with the rest of his crew, eyes darting from side to side in search of possible threats. He was the second to last person, Robin having gotten stuck behind him somehow, so he had to make extra care that nothing separated the two from the rest of the group. Every second was crucial and just one wasted could be the difference between freedom and a cell.

Taking Wado Ichimonji in his left hand while still running, Zoro twisted the blade to the blunt side before sweeping it across the ground in front of his feet at a platoon of marines heading his way. The 36 pound cannon attack flowed effortlessly from the tip of his blade and hit the marines head on, tearing up the ground and sending them flying everywhere with minor injuries. He preferred not to kill anyone if he didn't have to and simple marines weren't much of a problem to take care of.

No, the problem instead was the others that were chasing the Straw Hats, hot on their heels. They didn't introduce themselves as vice admirals or anything but they may as well have been by the power they wielded. It hadn't been a difficult decision for Luffy to make that they should all high tail it out of the island instead of trying to stay and fight. Looking up ahead of him, Zoro saw the energetic captain laughing wildly as he cleared the way for the rest of the crew to follow.

Zoro heard the raven haired archeologist yell out an attack behind him and chanced a look to see that she had slowed down, putting her focus into incapacitating a large amount of marines heading towards the others ahead of them. Zoro cursed under his breath as he realized that she was going to be split up from the rest of the group because of her slight pause.

Stopping suddenly and turning to face the onslaught of marines chasing them, Zoro withdrew Sandai Kitetsu with his right hand and raised the two swords above his right shoulder, poised to strike.

"Robin, get down!" he roared.

Robin had scarce time to acknowledge what he said before Zoro threw his left arm across his chest, bringing the sword across in another 36 pound attack. She fell to her knees and slid under his swing, finding safety on his backside, before jumping back up and looking back at him.


Zoro followed his attack with a second 36 pound cannon, this time with his right arm. The two concurrent energy blasts scattered scores of marines in all directions while scarring the ground beneath them. It still wasn't enough, however, and Zoro used the momentum from his first two swings to spin his body around and continue the onslaught with a 72 pound cannon, both arms swiping across this time. The added force from the first swings gave the 72 pound cannon near deadly force as it whirl winded through people and buildings alike indiscriminately. The swordsman couldn't attest to the well being of those caught up in it but the situation was turning drastic.

Having bought some more time, Zoro turned to run after his crew only to see that Robin had stayed behind. Her arms were crossed and she was sprouting limbs on marines that were approaching the two from behind. Would they have caught him off guard had she not stayed back?

It didn't matter; she had stayed behind when he had explicitly told her not to.

"What the hell, woman!" Zoro yelled out, running to the archeologist before grabbing her by the arm and pulling her along. "Why didn't you keep going? We can't afford to waste a single second!"

"I couldn't leave you behind!" she replied, not resisting the swordsman's pull. "They would have surrounded you if I hadn't stayed." She felt his grip on her tighten.

"I can take care of myself; the last thing I need to worry about is taking care of you!"

"I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself, thank you very much," the archeologist retorted with a touch of scorn.

"Whatever, all we need to worry about is catching up with Luffy and the others and getting off—"

Zoro paused, realizing that they'd been effectively cut off from the others. "Shit!" he swore violently.

"What now?" Robin asked coolly, her mind racing for options.

"You're the smart one!" Zoro yelled, placing his back against hers. "You figure something out!"

Robin and Zoro stood back to back, facing a circle of marines slowly encroaching on them, frantically looking for a way to escape.


It was Luffy, calling out for the two when he likely saw them get separated from the group.

"We're fine!" Zoro barked at the rubber captain, taking care of a few overzealous marines that had broken the circle. "We don't have time to waste, get to the ship and get it ready. We'll take another route and meet you there!"


Zoro could clearly distinguish the distaste in Luffy's tone. He knew that his captain didn't like nor want to split off in the middle of a chase, but even Luffy realized the necessity of it at this point.

