Category: Harry Potter
Author: Mrs Pettyfer
White Flag
Pairing(s): Rose/Scorpius, Lily II/Scorpius, Albus/OC
Rating: M for language and possible violence
A/N: Hello and welcome to my third story published here! So I decided to bring this over from my HPFF account for you guys to read. It's based of the song White Flag, by Dido. I hope you enjoy it and reviews are always appreciated. You have no idea how feedback fuels an writer's writing =). There's probably a few spelling/grammar errors that I missed so I apologize for those. I think putting a face to the character is important, so I include the casting of featured characters per chapter. I strongly suggest Googling them =). Enjoy!

Casting: Karen Gillan as Rose Weasley; Alex Pettyfer as Scorpius Malfoy

"I'll let it pass and hold my tongue
And you will think that I've moved on." - White Flag, Dido

Ch 1 - I Will Go Down With This Ship

Rose Weasley was gazing intently at the array of roses surrounding her. The whites, yellows, pinks, and even reds merging together perfectly, none of which dominated the other nor did it clash in color. The roses lined the aisle intricately, placed along the small white chairs that were facing the altar.

There were various murmurs issuing throughout the cathedral, eyes set on Rose in her silky gown; her auburn hair falling in large wavy curls around her face. She was clutching a beautiful boutique filled with more roses. A weak smile broke her lips.

She allowed her eyes to drift toward the end of the aisle.

And that's when hazel eyes met grey.

"Now you be sure to beat him in every way you can Rosie, you got that?" said her father, Ron Weasley, in an unnecessarily demanding tone.

"Oh stop it Ron," scolded her mother, Hermione. She smiled warmly at Rose, running her hand through her daughter's hair in a motherly fashion.

"I will dad," said Rose with a smile, stealing a glance at the boy a few yards away.

She didn't know the Malfoy boy, but from her glance he seemed innocent enough. He was hugging his father in a loving way, their blond heads clashing horribly with the amount of sunshine creeping in through the windows. The boy's mother had dark black hair and high cheekbones with bright red lipstick that was almost too painful to look at. She smiled at her son before giving him a kiss on the head.

Maybe her father was overacting. This wouldn't be the first time, anyway.

Ten minutes later found Rose searching for a compartment. Alone.

Her cousin Albus had abandoned her the moment they had gotten on the Hogwarts Express, chasing after James in a very pathetic manner. Rose knew he was nervous about what house he'd be in, but honestly. He was overacting a bit in her opinion.

Rose glanced inside every compartment as the train slowly began moving away from Platform 9 and 3/4. They were all nearly full and she couldn't even find any of her cousins.

All nine of them. What good luck she had.

She sighed, shifting her weight with her luggage. It was getting really heavy to be quite frank.

There was a sneeze and Rose turned to her left. The compartment was empty, except for one person.

And that was when hazel eyes met grey.

Without much thought, and half because she wanted to spite her father, she slid inside the compartment and took a seat opposite the Malfoy boy. She tried to smile but now half wished she had sat next to him in order to avoid this intense gaze he was smothering her with.

"What are you staring at?" Rose finally snapped at him. She didn't like people staring at her like this, in a calculating manner. She felt her cheeks burn slightly.

The boy arched a brow, his silvery grey eyes piercing. "Nothing special."

His tone was cold, far too cold for an eleven year old boy. The coldness made his eyes look like ice.

Rose shrugged off his rude remark, pulling out her copy of A Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1. After all, she had grown up around James Potter, who was known for his jokes and sarcastic comments. She could handle this just fine, thank you very much.

"You're a Weasley, aren't you?" asked the boy, seemingly unable to stand for silence.

"What makes you say that?" asked Rose without looking up, turning to chapter three. She had inherited her mother's thirst for knowledge and had already read chapters one and two.

"Thought you looked familiar. Saw you and your family at the station. The red hair is hard to miss."

"And you are?" Rose prompted, starting to already dislike the boy. She glanced up eagerly.

"Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy," he said proudly, hoisting himself up a little higher.

The way he spoke his name made Rose want to laugh, as though anyone with any amount of intelligence would recognize this name and regard it with nothing but pure admiration.

"Hmmm…" she began, "never heard of you."

She then buried her nose in her book, leaving Scorpius with a rather dumbfounded look upon his pretty little face.

