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"Wrapped in your arms, I'm home." - Wrapped in Your Arms, Fireflight

Epilogue - White

One year later

Rose Weasley was gazing at the array of roses surrounding her. Like a blank canvas, there wasn't a single splash of color. They were pure white, a soft and silky texture. Behind Rose, gentle hands worked their way through her thick auburn hair.

"Your curls are done," said Hermione. Rose glanced up from the roses, looking directly at her own reflection in the vanity mirror. Her mother bent down so their faces were side by side. She smiled. "Let's leave it down and pin back a few curls."

Rose really hadn't thought of how else to do her hair, so she let her mum do as she desired.

There was a creak of wood. The door on the opposite wall opened and Dom strode into the room, stunning in her long silver gown. Her blonde hair was curled in tight ribbons, the silver in her dress bringing out the blue tint to her eyes. She looked like an icy queen.

"The boys are about to take their places," she announced. She gave Rose a once look-over and a lazy smirk spread across her red painted lips. "Are you about ready, princess?"

"Definitely ready," Rose answered without hesitation, smiling. "Where's Vinny?"

"Lavatory." Dom rolled her eyes. "She ate something with shellfish on accident when we grabbed lunch earlier."

Rose groaned. Vinny was allergic to almost everything. "Well give her a potion or something."

"Because I carry those around all the time," Dom replied. She looked to Hermione, sighing heavily as though this problem was her own personal burden. "Would you mind, Aunt Hermione, doing something for Vinny? I'd really hate for her to pass out up there."

"I'm not a healer, you know."

"Might as well be Mrs. Know-It-All," Rose muttered under her breath. She scowled as her mother tugged a bit too roughly on her hair.

"Done," said Hermione sweetly. "I'll go find Ginny—she's the expert. I should probably get down there anyway. The procession will be starting soon." She leaned down again and looked at Rose through the mirror. Rose couldn't help but see such a striking resemblance between herself and her mother, one she hadn't really noticed as predominant before: rose tinted cheeks, small nose, thick hair, the same basic facial structure. "You look beautiful, my little Rose. And I am so happy for you."

"Thanks mum," said Rose, trying not to get choked up. She smiled into the mirror and Hermione bent down and kissed her gently on the cheek.

Dom followed Hermione from the room, promising to return with a perfectly healed Vinny. Rose was left alone, possibly for the first time all day, as she stared at her reflection. Her hazel eyes were brushed with a dark shadow that brought out the green flecks in her eyes. Hermione had done as she said, pinning back pieces of curls with diamond crusted pins. Her rosy cheeks needed no blush, and she wore lip balm for moisture, never really being a fan of lipstick. Looking at her reflection now, it was hard to imagine the face of the eleven year old Rose Weasley, the one that first met Scorpius Malfoy on the Hogwarts Express. It was even harder to imagine telling that Rose that one day she would marry that arrogant, smug little brat.

"You lied to me."

Rose looked up from her book, prepared to scowl at being interrupted, but found her mouth only parted in slight shock.

"What are you doing in here?" she asked, completely aghast. "This is the Gryffindor Common Room."

"Well observed," said Scorpius. He wore his Slytherin robes but looked completely at ease leaning against the fireplace. "As it were, I was invited."

"By whom?"Rose demanded.

"Your cousin, actually." He gave a swift nod to the other side of the common room, where, Rose found, Albus was absorbed in a game of Wizards Chess with a boy she didn't recognize.

"But…" Rose blinked. "Albus is in Slytherin too."

"True," Scorpius agreed. "But James is in your house. And since they're brothers…well you can't expect them to stay in different houses all the time, can you?"

The fact that two Slytherins were in the Gryffindor Common Room and apparently no one but Rose was noticing bothered her. Or the fact that they noticed but didn't care, which bothered her more. Professor Longbottom had stressed the importance of friendliness amongst the houses, but still!

"Yeah…but—" Suddenly Scorpius's opening words came back to her in a rush. She placed a marker in her book and sat it on the floor. "What do you mean I lied to you?"

