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Chapter 1: The First Dream

I was five years old, sitting on my aunt's lap, playing with a Barbie doll. Her husband walked in.

"Honey, I've got to go, the office called me in early. I'll see you tonight," he said.

"Be safe," she replied. They'd both forgotten I was there. "I love you."

"I love you too," he said. He kissed her forehead and left.

"Aunty," I said, shocking her into remembering that I was there, "Why did he kiss you on your forehead?"

She sighed and said, "Because, honey, if someone kisses you on your forehead, it means they love you."

The scene changed.

I was sitting on the beach at sunset. And beside me was a boy. Normally, in my dreams, people don't have faces. But this boy was different. He had emerald green eyes and …unusual hair. Penny-coloured hair.

He was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

He had a guitar and was playing the song You and I by Lifehouse. And he was staring deep into my eyes.

I didn't know this boy, but something made me stare back. There was some energy running between us that wouldn't allow me to look away. I was lost in his gaze. Something about him seemed familiar, but at the same time completely unknown, if that made sense.

His voice was pure velvet, and I much preferred his version of the song to the original.

"You and me and all of the peopleWith nothing to do, nothing to prove andIt's you and me and all of the people andI don't why I can't keep my eyes off of youWhat day is itAnd in what monthThis clock never seemed so alive "

As he sang the last verse, he leaned forward and kissed my forehead.

Then out of nowhere, penguins ran out and attacked him, yelling "YOU ARE NOT A SUITABLE BOY!"

I was jolted awake by the beeping of my alarm clock, which read 6:05 a.m. For a second I forgot where I was, but then my dream came flooding back to me.

Penguins? What the hell? Why wasn't he a suitable boy?

And God, why couldn't that boy have been real? He didn't actually speak to me but I knew somehow that he was perfect, for me at least. Somehow, I knew he was sweet, kind, funny, smart and romantic. He was -

Okay, Bella, get up. Clear this dream out of your head. It was just a dream. Don't go getting any hopes about this boy. He doesn't exist.

Sighing, I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. Today was my first day of work. Although working for Alice wouldn't be to-

Oh my! I've just realized you don't know anything about me! Well introductions are in order.

Hello! I'm Isabella Marie Swan, though I'd prefer if you called me Bella. I'm 24 years old, and my birthday is September 13th. In college I was an English major, and I was in the middle of writing my first book.

I unfortunately had a case of writer's block.

Instead of staying home all day and sulking about the lack of words being extracted from me, I decided I would spend some time around the city, looking for inspiration somewhere. Life has to go on, and I'm not the "reclusive author" type.

I live in an apartment in New York with my best friend, Mary Alice Brandon. Call her Alice though, because she'd rip your head off if you called her Mary. She hates that name.

She's a designer, and she has a small shop in Manhattan, that sells her clothes. It's simply called Alice.

She doesn't have much employees because it's a small business. There's just our other best friend, Rosalie Hale, and now, me. I always used to help out with the store before, but now I'm getting paid for it.

I started to put on my make-up. I hate make-up, Alice insists I wear it, because " just a little bit can't hurt you." I put on blue eye shadow and eyeliner. I could get past Alice with that much.

I chose a dark blue sweater dress that Alice had given me for my birthday and paired it with black heels. I left my hair down, and satisfied with my appearance, left my room.

I went to the kitchen, where I found Alice still in her pyjamas, yawning over a bowl of cereal.

"Alice! I thought you said we were leaving at 7 ?" I exclaimed. Here I was, all ready and dressed, and she'd now woken up!

"Sorry, Bella, I meant to say 8," was what I barely made out through her huge yawns.

"Well thank you, Alice, for making me lose my sleep," I replied.

"Bah I wuv you Bellsshh, I'm so shhhowy."

I laughed. "Just drink some coffee and wake up so I won't have to decipher your yawns! And go get ready!"

She trudged out of the kitchen. An hour later, at 8 on the dot, I'd finished my breakfast, and Alice reappeared, no longer in a sleepy state.

"Come on, Belly, work awaits!" The hyper monster exclaimed as we locked the door behind us and got into her car. Gosh, just an hour ago, she could barely speak properly and now look at her…Only that little pixie could have so much energy.

We pulled up at Alice's shop just as Rosalie got there.

"Morning, Rose," Alice and I said together.

"Morning, darlings," she said, smoothening her perfect blond hair. Rosalie was inhumanly gorgeous. She was born to be a model, and she did do some modelling for Alice's catalogue, but we never could convince her to do more than that.

She and her brother, Jasper Hale, were from Texas. Jasper was Alice's boyfriend. He'd only come to New York a few months before to live with Rose, but he met Alice, and , supposedly on sight, they fell in love. Jasper was a paediatrician at the local hospital.

Alice opened the shop and we went about setting up and getting ready for the customers of the day.

The day passed without event . I went home alone since Jasper and Alice had a date.

I decided to visit my parents that evening. I'd made it a habit to visit them every week. My mother was a famous artist- Reneé Swan. She got thousands of dollars for every masterpiece she created. My father was a very successful lawyer. I guess you could say I came from a rich family, although I was never really into to trappings of money.

Lucky for me though, my parents paid my half of the rent of my and Alice's apartment. I haven't even finished my book yet, much less published it, so I haven't gotten any money in that area yet.

I drove straight to my parents' house from work. Dad wouldn't be home yet, but Mom would be there. As I got out of the car, I could smell the aroma of homemade bread wafting through the open windows. I practically ran through the door and into the kitchen.

"Where's the food?" I asked my mom as soon as I saw her. She laughed and pointed to the counter where there were loaves of homemade bread. I moaned as I bit into a slice. It might just be bread, but my mother's bread was THE best in the world.

"Gosh, you're acting like your brother!" she said. My brother, Emmett, was in Florida, in college. The only one of my friends he knew was Alice. I had a feeling though, that if I got him and Rosalie together, they'd make an awesome couple.

"Speaking of Emmett, he called yesterday," said Mom.

"What did he say?"

"Well, nothing much. He misses us, of course, and…he's coming home!"

We squealed and jumped around for a bit. I'd totally forgotten he was in his last year of college.

"Oh my God! He's graduating next week isn't he? Yay! You and Dad are going to the ceremony, right?"

"Yes, we are honey. Then, afterwards, he's coming home with us. I'm so excited!"

We talked some more about Emmett and she asked me about my first day of work. Then she asked the dreaded question.

"So, honey…are you seeing anyone yet?"

"Oh, geez, Mom, must you ask me that every time you see me? I'm perfectly happy on my own!" I replied.

"Of course, but honey, I'm getting old." Hah, people still mistake you for my sister (It's true, my mom looks really young). "I'm getting old, and I just want to see you walk down the aisle. Let me have this before I die?"

"But, mom I can't conjure a guy out of thin air… look, I have to go now, it's getting late. Tell Dad I stopped by. I love you mom, seeya later!"

I waved as I went out the front door. As I walked down the path to my car, I reflected on my mother's words. As I thought about her wanting to see me walk down the aisle, an image suddenly popped into my head.

I was wearing a beautiful white dress and walking down the aisle. At the top of the aisle was the man from my dream - the bronze haired, emerald eyed mystery guy.

Stop, Bella. He's not real! I told myself.

But I wish he was.