It's so funny how things change, how feelings change, how people change. But Scorpius Malfoy to this day still held himself with as much confidence as he had when he was eleven years old.

He stood at the end of the aisle dressed in a solid black suit. He was tall, his muscles toned, his skin holding a naturally slight tan that contrasted greatly to his father. His sandy blond hair fell in loose curls messily and his silvery grey eyes were as striking as the moon.

Scorpius was gorgeous, there was no denying it. The way his stare held hers still made her uncomfortable, just as much as it had when they had first met.

Rose took a step forward, vaguely aware of the eyes focused in on her. She really hated attention, but being a Weasley and essentially the daughter of two war heroes, well…attention was hard to avoid.

"Going to the match, Weasley?" Scorpius mocked in the Great Hall as he made his way pompously toward the exit dressed in his Slytherin Quidditch Robes. He had made his house team as a second year last year, and as one of the youngest Seekers at Hogwarts the attention only fueled his overlarge ego even more.

Rose had to remind him on many occasions that her Uncle Harry was still the youngest Seeker in the last two centuries, as he had made the team as a first year. Scorpius seemed to ignore her whenever she mentioned it.

"And why would I, Malfoy?" Rose challenged, glancing up from her breakfast.

She wasn't as Quidditch crazy as her cousins were and had spent enough time at home watching them play.

Scorpius stopped a few feet from the door, his posse of girls circling around him with puppy dog looks on their faces.


That was what it was; these girls that followed Scorpius around like he was some kind of celebrity. More attention; something he definitely did not need.

"Then who will I blow a kiss to then after I catch the snitch?" he asked, a slow smirk forming on his lips.

Rose's cheeks burned in embarrassment as the girls around him scoffed in irritation. Scorpius had deliberately blown her a kiss at the last match just to infuriate her and it had worked.

The rumors that had circulated around the school after that had put Rose over the edge of paranoia and insanity. Of course Scorpius found the whole ordeal hilarious, as did her cousin Albus. The two were probably in on it together.


"Oh isn't there someone else you can torture, Malfoy?" Rose snapped at him.

Scorpius on the other hand continued to smirk at her. "Probably. But I chose you."

He shot her a wink before twirling his Firebolt with ease and exiting the Great Hall.

Another step forward.

When Rose looked back, Scorpius had not changed in the slightest. Not really, that is. He was still as infuriating as he had been, still as rude and sarcastic as ever. It was almost like he thrived on tormenting her. Like every spar between the two of them fueled his existence.

And they had fought. Many, many times.

They hardly agreed on anything, and challenged each other every day. They had fought battles of deepest emotions to small, trivial differences. It didn't matter what they were fighting about because the fact of the matter was that neither of them ever believed they were wrong.

Another step.

Rose was almost halfway toward the altar. She saw familiar faces in the crowd, their expressions varying with different emotions. And that was pretty much how Rose felt in that moment.

She wasn't sure what emotion to feel. Happiness, rage, anxiousness, sadness; nothing seemed to dominate the other. Or perhaps her emotions were simply numb at the moment. Maybe she simply couldn't feel anything.

Another step.

Rose tried to smile back at the faces around her, but she couldn't manage it. She could still feel Scorpius's gaze on her, but she didn't want to look at him just yet.

She found her cousin Victoire in the crowd, her beauty standing out on its own accord. Her blond hair fell loosely down her back, giving no evidence that she had been a Weasley. Her soft blue eyes were kind, giving Rose some sort of odd comfort. Her arm was locked in Teddy Lupin's. The two had been married three years previously and still were just as happy.

How nice.

Another step.

There was Rose's mother, bent low at the edge of the aisle whispering something to Mr. Malfoy, who looked beyond his years in frustration and annoyance. Rose knew her mother and Mr. Malfoy still fired bullets at one another, but they were now able to be civil. Since when did this hatred between the Weasley's and Malfoy's end, anyway?

"Scorpius Malfoy, you are the foulest piece of scum I have ever met in my life!" Rose scorned angrily, her eyes blazing with fire.

The two were bickering at their shared lab station in fifth year, each absolutely sure they were brewing it properly and that the other was not.

"Did it ever occur to you Weasley that I have just as high marks as you in here? Hence why Professor MacMillan paired us together?" Scorpius shot back angrily.