"Figure anything out?" the green haired swordsman asked his companion, slicing up a few attacking more marines than before. The marines knew they had the advantage and were getting more confident by the second; he and Robin needed to think of something fast.

"Nothing comes to mind right now," Robin responded, clutching a couple of marines herself where the swordsman couldn't get to.

"Smart my ass," Zoro chided. He took care of some more marines before becoming desperate. "We don't have time for this shit. Get down, all the way!"

Robin complied immediately this time, not wanting to have another close call like before. She fell to the ground flatly, pressing her stomach against the paved road.


Zoro pointed both blades to his right, Wado Ichimonji in his left hand crossing his chest, before wildly spinning in a circle, slicing the air itself.


Gales of wind erupted from the katana in his hand and flared outwards, catching all those surrounding him in a blind fury. Bodies and the weapons belonging to them were thrown around like ragdolls in the whirlwind that resulted from Zoro's attack and a wide opening was made as a result. Loud thuds and clangs echoed as the marines caught in the attack fell to the ground alongside their swords and guns.

"Let's go, Robin!" Zoro yelled out, taking lead by running towards the opening. He looked back expecting to see the raven haired woman close behind him only to see nothing.

Stopping immediately and quickly looking around, Zoro saw the archeologist with a gun to the back of her head. He followed the arm holding the pistol to see a young man smiling widely in triumph. In his other hands he held a pair of handcuffs locked around Robin's wrists. Looking at the woman's face and seeing a drained expression led Zoro to believe they were made of kairoseki. The marine must have clipped them on her amidst the chaos of Zoro's tornado and now held her hostage.

"Roronoa Zoro," he began coldly. "If you don't want this woman's life forfeit, drop your weapons and surrender!"

Zoro had no other option. With the muzzle of the pistol pressed firmly against the back of her head so far away there was literally nothing Zoro could do to free her from his grasp.

The swordsman began loosening his deathly tight grip on his katana to drop them when the younger marine raised the pistol in the air and brought it down forcefully against the raven haired archeologist's head.

"You think I'm joking? I'll kill her, I—" was all he could get out before Zoro was instantly on him, his swords cutting cleanly through his torso and his blood spilling freely from his body. The marine gasped briefly in surprise and blood sprang from his mouth as he toppled towards the ground. The brightness in his eyes faded quickly before he even made it to the ground, dead.

Zoro cursed wildly at his action. He fully intended to give himself up to keep Robin safe and alive, however now that he had murdered a marine in cold blood he doubted any such kindness would be shown to them from here on out. He didn't even mean to slay the boy; it was just that the sight of him smashing Robin in the back of the head while she was defenseless drove the swordsman into a bloodthirsty fury. He'd acted upon pure instinct. With the gun no longer in a threatening position, the young marine had no chance at stopping Zoro from action.

If the marines surrounding the two strawhats had been acting on confidence before, they were acting on pure rage now. Seeing one of their own fall to the hands of a pirate drove them beyond the sense of rationality and they now charged Zoro in scores.

No longer caring about petty ideals such as not killing when it could be avoided since Robin's life was at stake, Zoro made quick work of those assailing him, some more brutally than others. He tried to avoid slaying them, sure, but he held nothing back. Feeling completely overwhelmed and seeing the archeologist barely able to stand from the cuffs restraining her, Zoro looked to the opening he had made earlier only to find despair. The opening was gone and with it just about any chance for freedom.

It didn't matter, though. The only thing that mattered was keeping the endless stream of marines barreling towards him away from Robin. He'd hold out all day if he had to. There was no way that—

Something struck Zoro in the back of the head forcefully and his vision flared from the blow. He stumbled forward, his expertise so great that he still managed to dispatch those attacking him from the front. Within seconds his vision started to become blurry and stars danced around everything he could see. He turned around to see who had hit him only to see Robin face down on the ground, a large man pinning her down while twisting the cuffs on her hand.

His fury renewed, Zoro diverted all of his attention to the one restraining Robin and began to charge. Before he could take a step forward, however, another incredibly strong blow landed on the back of his head.

This time, everything went black.