1 litre of tears.


forever and a half.


He loved her. Asou couldn't deny it. He loved her ever since she bumped into him and toppled over all the bikes.

"You're clumsy," he mumbled as he picked up her test card. They were going to the same school.

"Gomen," she mumbled, trying to organize all the bikes. He stopped her.

"Don't worry about it. Go to your exam."

She, obstinate as she was, ignored him, and began picking up all the bikes. He stared at her face.

Aya (her card read) was pretty; good hairstyle, cute face, sweet eyes, and even her teeth had that little crooked smile. Looking back at the past, Asou decided that he loved her ever since she talked back to him.

He stayed with her from the beginning to the end.


After the eavesdropping, in which she heard her best friends, her classmates, and her teacher speak against her, she knew it was time to transfer out into the disabled school.

"Ikeuchi-san has something to say to everyone. Please give her your best attention."

He saw that she struggled to stand, and began hunching over the podium.

"I have loved my years here, and will never forget each one of you," she began. Her speech was filled of her memories, her hurt, her anger, everything. The part that caught him the most was, "I remember sitting in my room, crying, hugging my mother and yelling, 'I'm only fifteen! Why did God choose me?' But I know that He has a purpose for me, and I will follow it the best I can. During this whole time, I have cried at least one litre of tears. And I know I will cry so much more."

By then, everyone was tearing up, including her, who tried to hold it back.

"I have to be strong. I need to. It's not a choice, because my family is suffering. I'm the reason why, so I have to do the best that I can. I will remember you all so dearly, and you will stay forever in my heart."

Everyone watched as she walked out, her mother wheeling her through the hallways, her father carrying her down the stairs.

Asou remembered his classmates following him as he began to catch up with her.

He serenaded her that afternoon.


He told her that he liked her, and she smiled.

"Thank you," she said, a hose in her hand, sitting in a wheelchair. "That means a lot to me."

Asou smiled, looking at his feet. The garden was in good shape, probably because of Aya's dedication to watering.

He didn't know if Aya liked him back, but he already knew that she valued him as her friend.


Her condition was getting worse, he saw that. She was struggling with her words, and lied in bed most of the time, unable to walk, unable to speak, unable to control herself.

He helped her through all of that, staying during the nights and holding her hand, crying with her, sharing stories, and giving her words of comfort.

Through it all, she smiled, never giving up, because she needed to be strong.

He leaned over and kissed her forehead, tucking the blankets in to her neck. She closed her eyes as he wiped away her tears, and left the room before giving her hand a final squeeze.

They were twenty-five, and in love.

She passed away that night, her soul in a place where there were no tears left to cry.

Conversely, during the ten years with Aya, he had cried at least one litre of tears, and would cry so much more after her death.

But he needed to be strong. He would, for her.

Ikeuchi Aya was his everything, and soon, she would know how many litres of tears he had shed for her.

It's okay if you fall, Aya.

Just get back up again.

It was a romantic tragedy without any direct romance, which made it even better than a regular drama. It was so sad TT^TT