Rose wanted to ask him if he seriously just said 'hence' in a sentence but decided to rally back with,

"Just because you have high marks Malfoy doesn't give you the right to assume you're right."

"Nor does it you, Weasley."

The two glared at each other for a solid minute, each refusing to drop their gazes. Professor MacMillan made his way over to their station hesitantly, aware his top two students were having one of their days. Sometimes they would get along fine, almost like friends ever. But other days, more often days, they would fight. It didn't always end so pretty.

"How's it going, you two?" he asked pleasantly, expecting the worst.

"I can't work with him, Professor," said Rose, throwing Scorpius a dark glance.

"Miss Weasley…Mr. Malfoy. I am more than aware of your utter dislike of one another. But if you have any wish in becoming Head Boy and Girl, you are going to have to find a way to put aside your differences. Now please, set an example and work together on this, will you?"

Professor MacMillan gave them a disappointing look, the type that made Rose feel horrible on the inside. She hated disappointing people, especially her professors.

After a few moments of silence, Rose sighed. "Maybe you're right Malfoy. Maybe the potion needs the extra moonstone to get a thicker consistency."

Scorpius arched a brow. "What was that? Did you say I was right?"

"I said maybe."

"Wow, Weasley. With that thinking maybe this project won't be so bad."

Rose rolled her eyes, tossing in some chopped Knottgrass. "Don't get your hopes up, Malfoy."

And that was it. That was the moment that had grazed over the boundary of hate amongst the Malfoys and Weasleys. From that moment Rose and Scorpius were able to realize that something other than hatred was building between them. Perhaps it had been all along, but it took five years to get there.

Another step.

Of course that didn't stop her father from ranting and raving about her new friendship with Scorpius Malfoy, but after about a week of raging, followed by a week of moping, he had come to civil terms with it. Or maybe Hermione had put her foot down on the subject. Rose wasn't sure.

She was almost there now; she could see her cousins Albus and James staring at her as they stood next to Scorpius. Albus nodded to her, mentally telling her to stay strong. He looked so much like Aunt Ginny in an odd way, even though his hair was as dark as Uncle Harry's.

Another step.

Rose was so close she could now see the distinct color of Scorpius's silver eyes, an endless ocean of grey.

She took a sharp breath, her legs aching with every step she took. Her entire body ached quite actually, but that was beside the point. Today she couldn't complain, that she had promised herself. No, she hated complaining; especially when it was her fault.

They were patrolling the corridors on the fifth floor as Head Boy and Girl, wands out and lit on the tips.

"I still can't believe you caught that snitch," Rose announced with a snort. It had been the luckiest dive she had seen up to date. With James now gone, Gryffindor was suffering in their attempts to put together a decent Quidditch team, though Hugo had certainly contributed as an excellent Beater.

"When will you realize Rose that I'm nothing less than extraordinary when it comes to Quidditch?" Scorpius goaded, his arrogance reaching new heights.

Rose snorted in a very un-ladylike manner. "You overestimate yourself Scorpius."

"But not you Rosie," he said with a wink, giving her a playful nudge.


It was the same name her father and Albus called her. Rosie wasn't her favorite of nicknames, but she never felt the need to tell Scorpius not to call her that for some unknown reason. When they had started calling each other by their first names, Rose didn't know.

She arched a brow at him.

"You always surprise me. I seem to underestimate you," Scorpius added as they rounded a corner.

"Does that bother you, Scorpius?" Rose promoted, glancing his way.

"It intrigues me, actually," he said, flashing another brilliant smirk he was famous for. A family trait, Rose's mother had told her.

"I intrigue you?" she questioned, highly amused yet deeply interested in his answer.

"You do a lot of things to me, Rose. Intrigue is one of the more positive things."

She couldn't help but laugh.

"Well, that's not my fault," she said after a moment. They were now heading back toward their dormitories.

"It is actually," he disagreed lightly. "But you're more infuriating than intriguing so don't get too excited."

"Infuriating?" she questioned. Funny, that was a word she would use to describe him.

"Of course. But maybe I wouldn't like you as much if you weren't."

There had been times like this when Scorpius had given Rose mixed signals and backwards compliments, not really owning up to what he wanted to say, but flipping it around to confuse those he was speaking to. It was annoying really, to mentally struggle when someone was almost giving you a compliment.

Another step.

