Hey guys Scorpionking12 here with a new chapter for Kami swordsman this chapter will focus on Naruto the Mythikage getting ready for his invasion by taking out key people that would help orochimaru get his prize yes naruto knows he also will be talking to his spies and getting them ready for the move after Konoha is taken down.

Naruto woke up to a very pleasant feeling looking down he saw Tenten sucking his Cock to get his seed in her mouth she was bobbing her head up and down and Naruto grunted and released her prize. "Not that that was not a nice way to wake up but why did you do it when you could have had the whole meal huh?"

Tenten blushed at what he was meaning he was saying she could have fucked him and he would not mind. "As much as I would love to let you slam that big Seal club into me I do have a team meeting this morning and the exams start in less than 2 days so I need to be able to walk but I will take a rain check on that okay". She kissed him and went to the shower to get cleaned up before leaving and meeting her team.

Naruto took his shower than got in his usual clothes and kage robes and left the hotel and went to talk with the clans that were his spies and his spies that had no clans so he had all the clans that were spies meet him in his room at the hotel and put privacy seals all over so no one could hear and a vision sound disrupter so Sarutobi could not use that blasted crystal ball of his he had actually sensed that bastard spying on him it was a good thing he had his robes on and his mask other wise the old fool would have found out who he was and would have started something that would not end well for anyone at the moment including himself.

"I have called you all here to tell you that we will be taking out key people that would have helped with Orochimarus plans one being his right hand man Kabuto or what we call him Orochimaru's dick Sheath since he is no doubt his fuck buddy. Now I have had the Yamanaka's make a treaty with the village and they have agreed to let me use some of their mind walkers from the clan in my village to weed out spies and they found forty from Sound 50 from leaf 13 from Suna 2 from Lightning and they even found some spies for Akatsuki in the village they were all disposed of by methods that would make th children here sick so I won't explain them I will just say they had painful deaths" "Now I would like to thank you all for helping me with this and also I would like to give you all a permanent home in the myth village when this is all done."

After all that he had his teams enter the exams they had already passed the first and the second was about to start.

"YOU maggots will need to keep yourselves and your teammates alive cause if one of you dies you can't go to the tower and get to the next stage so don't die."

Naruto had sent the Senseis of both teams to tell them that they were to take out team seven and the sound team so Sasuke would not be a problem later he ordered them to kill him and the sound team as well.

"So which team do you think will make it to their kill first Mythikage-kun" said the one and only sexy Mitirashi Anko.

"I have no clue since both my teams are quite skilled but I would not be surprised if by the end of this whole thing the Tamer squad will have used their millennium bug eggs which if I have read up on them correctly are quite dangerous and have to be tamed before they reach a day old or they go on a rampage and destroy everything in sight but since they have seals on the eggs that keep them from hatching until they want them too than its ok".

The first team to arive was the tamer team and in the scrolls they had gotten they found jutsu scrolls and one scroll labled Sharingan they were ordered to take Sasuke's Sharingan and give it to their Kage so he could have the pleasure of destroying them for Ra and Anubis and Osiris since they all wanted them gone they stole and did not even have to work at using it they just had to use that blasted eye and bam they knew how to use the jutsu.

it was now the fifth day and the prelims were almost over it was now Dosu vs. Stinger from the tamer clan and they had already been fighting for about a minute when stinger whistled and a swarm of Millennium bugs came out of the sleeves and pockets of his coat and started spitting acid and it hit Dosu and he screamed since the acid not only burned but paralyzed him and he was eaten by the bugs skin blood bones and organs all gone in a matter of seconds of them landing on him. The genin and most everybody else were looking green and in some cases throwing up their lunch.

they drew for the fights in a month and left but not before the myth ninjas hit their oponents for next month with KI that scared the shit out of them.

Ino was on her way to see the Mythikage since her father said he wanted her to meet him so she was on her way and when she got to the room he was supposed to be staying in she heard moaning and grunts. Being the Curious girl she is she quietly opened door and looked inside and her jaw dropped inside who she assumed was the Mythikage was Fucking Tenten if she remembered correctly brains out and Tenten was loving it Ino actually was getting turned on by this she actually started to think of why she liked Sasuke when he gave the cold shoulder to everyone and never even was grateful for all the jutsu people gave him just for being an Uchiha she sees now why her father despised them.

"Is there something I can do for you Miss" "Ino" "ahh YOur the one Inoichi wanted me to meet and see if you wanted to be put in the marriage program that my village is putting me through to start my clan".

Ino was speechless her dad wanted her to marry this HOT guy who only looked about a year older than her and to top it off he had to have many wives this was both good and bad for her since she wanted friends and sisters but this was not how she imagined it would go to get sisters but the good thing is he was HOT and He said he would love all his wives equally none more than the other any other guy would have just said they loved her and than left after a quick fuck and she knew this cause it happened to her mom before she met her dad.

"I will marry you but I want to be able to have a garden of my own in the village please".

"Of course you can I would not deny you that infact you can have a huge garden"

"thank you" and with that she left and Naruto and Tenten went back to screwing like wild animals in heat.

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