Scorpius crossed his arms and tilted his head down, looking at her through his long lashes. "You said on the train you've never heard of me. And that's just not true, according to Albus."

"Do you always listen to everything Albus says?" Rose snapped back.

"Do you always lie to cover up the truth?"

Rose gasped. "No!"

"Sure sounds like it, Weasley." Scorpius moved away from the wall and started walking toward Albus. "And for the record, you're terrible at lying."

It was true, Rose thought, thinking back to her first year. She had always been a rotten liar. It was something about her eyes, Scorpius always said, that gave away the truth. Not that she usually needed a reason to lie in the first place, but he always seemed to see straight through her.

So did her dad.

As if on cue, Ron Weasley sauntered into the room and closed the door behind him. He wore a new set of midnight colored dress robes, and even his hair looked tidier than usual. He took one look at his daughter, his expression all over the place, before he sulked his way to her.

"Don't even look at me like that," Rose told him sternly, rising from her chair. "I'm not running away or deciding I want to spend the rest of my life pole dancing."

"That's what normal daughters do," said Ron. "Weird piercings, tattoos, sneaking off into the night." He sighed. "They usually give their father's a reason to demand they stay at home."

Rose smiled and let him pull her into his arms, just like she had as a little girl. "I'm not going anywhere, dad."

"I know," Ron murmured into her hair. "I'm just going to miss seeing you every morning. Who will make my eggs benefick?"

It was nearing five in the morning in the Weasley household, and it was at this time five year old Rose decided she couldn't possibly sleep another moment. She crept from her bed and down the hallway, not wanting to wake Hugo or her parents. A sort of frenzied glee filled Rose's entire being. Awake, while everyone else was sound asleep!

What should she do?

Go downstairs first, she thought. She eyed the pail that hung from the fireplace but then dismissed the idea immediately. Her parents never allowed her to use the Floo Network without an adult. She'd be in major trouble, but the thoughts of seeing Albus's face when she appeared in the middle of the night was almost enough to make her do it.


She glanced at the old fashioned clock that hung above the mantle. Dad would be getting up soon to go to work and mum always made his breakfast. What was it he liked so much? Eggs…eggs benefick? Yeah. That was it. She'd surprise him with breakfast!

Now having a purpose, Rose bounced into the kitchen. A copy of Grandma Weasley's cookbook rested on the counter, and Rose flipped through the pages. She could read for the most part but still struggled with the bigger words. She saw one recipe that looked promising, and the picture revealed that—hm, that's strange—Eggs Benedict, it said.

Must be similar to eggs benefick.

An hour later, Ron Weasley cam thumping down the stairs, eyes foggy with sleep. He stepped into the sitting room, letting the morning sun filter through the windows and heat up his face. It took him a moment before things came into focus, but the kitchen was hard to miss.

It looked like a pack of werewolves had ravaged the tiny room, yet decided to leave a tiny red headed little girl amongst the fray.

"Rosie?" Ron blinked and moved into the kitchen quickly. "What happened? What are you doing up?"

Rose rubbed a hand across her cheek, leaving some gooey substance behind. Her tangled hair was white from what looked like flour. "I made you breakfast, dad."

"Did you?" Ron was trying to keep his composure, now able to fully absorb the chaos of the kitchen: Pots and pans were strung across the floor. Some murky sauce was spilt from the blender. The box of eggs were left open, one cracked on the floor. A glass milk bottle opened and left under the warm window. And—was something burning?

"Eggs benefick, your favorite." Rose waddled from the other side of the counter and placed a plated dish on the table. She had already poured a glass of pumpkin juice, only managing to spill a few drops. Ron had no idea what was on that plate, unable to tell the eggs from the toast to the Canadian bacon. Something thick and yellow covered it, drowning it completely. Rose looked at the plate like it was her greatest masterpiece, and then looked back up at Ron. "Do you like it, dad?"

"It's—" Rose's eyes widened in anticipation, her dirty fingers knotting together in front of her as she dug her furry little slippers into the ground. "It's perfect," Ron finished. "But only if you promise to eat with me."