Her mother was now sitting with Aunt Ginny in the second row, her eyes almost in tears. Aunt Ginny was looking down, refusing to meet Rose's eye. But Rose had to break her gaze away. No, she couldn't stand to see that look in her mother's eyes for another second. Her father too was giving her the same look, with eyes less watery.

But she wouldn't respond to this sort of pity. No, she certainly would not. She was a strong and independent witch.

Rose found Scorpius again but this time his eyes were soft and uncertain. His breaths were sharp, nerves seeming to get the best of him. Rose swallowed hard, the overwhelming scent of roses overcoming her senses.

The large ornate windows were cracked open; the warm summer breeze filing into the large cathedral slowly; the soft music in the background drowning out the buzzing of bees that had slipped through the cracks.

Another step.

Just a few more steps and she would be there.

You know they say when you walk down the aisle, flashes of memories resurface and the time seems to drag forever. It was true, Rose had concluded. Her past with Scorpius never seemed clearer than it did in these few moments as she made her way toward him.

He was watching her with a distant look, his eyes remaining uncertain.

Scorpius Malfoy was never uncertain, only a few times had Rose really seen the confusion lingering in his eyes.

"Rose, I wanted to ask you something," said Scorpius, his tone less confident than ever. It was almost shaky, something she had never before witnessed with him.

"What is it, Scorpius?" Rose asked, glancing up from her Charm's Essay.

It was a week before graduation and the two of them were sitting in a pair of armchairs in the Room of Requirement.

The room had been opened to celebrate the end of the year, and a party of about thirty sixth and seventh years were currently enjoying music, food, and banned box of goodies from Uncle Fred and George's joke shop.

Rose would reprimand them later. Now she needed to finish her essay.

"Do you ever…do you ever think about us?"

Rose knitted her brows in confusion. "What do you mean…us?"

Scorpius sighed, running a hand through his messy hair. "You remember when you dated that idiot, Tiberius McLaggen?"

Rose snorted in amusement. She wouldn't really call going to Hogsmeade for dinner one time 'dating.'

"I remember going to dinner with him," she corrected, "yes."

"Well I hated it," he said bluntly.

Rose didn't know what to say. In truth, she understood what he was saying because it was the same way she felt every time he was with a girl. And mind you, he was with much more girls than she had been with boys.

"I like you Rose," Scorpius continued, running his hand shakily through his curls once again. It was a habit caused by nerves Rose had noticed. "Probably more than I should."

There was a moment when Rose thought she might burst. On one hand, she wanted to smack him and tell him to get a grip. On the other, she had never been more elated than this moment at hearing these words.

"You say that like it's a problem," she said with a smirk.

"It is a problem," he said matter-of-factly.

"And why's that?" she asked, inching closer toward him subconsciously.

"Because it's going to be a real interesting dinner when I tell your father I'm your boyfriend."

"Oh isn't there someone else you could have as your girlfriend?" she asked, a grin forming on her lips.

He returned it with a grin of his own. "Probably. But I chose you."

And with that, he pulled her close and allowed his lips to crash down on hers.

It was the first time she wanted the kiss, physically or blown in the air. And this time, she didn't care if anyone was watching.

It was every bit as perfect as those romantic moments read in novels. Rose had been surrounded by music and people yet she heard and felt nothing except for Scorpius. All that mattered in that moment was the two of them, trapped inside their little bubble of bliss.

It was the first time she had allowed herself to be honest regarding her feelings for Scorpius. Perhaps she had known for years that she fancied him, but never had the guts to admit it.

Part of her was intimidated by him. He was always circled with friends and girls everywhere he went. He was right up with her at the top of the class, rich, good looking, popular, you name it.

Not that Rose wasn't any of these things. But she was modest and humble. Scorpius was extravagant, and did everything big and bold. Nothing was private with him; nothing was ever simple and peaceful. No, Scorpius always had to ruin things with complications.

And that was exactly what he did.

Rose stopped short of Scorpius, allowing herself to have one last longing glance into his eyes. He gave her a look that almost sent her into his arms but she stayed put. Words of things she should have said or done formed on her lips but she remembered her promise.

She would not complain about things that were her own fault.

So with this in mind, Rose stepped to the side with one last sad smile to Scorpius. She stepped aside, so the bride could make her way down the aisle.

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