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She sat in the burning ruins of the house. Huddled deep into a corner, so far in she wouldn't have been noticed at first glance. When she was spotted, all that anyone would've seen was a dead woman, she laid so still. Scared to breathe, scared to move, scared to do anything.

She brought her knees closer to her body, wishing to just disappear. This wasn't supposed to happen. They were here to help her people, not kill and enslave them. They were supposed to be their saviors... He was supposed to be her savior...

She froze, hearing the sound of footsteps pass right outside. Her breath chilled and laid in her chest, her body clamming up. She could almost see them, cold mechanical beings, faces void of any emotion or response to the world around them. Anything remotely human was removed with the guns they held tight to themselves or aimed at at someone. She stayed still until the horrible synchronized marching died away and the only sound was the wind howling through the broken walls.

The breath blew quietly out of her and her gaze dropped to her clothes; ripped and torn and stained with blood. Whose blood, she had no idea. Could have been hers, could have been the soldiers', could have been that child's who left this world in her arms.

She hugged her legs again, the tears that never seem to end poured down her face. Her world was ending. It was ending and she was hiding like the coward she was. How could she not have seen this coming? Not even expect it at all. She was so blind, so weak... He was so nice... So warm...

She was so deep in her own thoughts, she didn't hear the door open, or the soft thudding of heavy boots walk to her, or the quiet demand for her to stand up. She did, however, feel the sharp pain of someone grabbing her arm and pulling her roughly to her feet. She gasped loud, almost a sobbing sound as her eyes flew up and widened in terror.

"N-n..." She couldn't even speak. Her voice was cracked and trembling, like she hadn't used it in years. Maybe she hadn't. She didn't know what day it was, or how long she had been sitting there. Hours felt like days and days felt like years lately.

She fought uselessly against the grip, trying to pull her body free. She gave a grunt of mangled frustration. She was once so strong, at one point even stronger than her brother. What had happened? Her body weakened with each tug and her nails dug desperately into the gloved hand. The body that belonged to the hand gave a low growl and shook her violently.

"Enough." Ordered the deep voice she had heard so many times before. But back then, it was sweet, comforting, beautiful. Now it was hard, lined with contempt and hatred. But still, beautiful...

She stopped almost immediately, eyes downcast so the tears fell onto the dirt ground. Her hand still clawed into his, but it shivered and ended up just holding it. She wished his hand was like ice, so she could at least pretend he wasn't who she thought he was. That this was a cold heartless copy, and not the man she once knew. But his hand was warm and alive under her touch, causing her heart to inexplicably break all over again.

For a long time, they stood like this. She cried quietly, tremors racking through her every once in a while. He stood there and let her cry, eyes roaming about with a contemplating look, as though he was trying to decide something in his mind. Her body ached from fatigue and pain, and she began to teeter toward him without realizing it. He instinctively stepped away, a disgusted sneer crossing his face.

"...Nein." He muttered and raised his hand. It flew down and she heard a crack and sharp pain. Then her world went black.

He watched the woman crumple at his feet with cold eyes. He didn't hit her hard enough to kill, but she wouldn't wake up for a few hours. He checked the butt of his gun. It was a good gun, simple yet efficient. He would've hated to get any Slavic filth on it. He nodded, relieved that it was still clean, and looked back at her.

How pathetic. He thought, stooping down. Her dirty hair fell in her face, a jagged blonde curtain hiding her bruises and cuts. He used the barrel to shift the strands from her closed eyes and swollen lips, eyes wandering the once porcelain skin. She breathed soft and slow, and she looked almost peaceful... That would change. Very soon.

He frowned at that thought. He didn't mind a lot of things about his job, but this... This he NEVER looked forward to. His boss just didn't understand, what he had to do to conquera nation... He had considered doing it here, but the state of both her an the surroundings would just make him sick. Well, more sick than he already was at knowing that he must...

He sighed and holstered the weapon. No use in feeling sorry for himself. He just needed to get it done with. Slowly, and with great reluctance, he reached down and lifted the unconscious nation bridal-style. Her body lay slack in his arms and her head lolled onto his shoulder. Eyes fluttered for a moment, cracked lips breathed a soft moan into his ear. He felt himself shiver.

He made his way out of the crumbling building slowly and with no real care. The road was mostly empty, save a soldier here and a cadaver there. He walked with slow strides, not a noise around but the crunching of dirt under his feet and the crackling of the flames.

In the corner of his eye, he could see movement on each side of him. Small movements, like someone peeking out of a broken window, or a door creaking open just a little. He couldn't see the bodies or faces, but he knew they were there. The Ukrainian people, hiding in their broken homes with broken spirits, watching him pass. He knew their eyes went from him to her and back slowly, over and over. He could practically feel the despair radiate off them And at the image of their Country, their Mother, limp and lifeless in the arms of a uniformed monster, he knew that any hope they might of still harbored, still lingered on in their minds, was gone.

He felt their gaze on him until he walked out of their sight.

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