Rose frowned. "I messed up a few times." An understatement, Ron thought. "I only have enough for you."

"How about I make you something, then?" Ron asked. He cast a weary look at the stairs. "Before your mum wakes up to feed Hugo."

"Okay, dad." Rose brightened and took a seat next to Ron's plate. She wiped a hand across her forehead, leaving more of a mess on her face. "Whew! That's hard work."

Ron had pulled out his wand and began clearing up the kitchen. "Thanks for making my favorite, Rosie."

"Anything for you, dad." Rose smiled widely. "Anything."

Rose laughed at the childhood memory. "I suppose I could come by on Sundays and make it for you."

"The recipe seemed to change through the years," Ron noted with a chuckle.

"How terrible was it the first time I made it?"

Ron pulled back and grimaced. "It was pretty bad. But I couldn't tell you that."

The rose that had been placed on the front of his robes was lopsided, and Rose made sure to fix it. "No, you always played along with my wild concoctions." She could have used her wand, but for some reason she wanted to fix the flower manually. It took her a moment, adjusting the sharp pin behind the fabric, before the rose was perfectly straight. She smiled. "All done."

When she glanced up, Ron had an odd look on his face, watching her silently. "What is it?" Rose asked.

"You're all grown up," he said softly, hanging his head like a scolded puppy. "You'll change your name, and I'll have to give you away."

Rose felt her throat constrict. She had promised herself she wouldn't get emotional. Her mother had been wise enough to cry out of Rose's sight but apparently her father was going to dig the knife deep. He just looked so…she couldn't describe it. He sort of looked like a toy that no longer worked properly. Rose leaned her head forward so their foreheads touched, and closed her eyes. Her dad held her steadily by the shoulders.

"My last name might change, but I'll always be your little girl," she whispered, swallowing hard.

"Always," Ron murmured. He pulled back after a moment, and wiped a tear that had slipped down Rose's cheek. He smiled ever so slightly. "If I'm not allowed to cry, you aren't either."

She laughed and wiped under her eyes. "Why did you say yes, anyway? I mean, I thought you didn't like Scorpius."

Ron sighed deeply and looked like he had expected this question. "It's not about me, Rosie. It's about you and who makes you happy. Quite frankly, I don't think there's another boy out there that loves you more than he does, Malfoy or not. I saw it in his face—the same look I've seen on my face a million times, thinking about your mother."

"Thanks dad." Rose smiled. "I love you."

"I love you too, Rosie."

Rose took her place next to two tall double doors, rose bouquet in hand. She glanced down at herself one last time, making sure she looked just right. Her dress was simple, solid white and long with thin capped sleeves. A layer of lace overlay rested across the silky fabric. She wore pearls in her ears, a gift from Mrs. Malfoy, and a matching necklace.

Elegant, simple and classy, Rose noted to herself. Just what she wanted.

Standing in front of the doors was Dom, Vinny just having gone through, and thanks to Aunt Ginny, no longer ill. Dom turned slightly and spoke over her shoulder, "Two weddings in less than a month. Has to be a record for our family, don't you think?"

"Well our family isn't exactly the most conventional," Rose said in an undertone. The music that filtered from the other side of the doors was soft and melodic.

"True," said Dom, sighing. "Guess I should have accepted that a long time ago."

"Saw Lysander was on the list." Rose tried to sound nonchalant. "Looks like he made it here after all."

"Yeah well, couldn't resist the opportunity to see -"

"To see you," Rose cut in. "He came here for you. Not for me or Scorpius."

Dom shrugged, and Rose thought she'd never understand her best friend's mind when it came to boys. Or more importantly, a boy she actually liked. The doors opened, the music increasing a little louder, indicating Dom's turn. With a quick glance to Rose, she said, "Enough about Lysander. It's about time you get your ass married to Scorpius. I was about sick of waiting."

Rose watched Dom disappear, her walk a little bouncier than what was expected for the maid of honor. The doors shut quietly. Rose breathed deeply, anxious. She was next.

"Nervous?" Ron asked, taking his place by Rose's side. She slid her arm in his, relying on his strength to keep her standing.

"Little bit." Huge understatement. "I just hate being stared at." In truth, this was one of those should be trivial things that bothered her. Not the fact that she was about to get married, but everyone standing, staring in her direction.

She was never one for attention.

"Trust me, you won't notice them," said Ron, chuckling. "I think your attention will be elsewhere."

Before Rose could decipher his meaning, the doors opened, the music changing tempo. She was hit with an unexpected brightness as she stepped into the Malfoy's greenhouse—a huge structure surrounded by nothing but shimmering glass. Where Lily's chapel had been a sort of gothic romantic, with gold panels and wooden rafters, this was all white. Everything: the roses that hung in the air and along the carpeted aisle, the seats, the altar. It was all white, and with the way the sun lit up the greenhouse, it turned the room to a sort of golden-silver glow, making Rose think of being trapped in a beautiful snow-less globe.

Ron led Rose over the threshold, and a collective aww filled the glass room, guests rising from their seats. But Rose barely noticed them, or the fact that she was moving forward. Her eyes found Scorpius at the end of the aisle, an expression she couldn't for the life of her decipher on his face.

But that wasn't what made her state at him.

The evening sun seemed to radiate around him, turning his dark blonde hair and silver eyes almost gold. He had traded his usual black robes into solid white ones, matching Rose and the rest of the room. Scorpius, with his shadowy presence and cold eyes, had always given off a sort of dark and forbidding vibe. But now, dressed in all white and practically glowing, it was like looking at some sort of angel. He smiled at her then, a smile so bright and wonderful that it made Rose catch her breath.

Scorpius had always been gorgeous, but this was different. This was a consuming beauty, one that radiated from his entire being and pulled Rose toward him like a moth to a flame. She didn't see anything else in the room and based on the look on his face, she was almost sure he felt the same.

Rose reached him in no time at all, pleasantly surprised that she hadn't noticed a single face in the audience. Her dad had been right—her attention hadn't been on all the watchful eyes on her face. She had only paid attention to one set of eyes. Eyes that were looking at her now, seemingly searching her soul.

Past Scorpius stood Albus and Damon, both wearing dark grey robes. Albus smiled, a knowing glint to his eyes. He looked relieved and at peace, like someone who had just gotten to the end of a book.

Ron turned Rose around and looked at her, the sad look she had seen earlier washed away and replaced with happiness. No words were said—the look on his face said it all. He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek before handing her over to Scorpius.

"This is like a dream," Scorpius murmured quietly, just as the Minister asked the guests to sit down. "I keep thinking you'll be gone when I blink."

"You're not getting rid me of this time," Rose whispered. "You're stuck with me for life."

The corners of his mouth turned up slightly. "Looking forward to it."

Rose turned and handed her bouquet to Dom. And nearly choked. She was surprised to find that her maid of honor's eyes were a little glassy.

"Something in my eye," Dom snapped under her breath. "Turn around and get married, alright?"

"Dearly beloved," began the small, white haired wizard that was sealing the marriage, "we are gathered today to celebrate the union of Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy and Rose Hermione Weasley…"

Rose was trying to look at the Minister, since he was speaking and it sort of felt like the right place to look, but she could feel Scorpius's eyes on her face. She looked at him from under her lashes, a bashful gesture, like someone trying to be sneaky in class.

He cracked a smile and she couldn't help but smile back. Hearing the opening words, hearing her name in that sentence, it made the color in the world shine a little brighter.

The ceremony was brief, and Rose was pleased she didn't mess up on any of her words so far. When Scorpius stared at her like he was doing now, it made her stomach flutter and her brain dislodge from her senses. When it came time for the vows, well, this was the tougher part.

"Scorpius and Rose have opted to declare their own vows, "said the Minister, addressing the congregation. He gave a tiny nod at Scorpius, silently letting him know to proceed.

Scorpius gripped Rose's hands tightly and stared at her, transporting her out of the greenhouse and into their own world. Her heart pounded loudly in her ears. He hadn't told her what he was going to say, and frankly she was a little nervous.

"I Scorpius take you Rose, to be my wife," he began, his voice clear and certain. "I promise to tolerate your obsessive compulsive behavior, and let you win a few arguments every once in awhile. I promise to reorganize the library, because I know disorder drives you mad. I promise to make the bed every morning, because I know how much you hate doing it. I promise I'll never lie to you. I promise to stay by your side no matter what, even if you order me away." He reached into his robes and pulled out the emerald Malfoy ring, sliding it on Rose's ring finger on her left hand. She had tears in her eyes, but she still saw his smile through her blurry vision. "I promise I mean what I say, when I say I do. I promise to be the person you deserve, Rosie. I promise I never stopped loving you, and I never will."

Rose was sure she wasn't able to speak. She forced tears down, swallowing hard. She heard several awws and a few choked sobs from the guests. Suddenly her vows went out the window, a powerful sea washing her words away.

She gave a shaky laugh, one that only came out when she was feeling ridiculously nervous. Scorpius looked at her with his lips turned up at the corners, clearly amused at catching her so off guard by his vows.

"Wow," Rose breathed shakily. "That's tough to follow." The guests laughed softly, and immediately Rose felt a little more comfortable, like she had finally drifted from her cloud and landed back on earth. Scorpius was grinning when he reached forward and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

Rose cleared her throat.

"I Rose take you Scorpius, to be my husband—" she began, and then paused. Her vows, which she had rehearsed at least a thousand times, vanished from her mind. Speak from the heart, a little voice told her. "I promise to help you see reason when you think you're right when you're really wrong. I promise to let you win a few duels when we practice at work. I promise not to get too annoyed that you color coordinate your closet."

Scorpius was full smile now. "I promise to learn how to make raspberry trifles, because I know they're your favorite," Rose went on. "I promise to trust you, to believe in you, and stand by you." She turned slightly, holding out her hand. Dom plopped a thin silver band in her palm. Rose held it out, slipping it on Scorpius's ring finger. "You asked me if I was sure about this, and I promise I've never been so sure of anything before. I promise to always love you, in this world and the next."

Their eyes locked, a thousand words passing between them.

"On this day, I declare you bonded for life," said the Minister. "Mr. Malfoy, you may kiss your bride."

Scorpius slid a hand behind Rose's neck and pulled her toward him, his lips meeting hers. Rose thought she heard clapping and other strange sounds of congratulations but she was lost in his kiss. A kiss that finally sealed the marriage. Sealed their love. Her hands ran through his soft hair, knotting it in her fingers. He smiled into her mouth, running a finger gently under her chin before pulling away.

A little dazed, Rose turned to face the cheering congregation. Her mother's face jumped out amongst the large crowd, heavy tears falling down her face, Ron clutching her close and fighting tears of his own. Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny were beaming in the row behind her parents, James whoop-whistling and Lorcan Scamander draping an arm around a smiling Lily. Rose held her cousin's gaze for a moment, and they shared a sort of mixed happiness and relief. All awkwardness and animosity had died between the two girls months ago, but the look they shared in this moment seemed to validate their bond of friendship. A bond that had long been lost, and recently reclaimed.

Rose glanced over at Scorpius, cracking a smile. With fingers interlocking, they walked down the aisle and past the guests. In all the years Rose and Scorpius had known each other, neither would hold up the white flag and surrender. They never gave up on each other, and they never would.

"So where does this leave us now, Mrs. Malfoy?" Scorpius whispered in Rose's ear just as they exited the greenhouse.

Rose smiled at her new name, one of the sweetest sounds she'd ever heard. "Together."

"Together," Scorpius repeated quietly, thoughtfully. He pulled her against him and held her in his arms.

Now I'm home, Rose thought. She smiled, knowing they'd never have to let go ever again.

I'm home.

The end.

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